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Sprint expands 4G LTE network to 17 more markets

Sprint is making an aggressive roll out behind its 4G LTE network, bringing its high speed mobile broadband access to n additional 17 more markets. The addition of these markets span across the United States.

Here are the 17 new additions to Sprint's 4G LTE network:

  • Eureka/Arcata/Fortuna, CA
  • Redding, CA
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Dubuque, IA
  • Danville, IL
  • Marion/Herrin, IL
  • Mt. Vernon, IL
  • Hopkinsville, KY
  • Rochester, MN
  • Hattiesburg, MS
  • Auburn, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Utica, NY
  • Bloomsburg/Berwick, PA
  • Indiana, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Eau Claire, WI

Keep in mind that this appears to be just regular 4G LTE coverage for the Now Network, and not the more advanced Sprint Spark network. Sprint Spark takes into account network conditions, location, and other information to connect to the best frequency to get the fastest, most reliable connection speeds.

Are you living in one of these 17 new markets? Let us know how you like the new LTE speeds that Sprint is bringing to your area.

Source: Sprint via Android Police

  • Dang I thought Pittsburgh would of been fully launched... Im happy with my speeds in philly tho Posted via Android Central App
  • I wish I could get at least 5 mbps here. Sad thing is that I'm on their LTE network and only get about 1 mbps.
  • There must be some heavy congestion or some other backhaul issue, I have a pretty crappy LTE signal at home (not their fault, my street is sorta under the level of everything else nearby and up against a big hill) and I still manage a solid 5-6mbps... Signal is borderline enough that it occasionally drops to 3G, still very usable tho.
  • You sound like I use too before I ditched Sprint. "Usable" is the best description you can say without sounding like your putting up with crap.. I switched to T-Mobile and get and average of 20mbs and haven't been out of lte for a second. I'm in Chicagoland with a G2 towers that were upgrade a year and a half ago, Sprint Spark turbo speeds my ass.. I knew day one that I made the right choice. I even made the switch from a full framily plan with the full discount. Posted via Android Central App
  • No, I said usable because the way a ton of people on these boards paint it you can't even take advantage of unlimited data on Sprint cause speeds are so miserable... I'm sure that's the case in some areas, not in Puerto Rico tho. What I described is only the worst case scenario, at my home (due to odd geographical conditions), where it doesn't matter one iota because I have broadband and a free Airave. Most everywhere else here speeds and reception are fantastic, very often faster than AT&T cause they're overcongested (no VZW in PR). A year and a half ago i might've agreed that I was "putting up" with Sprint, their LTE deployment has been fantastic here tho. The ONLY area they could improve is building penetration (no Spark here, yet), but it didn't stop me from using 10GB last month, on pace for 15GB this month. Just clearing up my post btw, since you were a little quick to put words in my mouth.
  • Oh and I've got no major affection for any one carrier, I'm glad Tmo works for you, I agree no one should ever put up with bad service, but far too few actually explore their options. I've done a lot of comparative speed tests with friends/family on AT&T but at the end of the day I realized I'd pay twice as much given my usage so it's pointless. I have actually been meaning to buy a Tmo SIM to see what they're like for a month, used to be they had great speeds in areas but weaker coverage (mainly cause they haven't been on island as long, PR isn't hard to blanket, keeping up with demand is the challenge). Only reason I haven't done it is work and all the merger rumors... If the latter haven't congealed by the time I've got more free time I'll be all over that SIM, just need a few days to drive around and test it properly.
  • looking at a sprint logo reminds me of a taxi. pure crap
  • Haha, lol! Posted via Android Central App
  • HAHAHA HOHOHO. Shut up.
  • You love Sprint I take it?
  • I have no problems with them. I get great service where I'm at.
  • Yup. And your mouth spews the same crap.
  • Looks like your the one spewing the crap! Posted via Android Central App
  • Maybe Uber should buy them out and show them how it's done /s
  • Why is a Bethesda it's own market? borders DC.
  • Same thing I was thinking. Might a well launch Alexandria and Silver Spring.
  • Honestly they need to finally launch 4g in Fairfax County. Sprint in general has poor coverage here. Posted via Android Central App
  • DC proper is not even close to having 4G LTE completed.
  • Not sure what your talking about.Live and work in DC and it has excellent coverage. Its had Spark for a while now, veeery good service in DC unless its pure congestion or something.
