Sprint reports a loss for Q4 2014, struggles amid competition and departing customers

Sprint reported a loss of 201,000 postpaid customers, which is a substantial improvement on the 693,000 reported in 2014. Not all is bleak for the company when covering all parts of the business, with the prepaid customer count increasing by 1.2 million. Still, it's a problem that has already costed the company a fair amount.

Looking at finances, Sprint brought in $8.3 billion in revenue (down again from Q3), but reported a net loss of $224 million. The loss of $.06 per share was said to be partially offset by lower income tax expenditure for the quarter. Ventures like the RadioShack store deployment clearly aren't helping matters either.

Sprint also notes that 4G LTE on its network now reaches just shy of 280 million (around 87 percent) US residents. The US carrier continues to trade blows with T-Mobile to maintain the #3 position in the region.

Source: Sprint

Rich Edmonds