Sprint fires back at T-Mobile's prices with new $60 Unlimited Plan

Sprint's not leaving the single-line users out of the party — they're offering a new $60/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. There's just one catch: You have to bring your own device, pay for one up front, or sign up for Sprint's Easy Pay monthly payments and upgrade plan. That said, if you're a Sprint customer (or are considering being one), that's still some substantial potential savings you're looking at.

The plan is, as Sprint is quick to point out, a full $20 less than a comparable unlimited offering from T-Mobile, and that larger competitors AT&T and Verizon don't even offer unlimited plans. The new individual plans follow the recently-announced price reductions and data cap raises to Sprint's Framily plans. Sprint's been through something of an upheaval in recent weeks, following the collapse of their bid to purchase T-Mobile and the installation of new CEO Marcelo Claure. He has promised changes to Sprint, and is executing quite strongly on his word of price cuts before network improvements.

Whether that's enough to rescue Sprint from its doldrums, that's hard to say. Are these reduced family and individual plans enough to interest you in spending some time with Sprint?

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Press release:

It's a New Day for Unlimited Data

Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data –The Best Value on Unlimited Data

$20 Cheaper than T-Mobile; Not Offered by AT&T and Verizon Wireless

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), August 21, 2014 - It's a new day for unlimited data in the wireless industry as Sprint (NYSE: S) announces the best unlimited wireless plan available from a national carrier with the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan. This plan provides consumers unlimited talk, text and data while on America's Newest Network for just $60 per month, a $20 savings compared to T-Mobile's $80 per month unlimited plan. Simple, easy, affordable – the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan is available to both new and existing Sprint customers starting tomorrow, August 22. To qualify for the plan, customers must purchase their device through Sprint Easy Pay, pay full retail price or bring their own compatible device.

Whether communicating via email or text, socializing via picture-sharing or tweeting, or navigating with GPS, consumers rely on their smartphones for all of their daily needs. Last year U.S. wireless consumers devoured 3.23 trillion MB of data, according to CTIA's annual survey1, which equates to watching more than 153 billion five minute cat videos on YouTube, or streaming more than 53.8 billion hours of music on Spotify. Meanwhile, millions of American consumers restrict their usage, fearful of data limits with overage charges. With the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan, consumers no longer have to worry about high bills based on how much data they are using. Enjoying daily life with the unlimited support of a smartphone has never been so easy.

"People know Sprint for Unlimited," said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. "We have long been the leader in offering customers unlimited data and that leadership continues today with our new $60 unlimited plan. Unlimited talk, text and data for $60 is the best unlimited postpaid plan available. And, we've listened to our loyal customers; we're making the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan available to both new and existing customers."

Sprint's new everyday price of $60 a month for unlimited saves customers $480 over two years against T-Mobile's $80 everyday pricing. And, customers can save $120 over two years versus T-Mobile's promotional price…and they don't have to jump through T-Mobile's hoops and recruit their friends.

Just days ago, Sprint declared a new day for data and announced the Sprint Family Share Pack – a new shared-data plan that can give customers double the high-speed data at a lower price than AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Whether consumers prefer to share or have unlimited data, with Sprint, they can find just the plan they need to get the most out of their smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices.

"With the new Sprint Family Share pack and now the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan, Sprint is giving consumers what they want: choice, simplicity and value," Claure said.

The Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan also is an ideal fit for small businesses, enabling their employees to be more productive in more places and providing the ability to stay on top of what matters most.