  • Really, in what location do you have Spark? I get it it some location in Columbia Heights, Petworth, spotty east of the park, nothing downtown and Mt. Pleasant.
  • The one that supplies my LTE at work has been out all week. Wish they'd fix that. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow, I actually know all of the towns in IL and Iowa. Good to see Marion, IL get added!
  • Here's what T-Mobile has in those areas for the sake of comparisons:
    - Eureka/Arcata/Fortuna, CA: LTE
    - Redding, CA: LTE
    - Bethesda, MD: LTE
    - Dubuque, IA: ROAMING
    - Danville, IL: 4G
    - Marion/Herrin, IL: 2G
    - Mt. Vernon, IL: LTE
    - Hopkinsville, KY: 2G
    - Rochester, MN: LTE
    - Hattiesburg, MS: LTE
    - Auburn, NY: LTE
    - Buffalo, NY: LTE
    - Utica, NY: 4G
    - Bloomsburg/Berwick, PA: 3G
    - Indiana, PA: LTE
    - Pittsburgh, PA: LTE
    - Eau Claire, WI: LTE
  • Thanks, that's very interesting. As both increase coverage they each must pick areas to service and those to ignore for now. I can't wait for them to team up and build rural towers. Posted via Android Central App
  • Funny thing, T-Mobile has had LTE here in the DC metro area for over a year! Posted via Android Central App
  • Auburn NY has 4G? Wrong. Try 2G, circa 2005. Check 13021 on their coverage map.
    I would consider T-M but 2G? Really.
  • Oops, my mistake. Clearly yellow all over that area.
  • I've had LTE every time I went to Hattiesburg, MS but it wasn't on the map also Meridian, MS has great LTE coverage however Sprint only shows 3G Posted via Android Central App
  • I already get Sprint LTE in Buffalo. We have had it here for a long time. Posted via Android Central App
  • Buffalo finally. Posted via Android Central App
  • You would imagine that after three and a half years of charging a "premium data fee" to their subscriber base where majority owns a smartphone, the entire Sprint network would have been upgraded. I should also remember that this company is not quite out of the red, and is still bleeding customers (a little). Until I see LTE lit up in my neighborhood, Ill enjoy the WiFi I get through my Sprint phone, and I guess I'll surf on the main roads where 4g is simply prominent.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Preach Brother!!!!! I am leaving Sprint for Verizon over the "premium data fee". It makes me fume. I have been paying it every since it came out and I have never been on a 4G network. I live just outside of Memphis, TN also so it is not like i am in Lock Jaw, KY.
  • None of the current plans have the premium data fee. And the old plans that do are usually going to be much less expensive than a Verizon plan.
  • LTE is supposed to be all over the place here, nope doesn't exist outside of their spark region.
  • What? Posted via Android Central App
  • In my area the coverage maps say I'm supposed to have LTE all over. It is very spotty. I have to drive about 40 miles to an area that has Sprint Spark LTE in order to have a decent connection to it.
  • This is just a ploy to make them more attractive to T-Mobile when T-Mobile goes to purchase them.
  • You have that backwards and Sprint is not for sale. Posted via Android Central App
  • It was a joke.
  • Jokes are supposed to make people laugh...
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Sprint is horrible. I left them after 12+ years. Got tired of the lies and fake promises. Paying for service that I could never use unless I was attached to my home WiFi. Speeds slower than dial-up. 2 1/2 years later still no LTE in Frederick, MD the 2nd largest city in MD and part of the DC/Baltimore metro area. Calls would drop, web pages and apps would never load. Been on AT&T now for 4-5 months and have LTE everywhere I go with speeds up to 55 Mbps, and avg around 25 Mbps. With Sprint it was always in a few months.
  • That's great for you. Are you on an unlimited plan?
  • I am! Last month I used 136GB of data on Sprint :D Posted via Android Central App
  • I think you should research your last statement.
  • Yey more of sprints awesome 1.5mbps lte that makes your phone hang when switching back to 3g because Sprint LTE is the best.
  • Oh this sucks I keep waiting and waiting for lte or even better 3g would be nice but still nothing in central western Virginia don't know how much longer I can keep paying for 4g data and don't even have it this is pathetic .
  • Lmao they put one 4g LTE tower and now all of a sudden the whole county has LTE Posted via Android Central App
  • What sorta speeds are the new lte towers seeing? Just wondering. Sent From My Nexus 7
  • One in 2000 towers are "Spark" they do get crazy speed close to 60mb down. But most LTE towers on Chicago were 2-5 on good days. I was also in 3G 10% of the time. 3 years of Upgrades in the name of "network vision"... Whoopty Fucking doo! Posted via Android Central App
