Sprint announces the Motorola Admiral, coming Oct. 23 for 99

Sprint has finally announced the Android-based Motorola Admiral, one of its new Direct Connect phones. It'll be available in stores Oct. 23 for $99 on contract and after $50 rebate, and in all Sprint channels on Nov. 13.

The mil-spec phone (meaning you'll have to work hard to break the thing) features a 3.1-inch VGA touchscreen, 1.2GHz processor and Android 2.3, with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard. Other specs include:

  • 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video capture, flash and 4x zoom
  • Quickoffice
  • 3G Mobile Hotspot capability supporting up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • 4GB internal memory, plus microSD card
  • Dprint Direct Connect
  • Group Connect
  • NextMail

Source: Sprint

Phil Nickinson
  • Good for the Direct Connect demo I guess.... Crazy that we haven't heard or seen ANY leak of new Devices coming to Sprint... I'm getting worried that the iPhone (their savior according to HESSE) will be their main push this Holiday Season.
  • i'm having the same fear with Sprint banking on the iPhone. Also is this still on the iDen network? or is this phone going to be on the new Direct Connect via Sprint phone network, where it's not really direct connect, but kinda still is, but is slower and not really like a "walkie-Talkie" type radio communication?
  • I don't believe its a iden phone. Its using the CDMA 3g and using the new sprint direct connect. So I am pretty sure you investment will be safe. Have not tried it on the new Sprint Direct connect. According to there announcement on there web site they said it would star rolling out the new devices mid OCT
  • It's on the new Network Vision CDMA Direct Connect, which is not to be confused with the old Qualcomm Q-Chat CDMA PTT that Sprint tried to introduce in 2007. The new Network Vision Direct Connect is supposed to have much better latency and reliability than Q-Chat.
  • You can bet they are going to mainly focus on the iPhone. That is basically what might save them or crush them considering what they spent to get it on their network.
  • seems like Sprint won't be getting the Galaxy nexus before the end of the year. WTF sprint.
  • But we knew that, right? It took Sprint 6 months to get the Nexus S after it had its run on T Mobile and Best Buy.
  • you want new devices? I bet you wouldn't be happy unless there was a new high end Android device released every 4 weeks. WE have the Evo 3D, the GS2 touch and the Photon. All of which are top end dual core devices. Further more, This past weekend all Sprint was advertising was the GS2 during the Giants game. Not a single commercial for the iPhone.
  • You just wait the the Holiday season kicks in... All you will see are iPhone commercials... Lets not forget Dan Hesse's little "HAIL THE iPhone" event couple weeks ago. And the fact that they need to sell 30million. The 3D was a disappointment (I still have my OG) The Photon still has old Blur which is terrible. Only Solid Contender on Sprint is the GS2.
  • what's disappointing about the Evo 3D? the fact it has 3D? I'm not even a huge fan of 3D but the screen on that phone is unreal, have you actually used one? further more, what do you expect them to do? Release the iPhone and not say a single word or be like "oh, we got this iPhone finally for you guys that want it but really you should buy an Android device instead..." Sprints got a nice lineup and it will only get better. *edit* I'm rocking the OG Evo 4g, with cm7. just to clarify. I'd also wager to bet that if Sprint released the Galaxy Nexus wimax you'd be all bent out of shape it being not LTE. I'm nearly certain we will see a LTE galaxy nexus come summer time, if not sooner
  • What "Hail the iPhone" event are you talking about?? And it's not a "fact" that Sprint needs to sell 30 million iPhones, it's a RUMOR at this point.
  • THe "Hail the iPhone" even where Dan Hesse was talking about the iPhone being the main reason folks leave their network.
  • Yes, he said that in an interview. There was no such "Hail the iPhone" event like you're trying to make it seem. It's certainly true that it's dangerous for people to get a LITTLE bit of information...
  • I agree 100% Unibrow. Can you guys give Sprint a break? They don't have nearly the cash on hand that Verizon or At&t have, yet they have done a great job of remaining revelant in the smartphone wars. In their stable they have the EVo 3d, SGSIISE4GT, Photon, and the iPhone. All of this and Sprint is trading at just over $3, with At&t at $26 and Verizon at $36. I'm a big NASCAR fan and this weekend Sprint did not mention the iPhone once during their entire 3-4 hour broadcast. The phone on top of the car in the winners circle was the Evo 3d, and every commercial pushing their unlimited data plan focused on the SGSIISE4GT. Sprint did all of this while at the same time announcing a $10 billion dollar committment to upgrade their network to LTE over the next two years. So when some of you suggest that Sprint has abandoned everything for the iPhone you are just wrong. They made a smart business move with iPhone, but they have other plans even though they don't have nearly the capital to work with like the other two carriers.
  • Apple advertise the iphone mostly. Sprint isn't all that good at making good commercials anyways.
  • Apple advertise the iphone mostly. Sprint isn't all that good at making good commercials anyways.
  • And Sprint quietly launched the sleeper of the fall, the LG Marquee (the LG Optimus Black). Perfect for all us Optimus S users who want a faster phone with more built in storage. Sprint is committed to 12 new Android devices in 2012. One of them is the Galaxy Nexus. Another is the Galaxy S III. Another is probablty a version of the Galaxy Tab. We shouldn't worry that our carrier is now offering the iPhone. Have you seen what the iPhone did to sales of Android devices over at AT&T? Not a dent. Sprint might go under, but we are staying loyal to Android. Android is the Symbian of the next 20 years. It is not going anywhere.
  • I don't think Sprint is going to announce any big time android phone till 2012. Until then, we got to be patient.
  • yeah these people have tech A.D.D... Sprint just got 4 high-end phones in the past few months. relaxxxx. no one is ever happy with what they got.
  • For me, I think this phone would be pretty much perfect if only it included 4G. I think I'm still pretty likely to get it, but I'll regret it more and more as everyone around me starts to have 4G. (On the other hand, with Sprint, it seems like 4G is going to mean something completely different six months from now, so the extra expense for 4G support might not seem so great to me if I'd just have to replace it shortly thereafter anyway.) The other question that's probably on everyone's mind is: [when] will it get ICS? :)
  • I don't how people say the 3D was a fluke of a phone. I think because it has the 3D people don't get it seriously. When it is just as powerful as any other dual for phone. Except the SSGII
  • The design was not as beautiful as the original Evo. The Sensation is HTC's most beautiful phone in 2011. And compared to the Galaxy S II, it seems most Sprint customers should have waited for the Galaxy.
  • Tell you what picked up the photon yesterday, tired of waiting, and this phone rocks. The radioes are great, getting 4g at work and at home never could before and it is fast no problems yet had the epic before its great
  • Sprint just released HTC EVO Design and it's $99! C'mon. You get a unibody, 1.2 Ghz, Android 2.3, sleek phone. Haters gonna hate no matter what.
  • I like the look of the Admiral and to be honest, I miss having Direct Connect.
  • is this gonna come to verizon and replace the droid pro?
  • would def be a nice touch for those who like the dpro and want a new one like it
  • Finally I think I will be able to put my tired Pre to rest.
  • Pardon my ignorance, but what is "Dprint Direct Connect"?
  • The next generation of push-to-talk services delivered on Sprint 3G (EVDO Rev. A) network. Also includes our one-to-one and group calling, plus enhanced and unique features such as simultaneous push-to-talk and data, guaranteed talk permit, availability notification and talker priority