Source: Sprint

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm (the old one), and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • SHOTS FIRED! Posted via Android Central App
  • I've got my popcorn and soda! Okay Tmo, return fire.... This has all the makings of a good ole street fight... Posted via Android Central App
  • What shots?? Once you are on sprint's network you're trapped in a contract with an ETF. The price is good and all, but I'm not leaving prepaid unlimited at $70 on Tmo for $10 monthly savings if it means I have to sign a contract to get it.
  • Maybe you missed the part about bringing your own device or pay for one up front? No one said anything about signing a contract.
  • Aside from Nexus devices you can't take your phones to other networks just MVNOs, at least not easily. Hopefully Sprint changes their minds about domestic unlock soon.
  • No argument there. All the newer phones have all the bands in there, they are just locked up tight
  • Not until 2015 Posted from area 51 on my Sprint GS5
  • But you can buy a used Sprint phone for cheap and bring it in and get it post paid or prepaid
  • Did you miss the part where you can bring your own device or use the Easy Pay plan? You don't have to sign a contract.
  • you can bring your device and there is no contract, just like tmobile and they are doing the same thing diferent names, you can pay in full, monthly or bring your own device and if you have the monthly payment and decide to cancel the remain of the balance is due. so you tell me what is the diference please.
  • owing a 'remaining balance' is an early termination, no matter how you slice it. sure it shrinks each month, but you still have to pay to leave. you know what it costs me to leave tmo if i decide to???? not a penny....nothing...nada!!! i get a sim card for the new carrier, buy airtime and i'm done. this is what sprint needs to have in order to entice me. i'm not paying anyone to let me take my business elsewhere. where i come from that is called extortion.
  • If you leave Tmo while paying for a device in monthly installments you'd owe them the remaining balance too, I don't think you read his post very carefully.
  • YOU did not read mine very carefully....I was speaking of my situation....on prepaid service where I own my device and it has been paid in full. If I leave, I pay nothing. I have no ties, no bills, no etfs, no iou, nothing. Sprint can't match this. Until they can match this, beat the price, and cover my area as well as Tmo with the same or better speed, they can not call themselves a competitor in my eyes, because they offer nothing similar.
  • Sprint just matched it! Can you not read? Pay full price or bring your own device and there is NO tie to Sprint.
  • he is a hard t mobile lover. you cant change people like him. i had people tellimg me i pay to much for my service hen i tell how much i paid their response is oh but i dont have a contract
  • You own your own device Tmo and sprint are the same
    You leave Sprint or t-mo no more bills from either so they are the same
    Coverage I do not know how your area is. I do not understand why this is beyond you.
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App on VZW Moto X
  • Lightyear420, It's obvious you're an idiot and don't understand that you can buy a phone via Craigslist, or via ebay, Amazon, or other means. And stop with you're lies, you pay $80 excluding taxes for T-Mobile unlimited, not $70. Everyone knows that T-Mobile went up $10 so it's now $80 for unlimited. The $70 is unlimited talk and text with 5 gigs excluding taxes so stop with you're bull shit. Sprint is Unlimited $60 everything excluding taxes. So $60 is cheaper than $80. That's $240 less in one year.
  • Uhhh, I'm paying $70, you get grandfathered in if you don't change your plan.
  • No it is not. It is paying for the service that you used just prior to the termination, not for future stuff that you will not use (to get out of a contract). For instance. If I cancel on the 15th of the month all I have to pay is the prorated 15 days of the month, not for the next 15 days. You can spin it all you want, you are wrong
  • Early....before the predetermined time. termination....to end. fee....a predetermined amount of money to pay for a service or good...in this case a contract or agreement. there was no discussion of pro rated service. the discussion was of the service unused for the remainder of the contract, and of the remaining balance due for the device. and don't say there is no contract, because you sign one when you agree to pay for a device or agree to stay with a company for a set amount of time. either way its a contract and there is a balance due if you sever it, ergo an etf. Even tmo uses etfs still when you cancel your service on postpaid before the device is paid off. You owe ther remaining balance. Anyone who doesn't think that is an ETF is a damn fool.
  • If you have an installment plan on your Ford car, you do not get to just walkaway and buy a chevy...this has nothing to do with EFT, it is paying what you agreed to buy. There is NO CONTRACT with these service plans. There is no EFT for the SERVICE PLAN (ot the easy pay either really). You only pay FOR THE SERVICE YOU USED. Not for next month, not for next year jsut what you already used. You sir, are the damn fool if you insist that this is some kind of EFT
  • It really isn't an early termination fee though. You are paying for hardware, not service. Since the hardware is connected to the service, it is sort of like an early termination fee, but technically is more like paying off a loan.
  • You are completely wrong. The loan is on the phone. That's it. If you owe money on it (like a car, mortgage, etc.), you have to pay it off. That is the same for all the carriers including T-Mobile. You can be a T-Mobile lover all you want. If you buy a phone outright or take a loan on it, there is no contract. The prepaid vs. postpaid thing is a non-issue. If I buy a phone outright, there is no contract. If I take it to Sprint or T-Mobile (or AT&T), I am not entering into a contract. The fact is that this is cheaper than T-Mobile period. Whether you have T-Mobile or not or you're a lover of T-Mobile, facts are facts. You would look a lot better in these responses if you would just admit that this plan is cheaper than T-Mobile. It is. It might not be "better" since you have to deal with Sprint's service, but it's cheaper...no question.
  • You are a moron and a hater. That and you can't fucking read.
  • Buy a device through T-Mobile's payment plan and end service: Remaining device cost balance due immediately, charged on final bill. Buy a device through Sprint's payment plan and end service: Remaining device cost balance due immediately, charged on final bill. Bring your own or pay full retail up front for T-Mobile-compatible device: leave at anytime, no questions asked. Bring your own or pay full retail up front for a Sprint-compatible device: leave at anytime, no questions asked. They are literally, not figuratively, identical in how those plans operate. If you are on a device payment plan, you must pay for service, or the balance on your device is immediately due. The same is true for every device payment plan in the US, and the vast majority of those around the world.
  • THIS
  • ok let me kae it more clrear i have a nexus5 unlocked and decide to get service from sprint with this plan and im not happy with them i can leave the next month no etf, is the same plan with t mobile
  • Yes Posted via Android Central App
  • You had to have purchased the device at one point for tmobile, Sprint is doing the same thing. Buy a phone from a friend or online and you can be on no contract. Very simple. Posted via Android Central App
  • This plan is not a two year contract.... Posted via Android Central App
  • If they would start a test drive program like T-Mo did, I'd be all over it. I know Sprint is a viable option where I live, but I'd want to check out its performance in some of the more remote places I work before switching.
  • You can.. Sprint has a 30 day trial. If you are not satisfied you will be refunded 100% all charges and fees. You can also choose any phone to try not just an iPhone.
  • The problem is the upfront. T-Mo puts a hold on the money but never charges.
  • It's not the upfront money that's the problem. It's the annoying paperwork and associated hassle. It took about two minutes to fill out the T-Mo form, and about the same when I dropped it off. I might still do it, though. Sprint's the only major US carrier I haven't used significantly.