  • Thats what its like here in VT as well with their LTE network. However I jumped to att 4-5 years ago and I have not looked back. Att's HSPA+ network out does Sprint's LTE network from the sounds of it. Oh well. I was hoping others would get better results. I'd like to see Sprint compete again. However I wouldn't go back to save very little cash. I like the freedom of SIM cards and just swapping out my unlocked phones on the fly!
  • 25 down 10 up on LTE off peak hours. 10 down and 5 up day time. Lower if busy period
  • Not to bad! Where are you at?
  • Here are my speeds however I'm on the edge of town inside so my signal is -105 dBm of LTE
    when I have 2 or more bars I usually get speeds around 28-34mbps and around 10-12mbps during peak hours Posted via Android Central App
  • What does Sprint have--like three networks? Why don't they make up their mind? ;) Posted via Android Central App
  • Huh? Talking about Wimax or what? The whole Winax/Clearwire thing is in the past, and Spark isn't a new network. It's just a fancy marketing name for more data frequencies, which all carriers employ.
  • Yeah, Sprint's site shows strong LTE in my area, but can never get 4G. They are full of crap. Been with them for over a decade, but about to switch soon. They place 3g and 4g towers interspersed, so phones are constantly switching back and forth, causing poor data connections and killing the battery. Posted via Android Central App
  • Too little, too late, already jumped ship to Verizon.
  • Yep, me too. Only wish my contact with sprint had been up sooner. Super happy with Verizon coverage and speed in Denver. 40mb down and 15mb up... Posted via Android Central App
  • One has choices of phone carriers to chose from, stop complaining and chose the carrier that suites you the best. Posted via Android Central App
  • God advise, eye well in fact chose the won witch best suites me.
  • Sprint slowly rolling out their sup par 4g network... Hard to believe their actually behind T-Mobile... Posted via Android Central App
  • Markets or households? Posted via Android Central App
  • I only have Airave coverage here in East Bumfark. My contract will be up in 6 months and I plan on getting an unlocked gsm phone to use on a prepaid plan. Posted from my LG LS970 using my thumb
  • Sprint just need to give up T-Mobile out did them rolling out there 4GLTE and they are doing it much faster then they can ever imagine. And improving there coverage point blank nothing else to it..... Posted via Android Central App
  • I kinda feel sorry for Sprint. They have such a undependable LTE network that doesn't do well for a lot of people. I'm just barely seeing LTE at my house, but its only 1 bar, and it switches back to 3G after a couple minutes. I really wish Sprint was a better network. They have so much potential with all the spectrum they own, yet it seems they are struggling to utilize it. Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • It's all about the money my friend! Sounds like money wise they are not in good standing. They need to either merge or stick up a for sale sign IMO.
  • Big improvement. Much needed as I was on the verge of leaving sprint (Pittsburgh market)
  • What's up with Cincinnati not getting LTE yet? I would think that would be a big enough market to get priority over, say, Hopkinsville, KY.
  • I'm looking at a Sprint tower that's a few miles away. Outside my house, it's 4G, 27 mbps. Inside? It's 3G.
    Outside my workplace, 4G, 13 mbps. Inside? Yup, 3G. If Verizon can be competitive on price, I may take my 3 lines to big red next year when my contract expires.
  • Sprint is rapidly deploying 800 Mhz LTE (Band 26) across the country on Spectrum it acquired from Nextel. It is active in my area and greatly improves in-building coverage due to the lower frequency. 1900 Mhz LTE (Band 25) doesn't penetrate certain building materials very well which is why you are dropping to 3G inside. The Sprint network is improving but that's the great thing about capitalism, you can use another company if it fits you better. Sprint actually has the best coverage of any provider in my area, which is why I use them.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Band 26 on sprint does make a big difference. I can be in my basement and still get an lte signal. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm done with Sprint. Network Vision just completed in my area and my coverage at my home decreased. Now I have no CDMA or EV-DO coverage within 1 mile of my home. The cell site that I spend 40% of my time registered has no plans to ever receive LTE and the city of Boulder has no LTE anywhere. I have been with Sprint since the beginning, but now it is time to move on. This is a shame too because they have plenty of spectrum. They are just poor at building out their network.
  • I did a speed test of my 4g last night. 15mbps. Posted via Android Central App