I get it — sweaty, hairy man arms aren't always the best look for things. Even mine. They're real, but c'mon. I can do better. And so can you, actually. I've been singing the praises of the Steel HR when it comes to a watch that's smart but not ridiculously large. I've been wearing it to the gym for months now, and when I walk in the morning. And that is a perfect segue into this:

I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting my mother for Mother's Day, and I'm very quickly running out of time. ... It's possible you are, too. So consider this:

Steel HR leatherThe Steel HR is on sale all month. That's 20 percent off (so long as you're not trying to combine it with any other deals) the full 40mm model, as well as the smaller 36mm model. (Which my wife is, uh, modeling here.) I've brought home a lot of smartwatches over the years. So many of them didn't get anywhere close to looking good on my wife. Until now.

Even better? A super special Steel HR leather edition. Everything is better in leather. Even mom.

Now consider this: If it's good enough for one's wife, it's good enough for one's mother. (If you're a newlywed this may well be the most important piece of wisdom I can impart on you.

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