Speck CandyShell Grip Case

It's been a while since I've sported anything from Speck, and using this dual-layer case on the M9 makes me appreciate that they're still keeping it simple without skimping on design or quality. Unlike our recent run with Qmadix's X-Series Cover, the CandyShell Grip has complete fusion going on, blending both its sleek polycarbonate frame and smooth TPU.

Undeniably, what sets the CandyShell Grip apart from other cases for the HTC One M9 is the design on the back shell. It's traditional of Speck's CandyShell series and it does what it does best: adds a firm, secure grip. Over time, you may notice an accumulation of dirt or other debris between the stripes, but giving the cover a good wipe every so often helps manage its looks. The black accents around the white frame keep things symmetrical to the eye — leaving Speck's logo in the center, branded into the polycarbonate.

Installation and removal is very simple and pain-free, thanks to the overall flexibility of the case. The side buttons and ports were all easy to access, not having to fight with lingering port covers. The TPU that covers the side buttons really enhances the press, too. When it comes to scratch resistance, however, the CandyShell Grip doesn't do much for fighting off annoying blemishes. Sharing my keys in the same pocket as my phone left evidence that while the case protects the M9 from scratches, it certainly won't keep the case pristine. But, that's what a case is for, right?

Despite the extra grip on the exterior, it never got caught up in my pocket. It has that slight feel to it at first, but retrieves easy. The raised lip around the edges of the case allows you to face your M9 down without worrying about scuffing the surface. Oh, and we can't forget Speck's "Long Live Promise" warranty which covers any possible defects for an entire year. Color options include Black/Slate Grey, Deep Sea Blue/Lipstick Pink, and White/Black (as pictured).


  • Reasonably slim
  • Incredible grip
  • Raised lip


  • Scratches easy
  • No kickstand
  • Pricey

The verdict

If you're into the unique look that the CandyShell Grip Case rocks and want additional grip to keep your HTC One M9 off the ground, then this is right up your alley. Although it looks, feels and fits nice, it still seems slightly overpriced, and doesn't even have a kickstand.

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