Amazon is bringing AI-generated art to Fire TV users

The UI for the Fire TV's AI Art feature.
(Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon is rolling out a new Fire TV feature that can create AI images based on voice prompts.
  • The feature is currently in public preview, and will be available on Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen) or Fire TV Omni QLED Series televisions.
  • After creating the custom images, users can save them as Fire TV backgrounds or to Amazon Photos libraries. 

Amazon is bringing a new artificial intelligence feature to Fire TV users that can generate images based on simple voice prompts. It's starting out in public preview, and can be accessed starting today on either on Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen) or Fire TV Omni QLED Series TVs. 

The new feature, called AI Art, is housed under the Fire TV Ambient Experience. You can find it by asking Alexa to "open Ambient" or through the Shortcuts menu. However, it's easier to ask AI Art to generate images via voice control, since the feature is powered by Alexa and a Titan Image Generator model.

That means saying a prompt like "Alexa, create a painting of a fairy landscape" will automatically launch AI Art and start generating images. Fire TV can generate four images from each prompt, allowing you to pick the one you like best. The image generation model can also be trained to create images in specific styles, like watercolor or pixel art. 

After your Fire TV device has generated images with AI Art, you have a few options. The custom images can be set to become your Fire TV's background image. Alternatively, the AI-generated pictures can be saved to a user's Amazon Photos account. 

An AI-generated art piece.

(Image credit: Amazon)

In the above example provided by Amazon, the AI Art tool was able to generate a city in Yosemite National Park in the cyberpunk style. The image looks like an AI cartoon, but doesn't appear to have the irregularities that sometimes appear in AI-generated pieces. However, your results may vary in real-world usage of the feature. 

The feature is a somewhat strange addition to Fire TV, but there are a few situations where it might be a neat thing to try out. AI Art could be used as a party trick, with people trying out generating AI images with voice commands. It's definitely more of an interesting extra than a quintessential Fire TV feature. 

AI Art is the latest example of companies integrating AI tools into just about everything they can. If you want to try out AI image generation for yourself, you can find it in public preview on the aforementioned devices starting today.

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