Sprint Epic 4G Touch specs revealed

We just got word from someone who will be soon having some hands-on training with the Sprint Epic 4G Touch, and they filled us in on the device specs and details.  There's nothing here we weren't expecting, but that hardly makes it any less impressive.  Check 'em:

  • 4.52 inch Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Ultra-thin (9.59mm) design
  • Samsung Exynos 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Wimax 4G radio
  • Media Hub
  • 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera
  • Social Hub
  • HD video recording
  • Samsung Kies Air
  • Wifi calling
  • NOVA 2 HD pre-loaded
  • Swype pre-loaded
  • AES-256 internal/external hardware encryption
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Sprint ID
  • Polaris Office
  • Hotspot controls up to eight devices
  • Android 2.3
  • Optional USB Host kit for connection keyboards, cameras, printers and thumb drives
  • Optional HDMI adapter
  • Multimedia and Car docks will be available

Bazinga!  That reads like an Android geek's letter to Santa Claus.  Be sure to join us tonight for the live blog -- there's no way you wanna miss any info about this one. 

Thanks, KevinChaos!

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  • Are they shipping this with 2.3.3 or 2.3.4?
  • I'm thinking it's 2.3.4, because the training site mentions using GoogleTalk for video chat.
  • Ahh yeah that would be a solid hint at 2.3.4. Thanks for the info man.
  • What Resolution?
  • All SAMOLED+ displays are 800x480. SuperAMOLED HD devices are allegedly coming soon, and will be 1280x720 but will achieve this via 5-6" screens and a return of the dreaded pentile matrix.
  • Samsung can make 4.5" SAMOLED HD screens.
  • But it's still going to be SAMILED PLUS. That means that an increase in sub-pixels by %50. Imagine that at 720P and the sub-pixel increase! http://st.gsmarena.com/vv/reviewsimg/samsung-i9100-galaxy-s-ii/compariso... http://www.gsmarena.com/showpic.php3?sImg=reviewsimg/samsung-i9100-galax...
  • EXYNOS!!! I'm officially sold!!!
  • What about NFC?
  • SIGH . . . I know. That would have been automatic for me... I really want a phone that's future proof... And I'm definitely interested in NFC . . .
  • Future proof? Let's be realistic folks... There is no such thing as being future proof when it comes to technology gadgets... NFC is another stupid gimmick... Just swipe your credit card and go on with your life. Jesus Christ, people are so damn lazy.
  • The uses of NFC goes WAY beyond just Swiping your card. Its about making things simpler, Consolidation. CCards, Buidling Passes, Bus, Train passes ETC . .. possiblities are endless. A year from now every phone will have NFC . . . even Apple who doesn't like to play keep up with the iPhone is rumored to have NFC, and once Apple is onboard it will just EXPLODE (I love Android but you can't deny the Apple effect) A phone with these Spec and NFC will be future proof for "ME" . . . i'll be satisfied for another 2year contract.
  • Unfortunately the FCC docs told us this. It seems AT&T's variant will be getting NFC though. I guess Sprint decided to hold off on it a bit longer, probably until they get the deals in place to make sure they make a couple nickles on the transactions.
  • I was holding out hope anyway - lol. The Nexus S 4g has an NFC chip and Sprint is a partner in Google Wallet.
  • Seriously? I just cannot see lack of NFC being a deal breaker. I've had my Nexus S for just under 4 months and have yet to see a "real life" use for it. Even if it comes, by then I'll be due for an upgrade. I am most likely going to get this phone (Only reason I hedge is that I was committed at 4.3", but now want to hold one before I jump), and would never dismiss it due to lack of NFC. That feature is WAY down on my needs.
  • Google Wallet hasn't even Launched yet... nor has the ISIS or VISA Stuff... just give it some time..
  • Look: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/samsung-launching-nfc-enabled-galaxy-s-ii-s...
  • Still don' t know if I really want NFC on a phone :/
  • hell yes, all I need to see is Exynos
  • SIXTH POST!!!!!! Since Jerry deleted my FIRST POST!!! You mad? lol EXYNOS BABY!!! I'm sold on it... My Photon will be passed along to my son and I'm getting this puppy... Stop hating, Verizon!
  • Part of my grand experiment to teach the spam filter that "First!" is an automatic deletion. Getting close. Now I'm about to start teaching it that !!!!!!!!!!!!! is also spam...
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, Jerry, but that is a never ending battle. ;-)
  • Keep up the fight!
  • Personally I would ban instead of delete.
  • Don't give up Jerry. Those are great ideas.
  • Yea Jerry, don't give up!! The more people bitch about the first posts, the more we keep doing it...
