Sony Xperia Ear

Sony's Xperia Ear was first launched as a prototype back at Mobile World Congress in February, and it'll soon be ready for prime time. The Japanese firm has announced that the wearable will be launching in "select markets" from November.

Sony's Bluetooth follows in the footsteps of Bluetooth-based wearable assistants like the ill-fated Moto Hint, with support for spoken notifications and voice interaction. As we reported back in February:

As well as being a notification reader, the Xperia Ear is can tell you the weather and remind you about upcoming appointments. It's also always listening for voice commands so you can navigate, dictate messages and search the web, all through a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. Expect to hear more about the Ear as it approaches release this summer.

Sony Xperia EarSony Xperia Ear

Alongside the Xperia Ear, Sony will also be reintroducing the Xperia Agent and Xperia Projector — two different takes on home-based smart assistants, at IFA in Berlin this week.

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