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Sony have announced a more specific date for the update of the Tablet S and Tablet P to Ice Cream Sandwich -- more specifically 4.0.3. We first heard about this back in December, but the latest news pins the actual date down to the end of April. 

In updating, Sony will be standardizing the user interface of their tablets with their smartphones. Sony also specifically mention the addition of some new photo tools like panorama, and using the camera from the lockscreen -- although we're pretty sure that's just Ice Cream Sandwich, not Sony. 

What is definitely Sony, is the ability to tie your tablet in with your Sony Blu-Ray Recorder. Not likely to be the most widely sold device admittedly, but the integration is still pretty cool nevertheless. By using a downloadable app known as Recopla, you can watch your recorded content right on your tablet. Presumably as it's an app that will be out there in the Google Play Store, the facility could be opened up to any tablet. But, we'll hedge our bets and say that at least for now, it won't. 

Another nice, and useful, addition is the "small apps." These will operate in a similar fashion to the OverSkreen browser app that we reviewed previously. With them you will have the ability to fire up a browser, TV remote control and calculator and use them over the top of other applications. While it's likely that only supported applications will be compatible with the feature, Sony have shown images of it working with the stock browser, YouTube and Google Maps

The news doesn't stop there though. There is also some new hardware coming, in the way of a WiFi only variant of the dual-screened Tablet P. This one is absolutely a love/hate device, but choice is always welcome. With WiFi only comes a lower retail price. Lower, but not low, as it will still cost $600. Sony are also set to offer a series of interchangable covers for the Tablet P. Coming in a variety of covers, these are set to cost $60 each. 

Source: Sony JP (Translated) via The Verge