Spigen Silicone Fit Galaxy S10 case review: A grippy, durable dust magnet

For quite some time now here at AC, I've been a big advocate of thin, lightweight cases. I'm all about protecting my phone from daily wear and tear, but if a case adds too much bulk or weight, I'm not interested.

As such, I was pretty excited to check out the Spigen Silicone Fit. This is one of the slimmer cases Spigen makes for the S10, and despite its understated profile, promises to offer great protection for daily use.

The Spigen Silicone Fit gets a lot right, but some aspects of its design might cause you to look elsewhere.

Here's our full review.

The good

  • Thin and lightweight
  • Good protection
  • Easy to take on/off
  • Soft-touch texture
  • Affordable

The bad

  • B O R I N G design
  • Picks up dust and lint like crazy
  • Doesn't work well with pockets
  • Bottom frame not very secure

Spigen Silicone Fit What I like

If there's one thing Spigen always nails with its cases, it's the build quality. I've mentioned this a few times in my various reviews, but the company knows how to construct a case.

Taking the S10 in and out of the Silicone Fit is a breeze, and when the case is applied, the S10 rests on a soft velvet interior that wraps around all of the sides, sans the bottom frame. The Silicone Fit has a pretty rigid design, allowing it to keep the S10 safe in the event of a drop/fall.

The added grip that's offered here is fantastic.

It's not the most rugged case on the market, but if you just need something to keep your S10 protected from the usual assortment of daily threats, it's great. On that note, the front part of the Silicone Fit is also raised slightly over the S10's display to keep scratches at bay.

As the name suggests, the Silicone Fit is made out of a silicone material that's soft, grippy, and feels oh-so-great to hold. It makes picking up the S10 from a table considerably easier thanks to the grippy frame, and in general, it's just more comfortable to use compared to rocking the S10 naked.

Lastly, there are the other usual pros of precise port cutouts, responsive button covers, and not interfering with the Galaxy S10's wireless charging capabilities.

Spigen Silicone Fit What I'm not a fan of

Unfortunately, there are a few key areas where the Spigen Silicone Fit does stumble.

As much as I love the soft silicone material, it's certainly not without its faults. Most notably, it's one of the worst dust/lint magnets I've seen in a while. No matter what I'm doing with this case, it finds little specks of debris to pick up just about anywhere. You can try wiping it off to keep the case clean, but it's an uphill battle you will not win.

On a similar note, the type of silicone that's used here does not play nicely with pockets. This is sometimes an absolute pain to take in and out of my front jean pockets, so if that's where you usually store your phone when out and about, you may want to look into something else.

Another thing that stuck out to me is the bottom frame of the case. While most of the Silicone Fit is sturdy/rigid, the bottom part covering the USB-C port and headphone jack is incredibly flimsy and doesn't give me too much certainty that it'll do much of anything in the event of a particularly nasty drop.

Lastly, let me just say that I kind of hate how the Silicone Fit looks. Functionally, it's great, but there's absolutely nothing at all about the case that's visually interesting. It's a smooth slab of black and that's it. There aren't any additional patterns or colors available for it, and that makes me sad.

Spigen Silicone Fit Should you buy it?

For the most part, this is a pretty solid case option. It gives the S10 good protection, some really welcome grip, and doesn't add too much bulk or weight. All of that is nice, and it's made even better when you consider the low asking price.

3 out of 5

Unfortunately, there are some real concerns that you should keep in mind before buying. As great as the silicone design is for the extra grip, its desire to pick up every piece of dust is a pain — as is its unwillingness to easily slide in and out of pockets. Add that together with the flimsy bottom frame cover and bland design, and there are some real issues here.

I don't think you'll be unhappy with the Silicone Fit should you choose to buy it, but before you throw your money down, I'd recommend keeping your options open.

Great alternatives to the Spigen Silicone Fit

Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S10

Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Spigen)

Spigen Neo Hybrid (From $14 at Amazon)

Without a doubt, the Neo Hybrid is one of the very best Galaxy S10 cases money can buy. It offers fantastic protection in a slim profile thanks to the dual-layer design, features a really striking aesthetic that's available in multiple colors, and adds a lot of welcome grip.

Spigen Rugged Armor case for Galaxy S10

Spigen Rugged Armor case for Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Spigen)

Spigen Rugged Armor ($11 at Amazon)

Another solid choice from Spigen is the Rugged Armor. It's not as flashy as the Neo Hybrid, but it still manages to offer shock-absorption technology and raised edges over the display at a really great price. It also doesn't collect dust like the Silicone Fit.

Totallee thin case for Galaxy S10

Totallee thin case for Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Totallee)

Totallee Minimal Case ($28 at Amazon)

If thinness is what you're really after, you'll want to give some strong consideration to Totallee's case. It is expensive, but it's easily one of the absolute thinnest cases you can find for the Galaxy S10. It's just 0.02-inches thick, but even so, still manages to keep the phone safe from daily wear and tear.

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.