  • Or I could just ban you from the site, which I'm seriously considering. Edit: Yeah, let's consider this your first, and final, warning.
  • Wow, thank you Jerry. A "FIRST!!!! LoL" spam filter would just be awesome. Please make it happen :D
  • /double post
  • with that username I'm almost sure where u are from LOL
  • Wait am I reading that right? Wifi calling on Sprint?
  • I was wondering the same thing myself! I'm not on Sprint now but I didn't think they had WiFi calling available. If they're bringing it that would be fantastic though and another reason for me to want to switch.
  • Samsung Exynos 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • NO NFC????
  • NFC is another stupid gimmick... Just swipe your credit card and go on with your life. Jesus Christ, people are so damn lazy.
  • Just another nice option to have. The potential for Google Wallet is there. why do you think Google, and now AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile with ISIS is investing in this technology? Even Apple is rumored to be testing out a mobile payment system on their iphones.
  • NFC does a lot more than just make payments.
  • @PingaDulce You've clearly never had a phone with NFC or used NFC. Using NFC to toggles profiles it worth the price alone...
  • happy birthday/early christmas, etc to all ppl on sprint!
  • It actually IS my birthday today :)
  • happy birthday! now go pre-order that baby
  • Looks like a winner.
  • It's a little bit thicker than the Euro SGS2 but it's still pretty damn thin
  • Whats up with wifi calling?
  • If it has the same weak radio the Epic has, it will be needed.
  • Hmm, does it come with any SD card?
  • 16gb internal, with space for up to 32gb extra through micro-sd card.
  • Ok, I guess they aren't throwing us a bone and give us one then.
  • ...its beginning to feel alot like christmas...LoL.
  • Price price price... ?
  • No one cares about price these days; its just buy and be happy.
  • LOL... Glad there is no shortage of money in your household... Not all of us are that lucky.
  • LOL you are the exception, not the rule. If this comes in above $199 then I will wait.
  • Wifi calling?! Great, that'll help out the weak Sprint connection in my home/office. Also the Encryption is nice too. I hope the Wifi calling still works when running a custom ROM
  • Wouldn't need a tablet with this thing in my possession. I'm just not sure I want another device where I have to wait forever to get a update. I like a lot of things about my Epic but the Nexus Prime sounds perfect to me (if real).
  • Sold!
  • What's NFC....?
  • Don't ask, don't tell... Android is powered by Google, I think you should use that capability.
  • Something that gets boasted about a lot but will not matter for quite awhile in my opinion.
  • I call tell you that one of the best features of this phone is the Kies Air. I love that, I am sure many of you guys too will like it.
  • what is Kies Air? Every time I plug my phone into my computer, it shows Kies as an option.
  • I'm not quite sure what Kies Air is but if it is anything like the Kies desktop app then it is going to be absolutely horrible.
  • Connect via your wifi network then have access to your phone on your desktop. This is done through a browser (not like a typical application installed in your PC).
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l328_nUALE
  • Seeing these spec's make me even more anxious to see the spec's for AT&T's version of the phone.
  • Exynos = Homerun..... SCRATCH! Exynos = GRANDSLAM! Evo3d owners, bet you guys are pissed! USB host kit is truly awesome also.
  • Why would I be pissed. I'm getting this. I can say I have the best of both worlds
  • It has the horrendous Samsung UI, whatever it's called. I love the screen on my Infuse, but the UI is so horrible it shouldn't be allowed on an electronic device.
  • Just root it and start theming it how you want... If you don't like a UI overlay then you shouldn't be looking at anything but Pure Google.
  • This is the first phone with TouchWiz 4.0 . . 100x better than the Old TouchWiz trash..
  • You forgot to include TouchWiz Version Awesome in your list of bullet points. /sarcasm Droid/Nexus Prime FTW!
  • Whatever is coming out in 2015 FTW... we could play that game all day.
  • The screen is too big.
  • "in your opinion". For me, a 4.52" screen is great. It's still in phone territory, so it will still fit exactly where my current Epic fits, but it'll have 13% more usable on-screen space. In my book, that's a solid win.
  • What is the on board memory going to be - I read 16 GB but still haven't seen anything solid to hang my hat on. That would be great if we you can still expand by another 32 - I could finally load all the crap I want to on to my phone.
  • Nice looking tablet. I didn't realize they were putting phone radios in them.
  • http://blog.mrhacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/bk_tinyhands.jpg
  • http://wheredoesallmymoneygo.com/storage/iPhoneMacroPhone.jpg
  • I really want this phone, but with using my Tab 10.1 as my media consumption device, I don't need a phone with a screen this big. I don't see it in the specs anywhere, so would it be a good guess to say Netflix would not be immediately available on this device? It is a nice looking phone though. If I didn't have the Tab, I would buy it on day one.
