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Sprint Evo 4G sized up alongside the Palm Pre

We hear ya. There are a lot of you out there on Sprint who are looking at your Palm Pre and wondering how it would be to hold the Evo 4G in its place. Ask and ye shall receive. After the break are more photos and video of the Android 2.1 Evo 4G alongside the webOS-based Palm Pre. It's not really a fair fight at this point, but at least they got in the ring.

[YouTube link]

  • I am suffering from Evo Anticipation... :-(
  • same...... Here........
    bye, bye Palm Pre !!!!!!!
  • Ok I have to admit I never saw these side by side before. Gotta say just WOW. Will the Pre become a collector's item, one of the shortest lived SmartPhones?
  • yes it will, lol. Bye, bye palm pre. And help HTC EVO !!!!!!
  • I have a Pre overclocked and i pre-ordered the EVO. Phil sum it up for me "I have a soft spot for my Pre"
  • I am right there with you. I really like my Pre but looking forward to the EVO. I hope in a year WebOS will catch up with the other Mobile Operating Systems. I will keep my Pre around and maybe use as an MP3 player.
  • +1. I've been using an N1 for about a month. I think the only reason I've chosen to use it over the Pre is the larger screen. But I definitely know what you all are talking about when you mention that soft spot. Hopefully, Palm will come out with hardware that's comparable to today's offerings.
  • WebOS i feel Is better than android, or rather cleaner, android needs a better multi tasking interface...well anyway, i waited in line with about ten other ppl last year for the pre, and this year, i cant believe it but sprint...goddman sprint is. Gonna have the cheapest rates and the best phone! WTF! If there is a badass webOS phone nxt year imma buy one..hands down the pre(with preware and mytether) is better than than the hero and moment!
  • I'm using both right now since they haven't converted the EVO over to my real phone number. I agree that the WebOS feels more elegant than Android. I love being able to flick an app up and know it's dead. The fact that I need a task killer on Android to see how many pointless apps are running is stupid. Aside from that though, I'm in love with the onscreen Sense keyboard. Took a little getting used to, but now I can hardly type on my Pre. All in all, I'm looking forward to switching permanently to the EVO.
  • Yeah...I cant imagine my life without webOS but the hardware is the deal breaker. Late 2010 and 2011 will be webOS year. For now EVO and ill save up cans and bottles to buy the next..hopefully polished and beefed up webOS phone.
  • those are some of the reasons I'm leaving the pre right there....3 atempts to turn 4 to unlock.....Evo here I come....cant wait!!!!
  • You know Phil, Alot of those problems you were experiencing with the Palm Pre isn't because you haven't used the Pre in a long time... It's because the damn Palm Pre phone is laggy as hell... How many attempts did you have to make to unlock the Pre's homescreen? I have this exact same issue with my Sprint Palm Pre EVERYDAY. I also have the issue when it comes to swiping away cards where when I try flicking away one it seems to rubberband back in place... It's incredibly frustrating... I cannot WAIT until June 4th when I get my EVO because I'm sick & tired of dealing with that laggy POS.
  • lol, I have the same problems with palm pre. It is very embarraing especially when I am trying to show the damn (palm pre) thing off. Bye, bye pre and hello EVO my evo you so evil. Lol
  • i was so frustrated with the FAIL by Palm that i was saving pennies to cancel my account with sprint and take flogging at the Att/Apple store. but i decided to see what all the fuss over the EVO was about. well i have had it for 3 days now and i run it pretty damned hard. i have to say that although there are some annoying things with it (like it searching the web before it searches your phone for things you type or the NEED for a taskiller), it is a fantastic device. it is not as polished as an iphone, but it does so much more....
  • I love my pre. The vast mojority of Palm users will stay for the WebOS. The WSJ review of the EVO showed it to be less than stellar as people think.
  • Mossberg's review? The one that showed the phone is pretty much the best thing out there? The one where he had to complain about the bane of all SmartPhones - Battery Life? If you want to find something wrong with a phone your will. But when it comes to comparing the Pre to any phone the last thing you want to bring up is battery life! (Comment made while my Pre is charging via my computer because if I don't do this during the day it will be dead after 12 hours in standby.)
