Xperia XZ Premium

Sony may be among the first manufacturers to ship a new phone with Android Oreo, if new details leaked through benchmarking app AnTuTu are to be believed. The unconfirmed info paints a picture of an unconventional Sony handset with the model number G8441.

Could an Xperia XZ Compact be on the cards?

In addition to running Android Oreo, the phone apparently packs a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 720p display. The smaller display resolution hints that this could be a next-gen Sony "Compact," however details spotted for this model in a UAProf file — used to detail how mobile devices should display web pages — suggests the true display resolution may be 1080p.

An 835-powered Compact would break the pattern established by last year's smaller Sony handset, the X Compact, which used a mid-tier Snapdragon 650 chip. Or alternatively, it could just be a successor to the regular, non-"Premium" Xperia XZ, which is about due for a refresh. Either way, the possibility of it being one of the first Android 8.0 handsets is sure to win it some attention from enthusiasts.

This model is one of two new Xperias which have been cropping up online in recent days. XperiaBlog spotted models G8441 and G8341 in a storefront listing, suggesting they'd sell for €650 and €750 respectively.

No word on specs for the more expensive model, however storage, RAM and display resolution bumps compared to the cheaper Xperia are likely.

So we're still dealing with a very incomplete picture of Sony's next round of high-end smartphones, but we should learn more in the run up to their official announcement ahead of the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany in late August.