  • OK yeah you would be right on that account, I was thinking more practical Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope they've gotten a LOT better at stocking SIM cards (or UIUC or whatever they call it) in preparation for this... They made a mess of it when the Nexus 5 came out, I got mine relatively easy but others weren't so lucky and activation over the phone was still a minor hassle. That might put a damper on people being able to easily try this plan, so i hope they've done some proper employee training and card stocking.
  • They do. That was around the time not many phones had UICC cards that needed replacing. So they didn't keep them on hand. They have them now.
  • No they have not. I called several stores around me and nobody had one. I had to order one from Sprint. In fact I ordered 2 just because. They're free.
  • They usually have at least a handful of cards, employees are just dumb about it... They may not have droves of spares but if they have a customer in store waiting to activate a plan they can easily just take one from any other phone. The one they gave me for the Nexus 5 came from a One IIRC, calling is probably a waste of time tho. I'd just show up and politely demand one, or order it and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep; but yeah, they tend to handle this terribly.
  • The 30 day return policy promotion is over, it's 14 days again.
  • The 30 day trial has ended.
  • Sprint no longer has a 30 day trial. Only 14 day
  • Meh, this is nothing new, Sprint actually already had this same exact plan available months (if not years) ago... For some reason they never advertised their off contract plans in the past tho (I guess pre-Nexus 5, cheap Moto X, etc it did make less sense), the plan was even pretty hard to find on their site. I wasn't aware of it at all until another commenter on AC pointed it out to me, and I've been with Sprint for a few years. After I bought a Nexus 5 I ultimately decided not to switch to it because I'm already paying $64/month thanks to a hefty discount, so having the option to renew a contract later for a nice phone discount seemed worth the extra $48/year ($4x12). I was still on contract then anyway... My discount probably doesn't apply tho I never bothered to check. Anyway, I don't know if perhaps they quietly killed this plan in recent months and then suddenly decided to revive it and advertise it, but it's not new. Definitely a good value if you have solid Sprint coverage tho, I'm glad they're putting it in the limelight.
  • You're thinking of the Unlimited My Way plans, and they were not this cheap.
  • I'm not, they had a pre paid plan that was exactly $60, off contract, same details, no phone discount etc. It was buried pretty bad on the site but it's existed before.
  • No mention of LTE. Holster the BB gun. Posted via Android Central App
  • Of course there is LTE, what world do you live on? They wouldn't just make a 3G only plan...
  • Car commercials don't specify if the car includes tires, better be careful for that too.
  • Wow, I can save $10 if I switch to Sprint! So for my $10 savings I get to have slower network speeds. . No thanks. Maybe if Sprint offered $10 unlimited everything plans. No, not even then.
  • Dpending where you live? I get amazing speeds on Sprint in the past year and I live in AR of all places. I can't imagine how good bigger cities are. Stop speaking out the of ignorance. If it's not good where you live, doesn't mean it isn't everywhere.
  • Shut up Posted via the Android Central App
  • T-Mobile still offers unlimited 2G data and unlimited texting while roaming internationally for free. Also they have MUCH cheaper call rates while roaming internationally than Sprint offers. Posted from area 51 on my Sprint GS5
  • Yeah, Sprint's roaming agreements overseas are pretty bad, Tmo's rather unique in that sense; traditionally it's made more sense to get new local SIMs when traveling overseas but they're challenged that convention.
  • Sprint is and always will be a SAD JOKE in the carrier game let's stop playing games. Sprint will always be insignificant as Note 3 owners on Sprint walking around with 3g networks on Note 3's handsets. From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • Better than EDGE on T-Slo
  • I would have replied to your comment sooner, but I'm on sprint so I had to find a WiFi access point first. Posted via Android Central App
  • my one complaint with Sprint is (being a current customer): what good is unlimited data if your coverage sucks, doesn't exists, or is dog SLOW? Soon as we are off contract, it's time for my family and I to switch
  • I have the same with T-Mo, all the great plans don't mean squat if you can never use them.
  • +1000
  • Then move away from the middle of nowhere
  • I live in a capital city, not the middle of nowhere unless you try for T-Mo coverage. EDIT: I see you switched to T-Mo a month ago, now I understand the defensive comments
  • Your coverage will be amazing after Verizon buys them.
  • THIS ^^
  • T-MO? THey need something
  • RIF
  • Citation needed Posted via Android Central App
  • He should move to get better coverage from a corporation that wants his business? WTH kind of screwed up logic is that?
  • Nothing you can do but leave "Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."
  • Yes but if you're coverage is good, Sprint is hard to beat. If you stay on the road traveling & use gobs of data like my wife & I do then Sprint is the ONLY viable carrier
  • I stay on the road & use tons of data & left Sprint because my phone didn't work in many places. I travel way too much to have mediocre service & to have a phone that's locked down. To each their own though
  • "my phone didn't work in many places" I see comments like that a lot, traveling all over all 48 states there arent very many places Sprint doesnt work. Coverage isnt quite as good as Verizons but far far better than T-Mobile, not even a comparison there but most importaaantly to me is the unlimited data, Verizon has better coverage but I would hit my data cap within 3 days of my billing cycle, same with ATT. T-Mobile at least does have unlimited but traveling between cities? I dont think so. We all have different needs & priority for me is unlimited data, thats even more important than data speed, would rather be able to consume 30gb over the course of a month than to consume 5gb & be done for the rest of the month. I personally think we are all getting ripped off with our carriers, we pay way too much for what we get, especially the caps some carriers implement for the plan price, should be illegal but as long as there are droves of folks willing to pay more for less, it will continue this way
  • I deliberately chose to buy my Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Long Name Phone for $500 in October 2011 when I could've gotten it for $200 (due to contract changes with 8 months left) because I wanted to see where they'd be in terms of service in June 2012. I simply didn't trust them to stop sucking and/or have 4G and I was right. Bought a Nexus 4 and switched to Straight Talk in November 2012 and am saving $29 per month over the discounted crap service - what good is having an ocean of data when you have to sip it through a coffee stirrer? - Trudge was offering. That savings almost covers the costs of my phones. Sprint's counter offer is like Rihanna offering to sleep with you for $80 and Whoopi Goldberg saying, "I'll do it for $60." Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • LOL! I love that analogy! Good one!
  • If that's case I'd rather pay $200 for Emma Stone(vzw) or Emma Watson(at&t) . Even if there's a cap on how often I can sleep with them. Posted via Android Central App
  • LOL
  • Yeah I'd have to charge Whoopi way more than $60. Rihanna could get me for a little less though.
  • Thats because you have non SPARK devices. But whatever. Haters gonna hate.
  • Ehh, their coverage in PR is probably better than most places stateside and we have no Spark as of yet... Spark certainly helps with building penetration but it's not essential for them to have upgraded your area to Spark for good coverage/speeds, specially outside of big cities.
  • Hopefully T-Mobile matches. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can't imagine T-Mobile can go much lower. Won't bring in enough money to justify the service.
  • Actually it's kind of like Sprint is matching Tmo, they have offered $60 unlimited data through Metro for quite a while now. Anyone who shops for the best deal would know this.
  • It's like two Triple-A teams fighting over who can lower ticket prices the most Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra
  • Lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Hey man I'm not complaining
    They can fight over me and whoever else is too cheap to get vzw or AT&T
  • As if low prices are a bad thing for consumers. Are you one of those guys who gets ripped off but brags because you could afford to?
  • Shit just got real.
  • Haha great minds think alike. Android / Blackberry fan on T-Mobile!
  • Is this with no data caps? Posted via Android Central App