  • Good call!! I thought it was funny that the guy was talking about one of the fastest phones around, yet he was talking so slow it almost put me to sleep! All smartphones have crappy battery life (other than BlackBerries, which don't really compare on most levels), and the 4G network is a very young technology, so coverage and sppeds are only going to get better. PS - I love that there are never any comments on the AC articles except for the articles on the Pre!! PreCentral still kicks ass!!
  • Are you sure you want to bring reviews into this discussion? Because the VAST majority of reviews call the Pre sub-par, webOS buggy, and the hardware of both phones medicore, and full of problems from double letter typing to cracked screens to l....a....g...
  • FYI, referencing Mossborg is a definite no-no, besides, a bloggers review is a matter of opinion. Always subjective.
  • This is the reason to like and dislike the Pre, this is also my main reason for getting rid of it(screen size).
  • 10 days and I will be able to take my own comparison pics and make my own video! I'm torn as to what to do with my Pre come June 4th.
  • oh. my. god. look at the screen size difference :O
  • Does anyone know if the Pre will still work with wifi when it is deactivated by sprint?
  • Yep it will work for anything except phone calls.
  • agree, love webos but gotta have the best, the EVO currently holds that spot.
  • Evo holds not such spot ?? Its not even introduced yet ?? and I am sure it will have its share of problems as most HTC phones do
  • Lets have a Palm Pre in the size of the EVO with webOS, that be totally AWESOME, cant wait for the EVO to come out but also cant wait to see what Palm will come out with this year or next, now since they are owned by HP.
  • I call fake on Phil's photos. That's obviously not a real Pre - there's no crack by the USB port. /joke.
  • LOL. That is actually the only problem I have NOT encountered with any of my Pres.
  • Ha Ha HA ... HA HA HA ... I just noticed that I have a crack in that excact same spot ... I stopped being pissed when I decided to move to fully supported platform and hardware companies ... Friday CANNOT get here soon enough ... I love these launch days.
  • compared to the droid, the pre looks like a tamogatchi compared to an evo, it looks like a tic tac
  • Amazingly it looked as though the Evo is actually thinner than the Pre! I thought the Evo was much thicker than it looks in the photos.
  • I have to say that I LOVE my Palm Pre. Not because of the hardware, but because of the wonderful OS that is WebOs. It is just smooth, slick, and intuitive. I'm not quite sure that there is anything as good (I know many of you will disagree so go ahead). That being said, the Pre's hardware just doesn't cut it. Battery life is HORRIBLE even for a smartphone. The processor is SLOW and no where near enough RAM. Thing is, I'm going to miss it when I pick up my pre-ordered EVO on June 4th. I hope Android can keep me around past the next year because if something with the specs of the Evo come out with WebOS I'm RUNNING back!
  • If you guys think the Pre is laggy try using a Pixi. It takes like 6-7 seconds for the camera app to open up sometimes, among other things.. That EVO looks like a MONSTER compared to the Pre lol.
  • anyone know where to find the wallpaper that's on the evo 4g?
  • Post coming on that shortly. :)
  • at this point the only thing I am going to miss is theToushstone, I have one in the car and at home. It is by far the greatest accessory. But I got to be honest everyone talks about "the next Palm phone" HPalm has said NOTHING about a new phone tablet/slate sure but no phone. I think they are more interested in putting webos on printers then phones at this point but hey that just my opinion
  • dup...sorry :)
  • Bonnie Cha said the EVO isn't in the top 10 most anticipated phones of the year! Well, they must not have counted my anticipation.
  • Bonnie Cha has some really, really lackluster phones on that list... I mean... BB Pearl 3G? Over a phone that is 4G? The Pearl is an OLD phone redesigned and that's more anticipated than a phone that is selling out pre-orders in two major retail stores? Things that make you go hmm...