  • One more thing: This is a great buy for someone that doesn't have a tablet, but wanted an all-in-one device. The screen size is not too bulky to hold up to your ear, and would be easy on the eyes when viewing media content. The best thing about Android and their OEM's is the choose each of us has to buy what best fits our needs and/or wants.
  • I think I will be passing.... Wait to hear on news if the Nexus Prime exists on Sprint or not... If it doesn't materialize then I may have no choice but to go with this.. Hard to go back to Touchwiz and branding after running a Nexus S 4g.
  • Battery size???
  • I hope it's at least 1800.
  • No NFC at this stage makes me sad. But happy to see Exynos made it! Go get these phones guys, I've still got a year on contract...
  • Could someone explain to me why he hype behind the processors?
  • Seems rather thick at 9.59, not so ultra thin ? The main Galaxy S2 already for sale is 0.33" (8.49mm)
    iPhone4 = 0.37" (9.3mm) Nexus-S 4G = 11.17 mm
    EVO 4G = ?
    EVO-3D = ?
  • Phonearena has the Nexus S at 10.88mm
    Evo4G - 13mm
    Evo 3D - 11.9mm
    Photon - 12.2mm
  • Thanks but what do they list the current Galaxy S II thickness ? I think this Sprint Galaxy S 2 will be thicker than the iPhone4 and thicker than the current Galaxy S II, so not "Ultra Thin" like those devices. And I believe the Nexus-S 4G is a tad thicker than the Nexus-S on T-Mo.
  • iPhone 4 is 9.3mm compared to 9.59mm on the Epic. .29mm wouldn't be noticeable at all. The Galaxy S II is 8.49mm. The Epic is 1mm thicker, again, not really noticeable and considering the original SII isn't out in the states it doesn't count.
  • Wait so why is everybody flipping balls about the Exynos processor we already knew this phone had since the Euro version??? I mean, hell yea, I'm excited too, but it's nothing new, is it? Am I missing something here???
  • Rumor was that Samsung would ship American Galaxy S II versions with Tegra 2 due to supply constraints. At least on Sprint's side that seems false now.
  • That's right! I had completely forgotten about that....Well then, I guess I should take my party hat out too! Good call.
  • Yes your missing it. There wasn't any certainty that it will have the Exynos or Qualcom chip. Since most consider the Exynos a better chip, it was a relief that it would be in the SGS2. We all know about the Exynos, hence the excitement.
  • I like the look of the phone & specs, I'm now thinking of getting this instead of the Evo 3D
  • Boo! The original Epic 4G had a great keyboard and was thin _enough_. So thin, in fact, that I put an extended battery in it and it's still acceptable. Now the Epic gets a hardware refresh and they leave out the best part. Do not want. I'd rather have a Nexus device anyway, but I'm still waiting on a slider. Some of us actually do work on our phones and do not care how thin it is!
  • Sprint is suppose to be releasing the Epic 2 at some point. The Epic Touch isn't a refresh of the original Epic, its a new device with the similar branding. Like the Evo, Evo Shift, Evo 3d...blah blah blah
  • unfortunately you are a minority in that so every company wants to make what people will buy most.
  • Samsung broke the Epic keyboard during their Froyo update anyway, it lags horribly unless you run a ROM that includes the keyboard fix.
  • I wonder which phone will win in a face off photon or epic touch???
  • Epic with the Exynos.
  • are you serious, the epic touch has a exynos processor not tegra 2, it will not even be a competition
  • What are the difference of the two please explain???
  • What GPU does the Exynos use?
  • Galaxy S2 has Exynos 4210 dual-core processor (former Orion) which includes a quad-core GPU, that according to Samsung is about 5 times faster than the GPU in their Hummingbird.
    Given that Hummingbird had about 90m tiangles/sec (Adreno 205 about 40m triangles/sec), this means Exynos GPU capable of 450m triangles/sec.
  • So in a nutshell, it's the fastest GPU currently available for a smartphone/tablet?
  • Most likely Epic will have the speed, Photon will have the advantages in stronger radios, call quality and updates(if you run stock).
  • Not even close Exynos 800-1000 points higher in quadrant.
  • While i sorta like what I see here, I will be absolutely heartbroken if the Attain is likewise a 4.5 incher. I have been waiting months for it to drop with the form factor that was so critically acclaimed everywhere else in the world, I just don't want a 4.5 inch mini-tablet...getting pretty worried
  • well considering that a refreshed version of the european gs2 is also coming with 4.5 I think samsung is dumping 4.3 so I doubt any future gs2 will have 4.3 screens including the att one.