  • Did you miss the part about unlimited data? Posted via the Android Central App
  • wow
  • Shit just got real.... Android / Blackberry fan on T-Mobile!
  • AGAIN! that is twice already in this thread alone :-)
  • Yup! And in realized it after posting... Lol Android / Blackberry fan on T-Mobile!
  • Sounds like a step in the right direction. Now can this new CEO keep the improved customer service? This is where I'll be judging Sprint. Before Dan Hesse got there, it was the worst and it got a whole lot better soon after he arrived. I'll take a higher price if it means I don't have to do battle with Sprint over some nonsense. But spending less is a great thing.
  • I wouldn't bet on it. The Sprint call center I work in becomes a 3rd party vendor site in Oct. Prepare for quantity over quality...
  • How unlimited is this unlimited data plan?
  • Unlimited no throttling Posted via Android Central App
  • No LTE. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think that LTE is a given, especially after they included the quote below in their press release. "The Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan comes as Sprint already has built its 4G LTE network to serve more than 255 million people, with more on the way."
  • There is lte Posted via Android Central App
  • Just go troll somewhere else.
  • Why would there be no LTE?
  • The footnote in the press release clearly allows for throttling.
  • T Mo does the same
  • Did anyone state otherwise?
  • Nope, just pointing it out
  • Okay, just seemed off-topic in a thread about whether or not SPRINT's Unlimited plan is unlimited.
  • Its that whole congested tower thing
  • I have it. Completely unlimited.
  • How do you have this plan already? It isn't available till the 22nd ... Doesn't make sense "theinention" :).
  • Sprint has unlimited data plans already... This plan is just cheaper.
  • Understandable but with each plan .. the terms can change :).
  • Yeah I have never been throttled and I regularly go to bigger cities and use over 20GB per month
  • Likewise for me with T-Mobile. I regularly use 80-150 GB a month (at 48 GB right now) .. No throttle.. Just pure data :).
  • Yep and like with Sprint they have said that the top 5% could be throttled based on conditions so we are kinda equal, but I am paying less...lol (sorry it was a joke that I couldn't not make)
  • That is fine if you're paying less with Sprint. I wouldn't of left if their network didn't suck in my area. I lived for a year on 0.3 Mbps ... Sorry that isn't worth the cash .. unlimited or not .. I would rather pay for a limited plan versus unlimited 0.3 ..
  • To add to my note above -- Of course the 0.3 is my area but I can only judge my area ... I can't judge off others because I won't get that service here .. But I can say for my area it was bad and T-Mobile is way better. I am not blindly loyal to T-Mobile .. if I moved and they sucked at the new place .. I would look at Sprint for that area .. or even AT&T / Verizon. Whichever works.
  • Agreed. I like sprint because it is really the only choice in my area. If I move and get 0.3 I would do the same.
  • Yeah I was jsut messing with ya. I would have never left verizon (and my unlimited plan) if Sprint would not have come along. Tmo just won't do anything around here outside about 30 blocks around the capital building
  • Been using a solid 10GB/month or more over the last couple months on Sprint, on one of their really old plans with no lifetime unlimited guarantee no less (though it comes out to $64/month thanks to a student discount), and this is in the middle of Puerto Rico's metropolitan area which is pretty densely populated. No throttling, never heard from anyone at Sprint suggesting I switch plans (most options would compromise the value of my discount because of how they factor it in with different plan structures), and I'm usually only seeing about 10% of my usage end up on 3G. They did a real nice job with network upgrades here last year.
  • I had it last year, I believe that's the same one up imdb.com When I bought my Note 3 , I bought it with this plan.
  • unlimited 3G
    I've used 13 GB roaming on vzw towers which was faster than sprint Wimax
  • Sprint Wimax is dead....let it go... enjoy the unlimited EDGE
  • Hey I had Wimax until I upgraded my SGII to the LG G2 so up until cyber Monday of last year.
    I roamed heavily for 6 months and they never said anything.
    So far since I switched I get edge in like 2 places in my daily usage but the train goes by them so fast that it doesn't even matter.
  • LOL-- ok it is a zombie... It is dead in the fact that it is not going anywhere but still churning along for those that have phones for it.
  • I've used 10GB or more on each the last three or four months on Sprint, on LTE, their coverage where I live is so solid that I usually only end with 1GB or less of use under 3G.
  • I used to use about 8GB with them. LTE at my gym and part of my commute for streaming music and videos.
    everywhere else sucked. like my job where i was for 40 hours a week and parts of the city i live in
  • Then you made the right choice in switching
  • LTE coverage is pretty pervasive here, I move around a lot so I couldn't really sit in one location and hog the fast data there, but wide coverage isn't too hard to achieve in a tiny island like Puerto Rico (huge population density tho so capacity is very much the big issue here). I hope they're moving to achieve as much coverage elsewhere as they achieved here after about a year's worth of work, but I'm sure certain areas in the US will always drag way behind.
  • This is awesome, but I have like 4 people on my line... The family plan is a lot more appealing.
  • This sounds great! My only question is; I'm currently on Easy Pay with a framily plan with unlimited data and yearly phone upgrades. I wonder if I'll be able to upgrade yearly with this plan...
  • I am guessing yes, that is more a part of the Easy Pay system than the plan it is on.
  • Actually, here's the fine print. Can I still get an early upgrades?
    Yes, if you are an Easy Pay subscriber. For just an additional $5/mo., per phone line, you have the option to upgrade to a new phone every 12 months. Posted via Android Central App
  • isnt that the same as it always was? I really had no idea
  • No, it was included with the $20 unlimited package of the framily plan. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes you can switch from framily to this plan Posted via Android Central App
  • Geez... Will they pay my etf If I leave Verizon? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I believe they will, yes.
  • Who needs soap operas when Sprint And T-Mobile are going back and forth like this?
  • Getting my wife to call them tmw and give her this rate. Her contract is up this month and hope they don't make her resign one. Android / Blackberry fan on T-Mobile!
  • She can just go month to month with the device she has.
  • Score for her and her iToy 5s Android / Blackberry fan on T-Mobile!
  • Let the battle begin!
  • And, customers can save $120 over two years versus T-Mobile's promotional price…and they don't have to jump through T-Mobile's hoops and recruit their friends. LOL-- John L might have to lower the price in a few minutes.....I do like the "jump through hoops" statement...
  • Recruit? There's no recruiting or hoops.
  • Go re-read the announcement from this morning
  • All will be great until Verizon buys them.
  • Buys who??
  • What's the point in saving $120 over two years if the service is crap? Is Sprint and its new CEO really under the impression that the reason people are leaving is because of pricing? They can't be that misinformed. People are leaving Sprint because of the network and until they deal with that, lowering prices will not bring much of a positive change in subscribers. Stop trying to beat T-Mobile at its game.
  • You didnt read the announcement when he was hired did you? He stated right off that he was going to lower prices while they work on the network because he knows they are behind/going slow on upgrades.
  • Yes, as a matter of fact I did. So you concede that this has nothing to do with getting new customers in the door and more to do with keeping the customers they have. Or maybe they finally realized they were charging premium prices for a food stamp network. Either way. I hope Sprint can get itself back on track. I had a Sprint Hotspot card about 4 years ago and while the service wasn't all that great the customer service and billing were a nightmare.
  • No, it accomplishes both. By going under T-mo (you are always under VZW and AT), you retain the customers and gain ones coming from the higher priced carriers (instead of conceding them to T-Mo) The network has come a long way since you last used it, the same with the customer service. I cannot say that in my area t-mo has improved one little bit in the last 4 years, yes I use them for work so I am not just guessing.