  • Agreed, CNet is full of iPhone fanboys/girls I swear apple probably paid them off one way or another. As far as the Evo not being the most anticipated phone... Eh... I kinda have to agree, not because the phone isn't spectacular, no... But think about it, Sprint has been doing these cutesy commercials with their phones trying to say that basically they're the first "4G" network. Agreed, but most people don't know what 4G is, point. Another thing is the Droid commercials are just sick, they make you wanna cry and get the phone at the same time and weep, hold the phone close to you and hand over the cash to a phone company that is basically sucking your wallet dry. But that's what the Droid does... verizon's commercials has put Android into perspective. How come there are no Evo commercials? Why? Because Sprint doesn't have any marketing skills, they have facts, sure, but no one cares about facts, people want to be entertained when they watch the commercial so much so that they'll watch that commercial, hell excuse me, WAIT for that commercial to come on just to be like "Yes... This is BADASS!" I'm getting the Evo regardless because I'm here and coming from the Pre and I love Sprint. But all in all as a game changer and an anticipated phone? Nope, can't be if people don't know about it. All in all, CNet is horrible but I have to agree with Ms. Cha on this point.
  • Couldn't agree more. Do we really need another soft light, slow music Dan Hesse commercial before an actual EVO commercial? We understand, you provide more for less, know how about what you offer that service on! No more birds with stone commercials, take a phone and showcase it. The EVO should be that phone.
  • But other than the iphone I haven't heard anything of those phones. It might be good that the anticipation isn't high. This way I won't have to worry about everybody i come across having the same phone as me. Little over a week to go!
  • I'm going to give her the benfit of a doubt and say the Evo isn't on the list because she has already experienced it first hand. Thus there is no more anticipation for her. Only SATISFACTION! :)
  • There is just not comparison..cmon u gouys r u trying to demoralize the poor pre...???
  • Went to Best Buy to Pre order the Evo and the mock Evo they had was there. Lady takes it out and Im like no big deal. Then I got it in my hand and was OMG! This thing is huge and comparing it to my Pre, yeah makes it look small. I love WebOS and will jump back to Palm when they come out with another phone. Love WebOS, dont like the Pre's build. Love Evo's build but not too keen on Android, my wife has the Hero upgraded to 2.1. I will get use to the Evo and then depart when the 1Ghz Palm comes out.
  • ****THERE WILL NOT BE ANYMORE PALM PHONES**** HP wanted WebOS for future HP devices and Tablets only!
  • Like everyone else is saying, I too am coming for the Sprint Pre and love WebOS, BUT Aside from the hardware 1 other thing is lacking. The app market is fantastic with the homebrew community, but still lacking far behind. Taken into consideration for a second though, the WebOS platform has been around for 1 round of phones, and less than 1 year. Android has multiple companies and a longer running life span with a company that has limitless money and advertising. In order for me to go back to the WebOS platform, post EVO, would be hardware AND app catalog. It is a merge of issues to see everyone on adroid run stuff fast and smooth and also be able to talk to their phones and hae it use text-to-speech, AND speech-to-text. I need more to jump back, but I am sure when Palm is ready to come back with a new hardware set and a renovated WebOS they will hit the market hard... and I will jump back to WebOS too.
  • Still think the extra size and weight will put it just past the ideal, guess we'll see.
  • Wait until you see it in person. ;)
  • HELLO "PHIL" hope you see this mesage. I am PALM PRE owner soon to be an ex-owner for the new HTC EVO. AND I WAS HOPING U CAN POST A POLL TO SEE WHO WILL BE LEAVING THERE PALM PRE. It will be very interesting to see how many ppl will be leaving there PALM PRE For this new HTC EVO. Oh, and count my vote in for the EVO !!!!! :)
  • Something similar to that stickied in the HTC EVO forum. Not surprised that Pre is the lead boat people seem to be jumping overboard off.
