Source: LG Optimus G Pro headed to AT&T this May

U.S. carrier AT&T will launch the LG Optimus G Pro this May, Android Central has learned. A source familiar with launch plans for the device tells us that the U.S. model will feature a 5.5-inch screen like the Korean version, as opposed to the 5.0-inch Japanese variant.

The planned AT&T release date is May 10, however as with any unannounced date there might be some wiggle room either side of this. Our source couldn't confirm whether the Optimus G Pro would appear on any other U.S. carriers, but for the moment it seems AT&T is the only one on the horizon.

The timing of the launch would pit LG's latest against the similarly-specced Samsung Galaxy S4, expected to appear in the U.S. around the same time. But as we said in our review, it's the comparison with Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 that interests us the most, and the G Pro might represent the first real competition for the Note line.

For more on the Optimus G Pro, check out our review of the Korean version.

LG Optimus G Pro review

Alex Dobie
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  • Really wish it would come to T-Mobile!
  • Note 3 ftw.....when it's released -___-
  • This is great news! I've been waiting for this phone since it released in Korea. It's about time somebody gave Samsung a challenge in the 5+ inch space.
  • G Pro absolutely trumps the S3 and Note 2. Too bad the Note 3 hasn't been announced yet I'm interested to see what Samsung packs in it. Probably nothing better than the Snapdragon 600 so they will most likely be comparably equipped with one trumping factor on the Note 3.....S Pen
  • I like the hardware on this phone allot. The home button is also the notification, it lights up and pulsates when messages come in, great idea. The design and shape looks allot like the Samsung phones but it is different in a suttle way which I like also. It has great specs and hardware. The software on the Samsung phones is better. This phone would be a great addition to the new and improved T-Mobile USA. Great phone with Great features. This is without a doubt the best phone made by LG. Blows away the Nexus 4, just no comparison. This is the kind of hardware that the Nexus Brand deserves.
  • No Touchwiz is not better than the Optimus UI. They are very similar but Samsung's UI is way too bloated and looks like its from Gingerbread.
  • Me want... the optimous g is one of the most under rated phone of last year.