  • No thanks. I rather go with MetroPCS $60. At least then I can use any unlocked GSM phone, instead of Sprint locked down CDMA phones with locked bootloader and no updates (except for the Nexus 5, which I don't want). And much better speed where I'm at.
  • The only thing you said in that statement that was true is the Sprint locked CDMA. Better speed could be right but we have no way of knowing. I do not have a locked bootloader, I get updates, have great speeds, and guess what? My LTE is unlimited, not just the first couple of GBs with Metro. Have fun in 3G (or edge) land!
  • I wonder if they'll keep the plan after Verizon buys them.
  • Metro was already bought out weren't they? T-mo bought them
  • RIF
  • Your making less sense than usual today
  • um. what looked bootloaders?
  • No clue, AFAIK Sprint has never gone out of their way to lock bootloaders (unlike Verizon etc), they're pretty hands off as far as that goes, hell I once traded in an EVO with an unlocked bootloader (and active root) for like $90. They were even one of the best at not piling on too much carrier bloat at one point (a year or two ago) but I think they've taken a step back in that regards, from what I've seen on recent phone reviews anyway... I wouldn't know, when from an EVO LTE (which only had a handful of preloads) to a Nexus 5 from Play. I remember them being on board with HTC's bootloader unlock procedure pretty early on when others weren't tho.
  • Sprint's top tier phones have GSM capabilities (see HTC One M7/M8 for Sprint)
  • Sprint hasn't required perma-locked bootloaders on their devices in years; that's Verizon and AT&T. Most of Sprint's branded devices will also work perfectly fine on T-Mobile and AT&T HSPA+ networks, though they do lack the other carriers' LTE bands, though the same may be true of some unlocked GSM devices. All in all, the only things holding Sprint back were their prices and network speeds. They have officially fixed #1, now we just need a plan, and verifiable progress, for #2.
  • Anyone else notice the complete lack of the terms "LTE" or "4G" ANYWHERE in that press release?
  • That was not the full press release, if you hit the source it is in there.
  • I hit the source after I commented, but I'm still unconvinced. The only place it's mentioned is in a separate section that isn't about this new service at all, but under the "America's Newest Network" heading. It's mentioned only in the opening paragraphs here: "The Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan comes as Sprint already has built its 4G LTE network to serve more than 255 million people, with more on the way. "But that's not all. In addition to Sprint’s all new 3G network and its 4G LTE network, Sprint is deploying Sprint Spark..." That doesn't actually state, at all, that this service makes use of the 4G LTE. It only mentions that it's being unveiled as/after Sprint has already done a lot with 4G LTE expansion, and even goes on to mention their "all new 3G network." Considering T-Mobile actively hammers home "Unlimited LTE" in all their advertising, it makes me suspicious that Sprint isn't. They leave it in a generic footnote about the company only. I could be wrong and this could just be poorly worded. But I've learned enough from tricky press release wording in the past to feel good about my suspicions.
  • You are correct. No LTE. Posted via Android Central App
  • That's what I thought. Which makes their "$20 less than T-Mobile" claim disingenuous. It's not for comparable service.
  • There is no way this is not LTE, so really lets not go with the FUD.
  • How is there NO way? I think it's reasonable to question it based on what they put forward. I'm perfectly happy to be proven wrong here. But comment threads exist for digging up more information. That's what I'm doing. If someone shows that my suspicions are unfounded, I'll gladly concede.
  • True, it is a question to ask. Why no way? For the exact reasons that you keep pointing out. It would be disingenuous and deceptive. Not to mention that it would defeat the purpose
  • So you haven't experienced companies being disingenuous or deceptive before? Especially in the mobile carrier sector? That's fantastic! I want your life. And how would it defeat the purpose?
  • Giving 3g while the others give 4g would defeat the purpose. Posted via Android Central App
  • They've already offered an identical plan in the past, just didn't advertise it (like at all, it was even buried in their site). Wouldn't make sense to suddenly limit it in such a sneaky way while at the same time comparing it to Tmo's plans, that'd be PR suicide.
  • Well, hopefully you're right, and you're PROBABLY right. I've just seen this sort of thing happen enough times, especially with mobile carriers, that I pay close attention for these sorts of catches. It wouldn't be REMOTELY the first time I've seen a carrier do something that shady. I've seen worse, honestly. Although to be fair, I've seen that mostly with the two bigger carriers.
  • That's why I haven't really seen it. When I was on Verizon I hadn't changed my plan in years so I never cared. Posted via Android Central App
  • Time for at&t to response lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Them and verizon are too busy counting...
  • Verizon is calculating how to scuttle it after they buy them.
  • You keep saying that, Metro PCS was bought, Sprint won't (couldn't be) bought and either can ATT, WTF are you talking about?
  • Oh...you watch. I have connections in the industry that tell me it's imminent.
  • Great...i look forward to the announcement then. If you are saying that I ever said that, you would be nothing buy lying.
  • Is he making fun of your comments before the merger was shit-canned?
  • I am sure he is.
  • You're wrong. The FCC will never allow it. Plus my dad is the CEO of Verizon. Oh...you watch.
  • ummm, no....you have no connections, at least no legitimate ones.... The DOJ (The Department of Justice...since I have a feeling you have no idea what that means) nor the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will never EVER allow AT&T or Verizon to buy either Sprint or T-Mobile....
  • Tell your friend to put down the pot and step away from the stupidity counter.
  • dolla dolla bills
  • Yes.....counting $. If Sprint can do this plan, and turn a profit after words, it just goes to show how much big red blue(insert joke here) companies are over charging. Which we all know they do, but this drives it home. Love how tmo is making them all shake. And I'm on vzw....because it works for me.
  • Hmm... $60 dollars for Unlimited everything. (Sprint)
    $60 dollars for 2 Gigs of Data. (Verizon) Yeah, I think I know where I'll be going when the contract's up...
  • To the one that has reception?
  • So Sprint
  • Clearly vzw in his scenario
  • He is saying that he is going to Sprint with his comparison above.
  • I know....
    just pointing out that the $60 on vzw gets you a far superior network.
    In 10 years you might have an argument but right VZW > AT&T > *
  • Yep your right for the most part (overall) but $60 won't let you on the network...lol
  • Depends on your needs. My mom and little brother share 2gb on VZW. Constant wifi and not power users. Posted via Android Central App
  • for 60$ each, plans are currently offered? I am curious....
  • Let's have KICK ASS DOWNLOAD SPEEDS with only 2GB data. I'd blow through that in 1 day. So tell me, how is it a SUPERIOR network when you have to pucker your butt cheeks and watch your data like a hawk?
  • T-Mobile ?
  • Yea & personally I would take unlimited 3g over capped 4g anytime
  • Finally! One question though, doesn't T-Mobiles $80/month plan include some hot spot capability? If it does, I wonder if Sprints $60/month offers something similar. I've been a Sprint customer for well over 10 years, crazy I know, but the service has improved in the last year w/the introduction of LTE in my city. I'm so taking advantage of the new price plan and I hope the Sprints new CEO continues on this path because it can only get better. The one thing I hope continues and I know it might be out of Sprints control is offering Google devices, either Nexus or Silver if it comes to fruition on their network like the Nexus 5. At the very least petition manufactures to include all radios/equipment to work on CDMA and GSM networks. Okay, I'm done.
  • If Sprint includes hot spot for the same $60.00 per month, it would be a cool deal if your device is not rooted. I'm on TMO with a rooted device and my hot spot data comes from the unlimited data and not my 3gb bucket.
  • The impression I'm getting is that this service doesn't even include LTE, much less hot spot capability. So not comparable.