  • I too have a soft spot for Palm. I have two phones, a Hero (now on 2.1) and my long time workhorse Palm Treo 700p. I upgraded to a Pre on launch day. Loved the OS, but my Pre had battery contact/screen issues, so I exchanged it for my Hero. I would have kept it if it wasn't for having to exchange the Pre twice for the same issue. This time around, I'm upgrading my Treo 700p for the Evo. I'm thinking all the features are great and its the first 4G phone, so its probably gonna be a keeper. Looking forward to the Evo. Like earlier posters, I would go back to HPalm if the phone was similar to the Evo. I would replace my Hero in a heartbeat. Hope HP has plans to improve the Pre and Web OS. I would agree with CNet regarding the Evo not being a Top 10 anticipated phone, although it really deserves being a Top 10 due to its features and being the first 4G phone. I blame Sprint for lackluster ads. Android phones will NEVER become a consumer electronics HIT phone like the iPhone because theres too many manufacturers, too rapid hardware and OS development. Unlike the original iPhone, iPhone2, iPhone 3 and maybe iPhone4...their physical hardware is more controlled. There's probably more than 1000 consumer electronic boom boxes, docking stations, adapters for car radios and other gizmos made for the iPhones. If there was ONE super Android standard phone that was well received (think millions sold) and it stuck around for a couple of years, consumer electronics MIGHT develop speakers, adapters etc like they have for the iPhone line. I'm thinking NOT, because of the rapid nature of Android devices. Think VW Bug = iPhone (same look/shape for years) and Hundai/Kia = Android (models change every 6 months it seems) no time for accessory makers to reclaim their R&D cost, unlike the accessory makers for the VeeDub. At this rate its gonna be tough finding just cases for all the different android phones. For now, I'm liking Android because its new, fast, more flexible than the iPhone.....until a cool Web OS comes along...... I'm enjoying the ride.
  • Funny how people are in love with something that is not out yet..... I wonder how new EVO users will feel with a giant brick in their hands
  • If your comments aren't a contradiction, I do not know what are. The is definitely a situation where the pot meets the kettle.
  • LOL, it's amazing how people are so taken with the WebOS card system. What people, including Phil doesn't realize, is that because Android is so quick and the multi-screen home screen can be setup with widgets, folders and actual icons, that unless several WebOS cards are already open or people always keep most of the cards they're going to use open (doubt it), Android will be quicker opening and about the same switching between apps (on average). I bet most people don't start out their day opening all the cards they're going to use that day. Anyone who has downloaded tons of apps (which will be many) will definitely and inadvertently close a few cards during the day, either to free up memory, or because of habit (me). This is where Android is definitely superior as WebOS is sluggish opening apps whereas Android opens them in the blink of an eye. And please, for the fortieth time, you don't need an app killer with Android. Android handles that on it's own and does an excellent job of it. Only noobs use task killers and what they end up doing is killing important tasks, followed by logging on the forums asking why X app no longer functions right.
  • Wait a second ... There are widgets and multiple home screens on Android?!?!?!?!?! :p
  • I have been on AT&T for long time and the only upciming options for me are iPhone HD (no thanks Apple) Dell Aero, Moto Backflip, (sorry excuse for Android), BB (yuk) & Palm Pre Plus. I am sticking with my beloved Palm Pre Plus. Overclocked at 800 MHz, Mobile Hot spot working, HomeBrew Community 2nd to none, Multitasking Genious (stream podcast, download youtube video, reply to sms, and surf internet all at the same time), easy to find any contact or app with 2 keyboard strokes, one button speedial, awesome touchstone charger, and great for free enterprise/competition. Could have put money into Apple or Android, but they have PLENTY. I am routing for the underdog. RUDY...RUDY...RUDY...
  • This is at the heart of my love/hate relationship with the Pre, webOS, but mostly with Palm. Love the "openness" of webOS but feel as if Palm left way too much up to the community and not enough doing on its part. You can say that for any open platform, but without the community (Precentral, Jason and others) the Pre barely qualify as a smartphone, especially in its early days. Palm did introduce a number of updates. Yes, but those updates seemed more catch up than taking the Pre to the next level, until recently. You expect that much being an early adapter, but one year later and webOS is still behind. Can you imagine where it would have be without the great efforts of the community? That being said, I will certainly miss many aspects taht the Pre and webOS introduced to my gadget life.
  • I just want a decent Google Talk app and Android is the ONLY one to have a native app. (that and it's a freakin' awesome PHONE!!!)
