Sprint HTC Hero getting update on April 9th, is it Android 2.1 ?

Ah, the good ol' update about updates. How many times will we do this dance until we realize we're not getting anywhere? Well, this time around, it looks like the Sprint HTC Hero may receive an update on April 9th. Purported internal Sprint documents points as so, so who are we to disagree? Could the update be Android 2.1? Because we've been waiting quite a while for our HTC Heroes to get updated. Like since October. April 9th actually isn't too far around the corner, but since these dates are never set in stone we're not about to bet the house now.

The internal document above doesn't explicitly mention Android 2.1, which is obvious cause for concern, but maybe wishful thinking will cause it to magically appear? Yeah, probably not, but Sprint promised..


Casey Chan