  • Speculation at best, FUD at worst, this plan isn't really new btw so I'm not sure why they'd suddenly exclude LTE when they've offered it before (albeit with less fanfare).
  • Its FUD
  • T-Mobile unlimited plans come with 5 or 7GB of hot spot per month depending on the option you choose.
  • Probably doesn't include hotspot, IIRC my Nexus 5's hotspot feature didn't even work on a regular Olav until I rooted and tweaked a file (and I got it from the Play store). Dunno why they still bother with that differentiation given how much data you can consume with an unlimited plan regardless (and how easy it is to root the phones that would be most popular off contract).
  • That should've read "didn't even work on a regular plan", not Olav, damn autocorrect.
  • Just a gimmick to fatten themselves up for acquisition.
  • what? Softbank just bought them like 2 years. It might a while(like 10 years) but Sprint will be one of the carriers in the states.
    Softbank has no desire to sell them anytime soon
  • He is just being a douche (normal)
  • He should be banned. He's trolling the comment section with complete garbage.
  • He has nothing else in his life.
  • If AC threw the ban hammer around like that there'd half as many commenters around... Probably less page views, plus we'd miss out on priceless entertainment like Yarell and that weird brit that just insults everyone left and right.
  • How is Verizon going to buy them? If Softbank couldn't buy T-Mobile because of the lack of FCC support then there's no way in hell is Verizon buying them. Posted via Android Central App
  • The only way Verizon could buy them is if they go bankrupt, and even then what they can buy is subject to the FCCs terms for towers, spectrum, customers, etc.
  • Lay off the pot laced brownies man. You're starting to act stupid.....
  • It's not truly unlimited data
  • throttling very heavy users in congested areas, doesn't mean it's not unlimited.
    It's called sensible network management, would you rather have a few people using their unlimited cell plan as a home internet replacement stop you from being able to view email?
    It's a shared medium it needs to be managed.
  • Exactly. All networks do it to some extent and always have. They are just becoming forthright and honest about it now since there has been more abuse and thus more need.
  • It is the same with T-Mo
  • https://www.publicknowledge.org/news-blog/blogs/t-mobile-disguising-thro...
  • Isn't T-Mobile 70 bucks and not 80? Mines 70 anyways. 2nd phone is 30 and 3rd and 4th are 10 each. Anyway good move on Sprint. Posted via Android Central App w/G2
  • They raised it awhile ago to $80
    2nd line is $30 if 1GB of data
    Then each line after that is $10 if 1GB of data
    I'm not counting the 2.5 GB promotion
  • Mine >I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.
  • I'm on tmo and this is slightly tempting Posted via the OnePlus One
  • The funny thing about these price wars and probably why AT&T and Verizon are only mildly acknowledging them is because you can only lower your plans so low before your expenses and profits start to cancel each other out. You can't invest in furthering your infrastructure if you're lowering your income (have to see a break down on how T-Mobile makes their money), but hey I'm not complaining. As long as Verizon keeps its coverage great I have no desire to leave them no matter how many Nexus (Nexii?) we don't get. Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly. You get what you pay for and what you are investing in is a better network.
  • It's not the best deal on Unlimited ,Sprint! I pay $60 for completely unlimited on MetroPCS and taxes are included, bet you couldn't say that, so MetroPCS still comes out cheaper and the T-mobile network is a whole hell of a lot faster.
    Coverage wise T-mobile is better for me as well, I know that's not the case for everyone.
    Also doesn't mention tethering which the $80 plan on T-mobile gives you, I suspect it isn't included, which again is the same as my metroPCS plan, though for an extra $5 I could get tethering if I wanted it.
  • I wonder if employer discounts still work? I'm paying about $139 after all taxes for me and my wife. This would probably be about the same after taxes and fees but if my 24% discount works I could save quite a bit.
  • Yeah, I'm wondering that too... In the past, whenever I looked at switching to a newer plan it always ended up costing me more cause the discount was applied differently. Right now I have 23% off $70 + the old $10 premium data charge so it applies to almost the whole bill, so $64 + the option to renew and get a cheaper phone on contract... That's the other reason I haven't bothered to look too much into it.
  • Yeah, my wife is up for a new phone and is using a Note 2 so she will be eligible for the Note 4 when released...If I have to pay outright then it probably makes it not worth it not to mention when I want to upgrade the Nexus 5 I use. If Sprint gets the next "stock" whatever it would be nice to get it for $100 instead of $350 (Or whatever future Nexus type devices might cost) since I have no plan to switch carriers I don't care about the contract. They are getting really close but it is hard to know for sure without switching, getting the bill, and then switching back if it is worse which sounds like a huge pain.
  • Yeah, similar situation here, I'm probably not gonna risk or bother to find out until I feel like replacing my N5... Depending on what they're selling at that point (Silver? new Nexus? etc) I'll figure out whether the discount could bring the $60 plan low enough to beat a renewal/phone discount at $64 or whatever.
  • Right now I pay 60$ with my friends employee plan including tax. Posted via Android Central App
  • Would T-Mobile's $50 Simple Choice Plan still beat this by $10 for 12 months if you referred a friend per the "lifeline" offer?
  • Can give all the data you want but if the service sucks it's no use. With Verizon now, tired of paying for 4g and only getting 3g. Posted via Android Central App
  • Where the world do you live? 99% of their cell sites are LTE now and the few that aren't are because of permitting issues (new fiber needed)
  • How much data can one consume at. 05kbps? Jim Lloyd
  • Very little. Good thing that they are not like that in most places anymore
  • but they are
  • where you live it is obvious, where I live it is not
  • Nah... That unlimited is worthless here in L.A. Sprint sucks really bad over here.
  • So this is what happens when carriers actually compete for customers Posted via the Android Central App
  • except the biggest catch 4g data does not work! Posted via Android Central App
  • Where you live Posted via Android Central App
  • Big deal..... When you have the network coverage of Sprint, you're still getting ripped off..... Just dumped em after YEARS of lousy coverage for Verizon.... Best move EVER ! ! !
  • Buy a phone off eBay or Craigslist and save from having to pay full price. Posted via Android Central App
  • If I bought my own device elsewhere, this would be pretty good. But with Easy Pay attached, it's going to be $82-87 a month, plus you don't get any discounts.
  • That is the same with any carrier. Of course the price is going to be high. I am going. G to assume you can discount the 60$ if you have it available Posted via Android Central App
  • If you read the grey fine print on the new plan, Sprint notes that no discounts apply. https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/account-and-billing/shared-d... I know that rate is the same with most carriers now, that's the point. It's not really a "deal". Personally, I'm grandfathered in on a $70 plan with 450+300 bonus minutes plan (which I barely use any of) with unlimited text and data to which my discount does apply. So this plan is bit pointless for me right now.
  • i assume that we are talking about corporate discounts, I have never not seen them honored on any plan. Couldn't hurt to call and find out first
  • Problem is they often decide to split the bill charge in weird ways so the discount doesn't apply to all or most of your bill (with some of these newer plans compared to older ones). If by some miracle they allowed my 23% student discount to take effect on the whole $60 that'd be killer... I'd end up paying $46 instead of $64, $18 less a month would easily make up for the loss of contract phone discounts... $18x24 pays for a new Nexus 32GB, tho who knows whether there'll be a future equivalent... If I were looking at more expensive phones it'd be about even in the end tho.
  • I guess I'm not leaving sprint for T-Mobile that plan is good for me and affordable too Posted via Android Central App