  • Does .2 inches diagonal really make that big of a deal?
    Note the very thin bezel, 4.5 inch phones with very small bezels can
    be just barely bigger than 4.3 versions. The same thing always happens with display sizes
    Android always has 3 popular sizes at any moment at first it was
    3.5,3.75,4.0 at that time 3.75 was deemed by the masses to be ideal
    and 4.0 was considered crazy large
    again the middle number 4.0 was considered the ideal size and 4.3 was considered too large for a phone
    Middle number 4.3 is now considered ideal
    and everyone freaks out about 4.5 Now I'm not claiming that this can go on forever, their is a maximum size for a usable phone I've held a few 4.5 inch phones and it seems like we're close to reaching the max size, but I'm open to any ideas the manufacturers come up that work to pack a bigger screen into a usable size, so I say wait on your judgement check out the 4.5 inch phone when it comes to the store and make a judgement then, you may wind up not wanting this 4.5 inch phone, but historically the majority of users have realized it's not to big, we just need a 4.75 to make them feel it's ok lol
  • See I'm stuck not because i think the extra .2 inches is a total killer. Rather, I personally feel that the 4" size is idea (I have a captivate right now and love it). Everything else about the GS2 im enthralled with however, enough to make me say "on fine ill take the jump in size no worries". But now that its jumped again, considering my qualms before (and seeing as apparently some of the US versions aren't quite as thin as their euro counterparts) it may be too much. Besides, from a sales aspect, ATT already has a 4.5" phone, made by samsung in fact. And while it isn't the total powerhouse that the GS2 is, its certainly in the "high end" classification. Whereas, if im not mistaken, the epic 4g touch and the hercules are going to carriers that don't already offer 4.5" phones, which makes more sense.
  • Ah, I used to own a captivate, which I liked except for the GPS that didn't work and AT&T and now I own a thunderbolt and I'll admit the captivate is small comparatively even for a 4 inch phone, so this would be a much bigger jump. I still say try it at the store, I was apprehensive about the thunderbolt's size and weight, but the additional screen real estate really does make a lot of things like browsing and streaming video much better, they say data usage is tied to the screen size of android phones and I think it's because it's easier to do more on a bigger screen. But you won't find many or even maybe any high end phones that aren't at least 4.3, so still give it a try in the store, you may not hate it as much as you think, I didn't.
    If you do then you know for sure, I sadly don't even have that option, I switched to Verizon and they aren't getting an SGS 2 :(
  • Processor is nothing but bragging rights at this point in time... Really, benchmarks and bragging rights... I've said it before and will repeat.. Until the devs write code that utilizes the true power of the processors at hand it won't be anything more than bragging rights...
    They can say it makes things faster for surfing the web, etc. etc.. that still comes down to connection.... Poor signal, and the faster processor available will still equal a poor web surfing experience. Only real advantage I see at this point is for gaming and flash player, stuff that hits the processor hard but like I mentioned above, until code is put into place its not any better than what were using now... Still a nice looking device though!
  • You sure stated alot in your post only to be wrong in any event.
  • And you stated nothing to refute him.
  • Millions upon millions of dollars to make processors faster every 6 months is common practice/knowledge. You need a diagram of this. At that point its redundant to show you. If you don't understand this please go back to sleep.
  • Nothing I stated there is incorrect. Naturally it will be pushed as being faster at web surfing experience and many other things but it still comes down to web surfing=signal quality. Something Sprint is not known for.. The other half, sure I believe it take devs a good 6 months to a year to play catch up with programming code to utilize new technology. Dual Core's on phones.. Just the tip of the iceberg right now, it will be bragging rights and benchmarks for a while until we really see what these things can do..
  • No matter what optimizations arent implememted the processor is faster either subtly or noticebally faster. The manufacturing process, generated heat, claculations are all in accordacnce to an advanced design. They say audiophiles are hearing things no one ever hears and it doesn't matter. Just because you or others do not have the "trained" sense of detail doesn't make it a bragging glating issue.
  • Pretty sweet phone, I'm very sad that their will be no Verizon version, hopefully we will get an advanced dual core, Exynos based LTE phone of some sort from Samsung in it's place, maybe that's the nexus prime, though I heard nexus prime might be a TI chipset. Until theirs something impressive which ships with Ice Cream Sandwich, I'm sticking with my thunderbolt, which with the newest gingerbread leak it an amazing phone, battery life worries have mostly gone away, I get through a full day and it's very speedy even on one core at stock 1 Ghz
  • Hear ya there.. Nexus S 4g, running custom ROM v2.3.5 Gingerbread (OFFICIAL) no leak... ICS in two months is the rumor.. ;)