  • I'm looking to switch from the Pre also. Does anyone know how switching all you contacts and sync'd data will work? Should I download most of my stuff off the Pre before I get the Evo? I pretty much a noob to this.
  • Okay, I appear to be one of the *millions* of people considering a switch from the Pre to the Evo. First, my conscience requires me to state the following: "I love WebOS and really despise Palm for creating such a piece-o-crap hardware as the Pre. I would stay on the Pre, but it sucks and I will wait for the next (if ever) WebOS device before going back." Thank you. ;-) My question, after reading and viewing many of these videos, surrounds five areas I didn't see clearly mentioned: 1) I have purchased a lot of Amazon MP3's. I believe these are all DRM free, but I haven't checked. Will I be able to just copy them over to my hard drive and then from there to the Evo and have them play? Or will there be a conversion? Or worse, they won't play? 2) I grabbed the Palm Mobile Hotspot app when it came out and love it. I have also used MyTether, so I am expecting (hoping) that there is something similar with the Evo that will allow me to turn it into a native WiFi hotspot. Is that true? Or will I need to purchase that ridiculous "wedge" thing from Sprint? 3) All other hardware issues aside, the Pre has an awesome camera. In daylight, it takes better pictures than my 8MP Olympus. In low light, not so much. I see the Evo has a 8MP camera, but has anyone compared the relative optical quality between the Evo and Pre? What about low light and flash strength? 4) Multitasking. On my Pre, I can listen to streaming music through my bluetooth headphones, pick up email, browse the web and get voice guided by my GPS. All at once. How does the Evo do in this regard? 5) Synergy. Am I assuming the HTC Sense is like the Palm Synergy? I won't say it's changed my life, but it is nice to have all my contact data aggregated for me. Does the Evo have something similar? Thanks for all of the AWESOME information here! I just may be in line for an Evo tomorrow. ;-) Thanks!
  • Yikes, that's not a good sign. No one can answer my questions?? Maybe it's a bit premature to consider an Evo at this time. I may wait... thanks,
  • Yup,,,, I jumped ship too. I really, really like WebOs too. I did go thru about 4 Pre's though. Was ready for a change, my Pre(not necessarily WebOS) started to feel a bit dated, and along comes the EVO 4G. Perfect timing,,,I had been sitting on an upgrade since February too, not wanting to give up on WebOs and The Pre. Android is gon take some getting used to , and with no true 4G(yet), leaves a little to be desired. But overall I like this phone a lot,,,the potential is crazy...Miss that Universal Search though....thinking about adding the mobile hotspot, switching my broadband card line to a phone line, and activating my Pre on there...kinda miss the Lil guy already...PEACE!!!!
  • I just realized there is a sort of universal search. I think WebOS' was a little cooler cuz you can just start typing,,,,take that back...both have a first step,,,search button on The Evo4G, pull out slider on The Pre....we have a tie in that department then....
  • I'm switching from the Pre as soon as sprint stores get more EVOs. I liked webOS but the original Pre is really just not a good piece of hardware. Once my third one broke I decided I had had enough.
  • I had a Palm Pre, I have had four, they get hot and are dangerous, they say to many cards with no cards open, they send my text messages over and over and over. I love Pal and looked forward to it coming out and was so disappointed. I love WEBOS as well, I cant have a phone that doesnt work, and my palm doesnt work. I now have the EVo and love it, love all of it. Its not to big or anything.
  • I was so pumped for the Pre as well as everyone else, But found it to be a disappointment(being pushed on to the market to soon)for the lack of essential features e.g. video rec., voice dialing, ect.. Then Verizon and AT&T acquire the device which made me feel like an ASS for purchasing it at all. Needless to say I am super stoked about the EVO 4G read every review and in 6 days my upgrade will be an EVO and I will put my Pre in a box and forget the whole traumatic event.
  • So I just left the Plam Pre from an EVO on Christmas and I will let you all know the real deal about the switch. I've had the Plam Pre since launch day and Loved it truly so we will see. COMING SOON!!!!!