  • Anyone wanna buy an EVO LTE? Hah, I should've sold it months ago, been dragging my heels... Might actually get a better price for it now with a possible influx of people looking for off contract Sprint phones (seriously tho, I just wanna get rid of it, not looking to sell it for much). I do hope they're doing a better job of training employees and stocking their SIM equivalents tho, cause if they're at the same stage they were when the Nexus 5 launched they'll end up making a terrible mess out of this plan's availability. Hopefully not, it's a really good value.
  • send me a PM in the forums with a price you are thinking about, I could have a use for it.
  • I have one myself. Worth about $80-$100 if you sell it in Swappa. Maybe single band LTE, but at least it can do voice/data simultaneously.
  • Is the EVO LTE in mint condition?
  • Yeah, I've even charged it once in a while so the battery doesn't sit depleted... Got a couple TPU cases to throw in and the Sprint-sold car mount too. I'll PM you, NoNex gets first crack tho since he asked first.
  • Wow this is going to be great for the consumer Posted via the Android Central App
  • Guess this is a backup plan for if my Framily ever deserts me, but I'll take my Google Play Nexus 5 and $45 a month over $60 a month any day.
  • You are right if the data works for you. But to go to unlimited with Framily it is $65 base
  • Pricing wars begun, they have.. Hmm?
  • i really hope T-mobile can do the same or 50 bucks for unlimited for one person would be a steal.
  • They do with their new referral program for at least 1 year. They also do $60 taxes included under the MetroPCS brand, but no payment plans on phones.
  • Okay, now this is a competitive plan. Legere has been on the attack - let's see how he responds to this. 
  • He'll probably whine like a baby.
  • T-MO's free music streaming is still a killer feature for me. Sprint's going in the right direction though!
  • Everybody dumps on the subsidized phone formula, but I have to tell you. I rather pay $99-$199 for a flagship phone and have a contract than deal with the "easy-pay" buy your own phone debacle. At the end of the day, it's probably a wash. I just don't have $500 to drop on a phone that will break in about two years.
  • There are plenty of Flagship level phones available for ~$300 now. Nexus phones, One Plus One, Motorola or even craigslist if you aren't afraid of a lightly used device. If you don't have $500 to buy a phone, do you really have $1000 to buy a phone on contract? (That is the difference in price for many pre-paid plans!)
  • More like $350+, Nexus 5 was at least that for the lower capacity one and Moto X was way more at launch, the PlusOne is still hard to come by too... Realistically you're looking at closer to $400 with shipping/taxes (specially if you want 32GB or more). But yeah, I agree, if you're that strapped for cash there's way cheaper options too, like the Moto G... A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck but still wanna splurge on stuff tho, I'm not judging them but it's part of what's empowered US carriers.
  • Sixty is still a bit pricy, especially for a single line, if you decide to take on there easy pay with a new device. That's sixty plus whatever the installment plan fee is. Could someone break down how this is better for the consumer? I was on framily with three others and my bill was 55+29 + tax and regulatory fees. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You cannot include the Easy pay, you have that with everyone if you go that route. Tmobiles $80 plan with the EIP is 80 + cost of device. If you were on a Framily plan your bill was 45 +29+ tax (if you add unlimited it would go to 65+29+ tax)
  • Framily plan with 7 to 10 lines is 45 UNLIMITED everything plus taxes and fees and easy pay if you have it I pay 55 a Month after all fees Posted via Android Central App
  • Your right (25$ + 20$ for unlimited) but we are talking 4 people not 7
  • That's a price I can definitely live with. I wonder if VZW or AT&T will take notice if Sprint really does start drawing in customers. Posted via Android Central App
  • Combined with the 12 months of $50 unlimited (With referrals) T-mobile, this really puts the pressure on VZW and AT&T to offer something better.
  • This is a great plan - however, Sprint has to improve their network. LTE is spotty as heck in Richmond and Washington DC - and they don't even have LTE in Southwest Va. Sprint has the worst network in Virginia by far.
  • This is hilarious.
  • This needs to be $60 flat with a device. Sprint's data network just isn't worth it. For $45 flat you can have a similar plan with AT&T's Cricket plans. The coverage is far superior on AT&T. There is almost no reason to choose Sprint from my experience traveling.
  • Good start I only have 1 issue. Current loyal sprint customer should be eligible for this too so they can have retention. Also Sprint needs to make an announcement that all of the money they were going to use to by T-Mobile will go towards the network. That will win over a lot of people Posted via Android Central App
  • They are eligible, says it in the release Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks I'm switching Posted via Android Central App
  • It's not like Sprint itself ever set aside any money for the buyout, their parent company was gonna take care of that and they're the same ones footing the network bill at the end of the day...
  • Hell I just might call tomorrow and say if you don't switch my plan I'm leaving they might doing it as a save opportunity due to me being under contract Posted via Android Central App
  • I wonder how sprint is in north Atlanta. Anyone know? Posted via the Android Central App
  • crappy. same as everywhere else
  • Probably sticking with Verizon... Figured I would Posted via the Android Central App
  • Check it for yourself, Amir is a hater
  • I'm on the train laughing at your comment using my phone with LTE. You know what carrier I couldn't do that with? Posted via Android Central App
  • Your in North Atlanta?
  • I wish. Cost of living so cheap there. Posted via Android Central App
  • So you really cannot say how the coverage is up there for him....typical hater.
  • LoL what can I say? Haters gotta hate Posted via Android Central App
  • how about just being honest instead of misleading people?
  • If your on the train in Boston you should get lte I have Sprint and get lte on the train take your T-Mobile phone up to Andover and use it as paperweight that's all T-Mobile is good for here did the test drive brought the phone back in 2 days 2G data and dropped calls with Sprint I get 30 mps speeds Posted via Android Central App
  • My Sprint LG G2 did not get LTE on the train. My T-Mobile G3 does.
    Funny enough a recruiter contacted me about a job in Andover. Not interested since I'm moving further south. And pay 50% less than I'm making now. Posted via Android Central App
  • My one max and M8 both do get lte on the train sadly if my company that work for in Andover don't get there shit together and make a deal I be heading to NYC for work Posted via Android Central App
  • It got pretty good speeds on Sprint when I was in Boston on March, drove up to Vermont to go skiing and coverage was terrible tho, but everyone was on the same boat (not sure if anyone had VZW, I know some of the other guys had Tmo and AT&T but nobody had signal). If anyone's ever visiting Puerto Rico, I can vouch that the network here is fantastic, just need Spark for that last bit of building penetration. Just avoid Plaza Las Americas (one of the bigger malls ever but the owners are in a standoff with ALL carriers over revenue sharing off repeaters, so dumb).
  • visit for latest mobile price http://www.mobilepricebd.net
  • T-mobile already has a $60 unlimited plan, it's called MetroPCS and that includes taxes and fees. Both Sprint and MetroPCS will charge you for legal tethering. $5 per GB at Metro, probably 10 at Sprint.
  • Sprint could give away their data, but their network still can't compare to the other 3. Fix your network then you're doing something worth going public about. Posted via Android Central App
  • There are some areas where Sprint is actually pretty reliable and fast (I have not been to these areas, but I'm sure they exist since at least a few in these comments says so).
  • Really solid in Puerto Rico, AT&T is often over saturated in areas here (no VZW here). I don't have much first hand experience with Tmo here tho, coverage used to be weaker but I how speeds even on HSPA+ were pretty great in the metro area.
  • The sprint unlimited unusable data plan! I travel all over the US and sprint barely works or doesn't work at all in most places. I have waited since the instinct for it to improve! I think my patience has ran it's course. No matter what reworks in plans they do they just took too long in providing solid data service. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm hoping that it works out for Sprint and forces all others carriers to lower their prices. Competition is good for consumers!
