Become a super streamer with one month free of Sling TV this Black Friday

Sling Tv Lifestyle
Sling Tv Lifestyle (Image credit: Sling)

2020 has us all spending more time looking for something to watch, and this Black Friday, you can score a killer Sling TV deal. Sling has streaming packages that offer everything from sports to entertainment and news to family shows, all for $30 per month. However, if you hit up this deal, you'll get two months of service for the price of one.

Streaming our entertainment has become commonplace these days, whether that's on your favorite Android phone, a streaming video device, or directly through your TV. One of the most popular out there is Sling TV, which is available on all of these devices.

With over 50 channels to choose from for only $30 a month, it's no wonder why so many people love Sling TV. While that's a great deal in itself, this deal nets you two months of the streaming service for the price of one.

Sling TV brings some of the most-watched channels around all to you where ever you like to watch. With its free cloud DVR, no matter whether you are watching on your phone or TV, you have your shows where you want them. Sling TV has channels for sports fans, news-watchers, DIY'ers, kids, cooks, and everything in between. You can also add on premium channels like STARZ and Showtime to get some great original content too.

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