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What you need to know

  • Spotify Greenroom has been announced that makes it easier for creators to connect with fans.
  • While a Greenroom "session" is taking place, you can join the virtual audience.
  • Spotify has plans to launch a Creator Fund later this year for creators to monetize these Greenrooms.

Spotify is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that it remains atop the list of best music streaming services. It's also doing everything it can to climb the ranks for providing one of the best podcast apps. That's where Spotify's new live audio experience comes in.

Today, the streaming giant announced "Greenroom," which seems like a live radio show mixed with podcasts and features from Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces. Greenroom is the culmination of work that has been done in the background following the acquisition of Betty Labs and Locker Room back in March. Locker Room was a "live audio app" designed for sports fans and fanatics to get together and discuss recent games like the ongoing NBA Playoffs.

Spotify Greenroom FeaturesSource: Spotify

Greenroom is more or less the same thing that Locker Room was, but it now features its own dedicated section on the Spotify home screen, along with a dedicated app on the Play Store. Curiously, Greenroom rooms have been branded "Sessions," but once the feature arrives, you'll be able to join a group, join a room, or even create your own room.

Spotify also announced plans to open Greenroom to different types of programming. Future topics and "sessions" include music, culture, and entertainment topics. And those who are interested in using Greenroom as a platform to grow your brand and have followers donate will want to keep an eye out for when the Creator Fund launches "later this summer."

On the surface, Spotify Greenroom looked like a really weird Clubhouse clone for Spotify users, and in some ways, it is. But this almost seems like you'll be able to "attend" a podcast live with real-time Q&A sessions, along with the commentary you already expected. It'll be interesting to see if Greenroom grows and whether Spotify will throw money at certain podcasts or brands to host their content using the service.

The new Spotify Greenroom app is available for everyone on either iOS or Android, starting today.

Another new feature

Spotify Greenroom App Icon

Spotify Greenroom

Enjoy conversations about your favorite teams and athletes

The new Spotify Greenroom app has landed on the Play Store and makes it possible for you to join groups to talk about different topics. These include music genres and specific artists, along with athletes and ongoing sporting events.

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