  • Unfortunately no Sprint LTE in the area, although the other 3 do.
  • Not many phones available on other carriers work fully on Sprint... or work at all. Almost any AT&T phone will work on T-Mobile after unlocking, and many even with LTE. Bringing your own phone to Sprint is not that big of a benefit. Until Sprint can match T-Mobile's JUMP! insurance plan, and their LTE speeds, I have no incentive to switch. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like this new guy. Didn't even wait for the dust to settle with TMobile's plan.
  • It may be $20 cheaper but it doesn't include the tethering option that T-Mobile includes. what's the point of unlimited if you get 0.5mbps. Sprints network is a joke.  Soon Magenta will easily take the Permanent Third spot in carriers here in the USA, as the "Framily" falls. +T-Mobile will only get better once all towers are converted to LTE, which there in the process of doing now.  Sent from my LG G Flex on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • I can do that as well what's the point of unlimited if you get 0.5mbps. T-MO network is a joke.  Soon Sprint will easily take the Permanent Third spot in carriers here in the USA, as the "Uncarrier" falls. +Sprint will only get better once all towers are converted to LTE, which there in the process of doing now.  that was fun! Accurate for my area (except I have great LTE with Sprint)
  • lol I read your post first before the person you were replying to and I was like "this doesn't sound like usual thought out posts.." Posted via HTC One on Sprint
  • lol sorry for the shock
  • Reading Sprints TOS, it seems that Sprint customers not on this 60.00 plan will have priority over the ones that are...hmm.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Sometimes people is so locked into their carriers. People fail to realize that none of these carriers is 100% better than the other. They all got faults. People say Vzw is the best, but then as soon as they change something up, people is calling them the devil. People say Att is great, and as soon as they change something up, they're the devil and everybody wants to leave for another carrier. It's ridiculous that whenever Sprint post something good, people come down on them about they're network. To make it worst is that the people that come down on Sprint, is the same people that run to T-Mobile...a carrier that basically only works in large cities.. I hope Sprint keep making moves like this...they are shaking things up some which is good for competition. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 the new CEO said our network sucks and our customers shouldn't be paying that much for this network regardless of whatever provider you have you have to give credit when it is due. Cheapest contract plan there is right now and more competition equals better pricing (hopefully) from all providers. This is a win for any one who has a cell phone with the big 4 companies Posted via Android Central App
  • Yep! The big two need more competition, they really do. Posted via the Android Central App
  • T-mo's unlimited plan includes a hefty chunk of wifi hotspot. Does sprint address that in their's?
  • I'm still scared they are going to screw with my Framily plan....
  • Your framily plan is safe Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks!
  • Just checked out the sprint website has anyone read the small print on this plan. "Usage Limitations: Other plans may receive prioritized bandwidth availability. To improve data experience for the majority of users, throughput may be limited, varied or reduced on the network." They going to throttle the plan.
  • Have you read any of the other comments above about this topic?
  • When I left Sprint, I swore I would go back to carrying coins for phone booths. It's a home town business and their coverage here is awful, second to their lack of customer service. I wish them well, but it is a desperate move when you can only scrap with T-Mobile in a free fall to the bottom.
  • Paying $70 a month now on Sprint, still have the GS3, and contract ends in October. This is tempting. Wonder if I can keep rocking this phone (psychologically speaking) to save $120 every year... The screen is cracked though. My brain says DO IT but my gut is telling me there's a catch and I should leave well enough alone.
  • What I want to know is do I still have to pay an extra $10 for having a smart phone on that plan? Also known as the surcharge to pay for updating their towers.
  • That surcharge hasn't been applied to ant of their newer plans in years... Tho I'm still on one of those older plans because it was still about as cheap thanks to a discount.
  • Actually, Verizon released a $60 single line plan earlier this week which includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data earlier this week. AT&T is the only carrier not offering a decent single line plan now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • While I love the sound of this plan. I'm currently paying $104 a month, unlimited my way+one up, unlimited data included.
    Id still save by staying on my current plan, if I were to switch to this I'd be paying $105 a month + any taxes or fees making it more expensive. Sadly it still isn't sufficient considering in Sacramento data is nearly unusable unless you're driving in a VERY small pocket area where theres LTE. Framily isn't even an option as its even more expensive. I guess for others it may be a decrease, but for myself its actually more expensive. Keep in mind the only discounts I get are the ONE UP discount and a $5 employer discount. Without the employee discount they'd literally be the same price. To me it seems its a bit of smoke and mirrors
  • Too bad sprint's network blows. I'll pay the extra 10 dollars.... Thanks Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Are these reduced family and individual plans enough to interest you in spending some time with Sprint?" I'll only consider it once they improve their network. Even then, I'll probably still stick with T-Mobile just because it's contract-free GSM. Posted via Android Central App
  • It would be nice to have a chart with all the carriers and their plans listed so that we consumers can do a side-by-side comparison. I've noticed that with T-Mobile's 4 line, 10 GB plan, after January 2016, the 2.5 GBs per line drops down to 1 GB per line.
  • "That said, if you're a Sprint customer (or are considering being one), that's still some substantial potential savings you're looking at." Hahahaha, nope. 80 dollars including payments, unless you just buy the phone outright at Sprint's trumped up prices, I configured it and they don't offer mid range phones, only junk or top of the line, so you get shafted either way. Then there's all those special sprint-only fees, making it around 86 dollars a month, far more expensive than T-Mobile's HONESTLY EIGHTY plan. T-Mobile should run ads using that phrase, just kick some ass, Sprint's usual lies. Say hello to fourth place, Sprint.
  • So I've been on Sprint for four years now. Got the original Evo, then the Evo LTE. I have been happy with the coverage in southeast Wisconsin, and even as I went around the state. Two weeks ago, I signed up for this sixty dollar plan at Best Buy. I had been weighing my phone options heavily. This new sixty dollar plan meant I would have to pay $25 a month (24 months= $600) for this Easy-pay financing plan. Or I could've gone with the $80 unlimited my way plan and gotten a subsidized phone for $99. In the end, the $80 plan was going to save me a whopping grand total of $20 at the end of my 24 month contract.
    When I got to talking with the tech at the store, he said that the system was allowing them to sign people up for the sixty dollar plan, on a 24 month agreement, thereby allowing them to subsidize the phone price. Instead of paying the $25 x 24 months ($600), I only had to pay $99 up front. $500 savings!! I would argue that Sprint has been a spectacular value for me. Is it the best coverage? Not always. But it's damn good in the places I go to. Are the speeds the fastest? No, but it's plenty fast enough for what I need to do. Believe me, I'm a heavy phone user too. Not quite a power user though. To address the concerns about the lack of LTE listed in the press release: you're all so full of it. I have amazing LTE coverage around town. If anything, the new phone (LG G3) has allowed coverage to be even better. To address the concerns about prioritization: it's really not that noticeable for the towers that I'm on. There are times where something won't load, but u hit refresh and boom, there it is. And I just got these speeds at home on Sprint's Spark LTE.
    Almost as good as I was getting with Time Warner Cable internet at home last year.
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