Sony Tablet S now available from HSN for $599 - or 4 easy payments of $150

We knew the Sony Tablet S was coming to the US in September, we just didn't expect the 16GB version to debut on the Home Shopping Network this weekend -- but there it is, ready to ship (according to HSN) and it can be yours for $599.  That happens to be a cool $100 more expensive than Sony's pre-order for the 16GB version, which makes us think this just might be a slight snafu over at HSN -- either in the availability or the pricing, or both.  We've shot an email to HSN asking for verification, but with it being the weekend we're not going to be optimistic about a reply.  I'll update if I can.

If anyone out there gives this one a shot (heck, the payment plan does look a little enticing) drop us a line and tell us how it went.

Update: HSN took the time to get back in touch with us, and sure enough everything here is right.  The Sony Tablet S is shipping now, and the price has been confirmed at $599.95 for the 16GB version.

Source: HSN; SonyThanks, mistic!

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  • Good luck with that. All these android tablets have the same specs so anyone that pays $599 must have money to waste.
  • I agree with you on that, and beside that, all the android phone too has the same.
  • WTF are you trying to say, bro? All android phones are NOT the same.
  • Troll
  • I still think that thing is ugly.
  • Especially for such an ugly tablet. I wouldn't pay 199 for it.
  • Wtf, $599.00.... Are the people at Sony smoking the pipe again?
  • That's what I was thinking. They can kiss my black a$$ for $599
  • Handled one of these and have to say it does not feel like a $600 item. Felt plasticy and light (not in a good way). I work for Sony and they were selling to employees for $399 and I felt that was a bit much. I have a feeling it'll hit actual retail channels closer to the $400's.
  • Other than that huge trim around the screen it's nice looking IMO. Seems like alot of wasted space.
  • $600 for an Android tablet with expected specs and only 16GB of internal storage? No thanks.
  • I`ll wait to see what Apple has to say about this next week!!!!!!!!
    May be this look like the new Apple Ipad3.
  • GTFO troll!
  • I honestly don't know why ppl complain about these non-contract prices. My Atrix was more expensive than this off contract, as was my LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1. Tablets SHOULD be more expensive considering that they have a MUCH larger screen and they are much better for things like watching movies/tv, playing games, browsing the internet...just basically being a laptop-esque device without the bulk of a laptop. I now PREFER my 10.1 over my phone for all of these things, especially now that I have the keyboard. So, if like some of you say, there is nothing innovative or special (that the specifications are "expected"), and it is basically a larger version of our phones, then why shouldn't it be at least the same prices "off contract" as our phones are? I know you can't make calls, and that the software for tablets isn't the best yet, but it WILL get there, and THEN tablets will be a better device for EVERYTHING, except making phone calls. I honestly don't understand why someone will go buy a phone at $599+ off of contract and then complain about paying the same for, say, a LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1 off-contract. I certainly didn't have a problem with it. Both my Atrix and 10.1 were bought off of contract. If you can afford it then no problem, but if you can't then suddenly a well-priced device is too expensive and you complain. I am NOT trying to be a d*&$head or a just seems like a lot of consumers these days are way too whiney.
  • I understand what your saying about the off contract price. But 599 is way too much for something that offers little more than my Transformer which was only 399. It's just hard to justify paying that much for something when there are 3 or more comparable devices currently on the market for $200 less.
  • Well I wouldn't buy a phone off-contract either since they too are absurdly overpriced. I need the cell service anyway so a contract is logical. It's not like I can take my Sprint phone to Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. We just don't have the network cross-compatibility for that approach. Considering that the laptop I got for $380 does SO much more than tablets currently do and isn't THAT heavy, these tablets are too expensive. Tablets aren't really productivity machines yet so there's limited ways to make them pay for themselves. I refuse to pay so much money for something that is still very little more than a conduit for media consumption and more spending (a la Netflix, games, apps, etc).
  • Dude, it's a WIFI TABLET, not 3G or 4G so there is no "OFF CONTRACT PRICE" for a WIFI TABLET. It's a huge fail. Why? EVERY vendor who has tried to price their Android Tablet at or above the price of the iPad has failed to sell anywhere near as many Tablets as the iPad. The second highest selling non iPad Tablet is the HP Touchpad because they dropped the price to $99. Who is going to pay MORE for a Sony Tablet than the iPad? You expecting there to be a line around a building or the "sold out" sign to put up real quick on this Sony Tablet? Not going to happen Bro. BIG FAIL.
  • @Dark_Blu: I agree with what you are saying. I was making a point for tablets in general. Yes, this one is wifi, it doesn't offer 3G or 4G, so the price isn't off-contract in the way the LTE Galaxy Tab is. I was just saying that people complain sooo much about Android tablets. I've had A LOT of experience with the iPad and iPad2. I am NOT just another Android Fanboy. I PREFER my LTE 10.1 over either of the Apple tablets. Do I wish there were many more compatible applications?? Of course I do...but that is coming...slowly, but surely. I LOVE honeycomb, and I hope my tab gets an upgrade to ICS, but if it doesn't, as long as application support continues to increase, I will be more than happy. If I am not happy, then I will just go buy the newest, best thing. Application support, such as games, is STILL not there for Android devices in general. As the state of the market changes, so will things like that.
    Is the Sony tablet overpriced? Yes. Are ALL Android tablets overpriced? Not in my opinion. I would STILL pay what I did to have an AMAZING LTE tablet...something that the iPad2 CANNOT do.
  • I think the issue was that you were basing your judgement of tablets not being overpriced on the relative cost of similarly configured phones. Sure, all things being equal, a tablet with a 7 to 10 inch screen should certainly cost more than a phone with a 4 inch screen. Where that reasoning falls apart is the fact that smart phones themselves are ridiculously overpriced. Using a similar spec comparison, there's no earthly reason a phone with a 1ghz processor, 16 gigs of ram and a 4 inch screen should cost around $500 when for about $350, you can get a notebook with a dual core 2ghz processor, 300+ gig hard drive, 2 gigs of ram, a FIFTEEN inch screen and a physical keyboard. Smart phones are extremely popular right now, so their priced at a premium. Tablets have to be priced higher than their phone call-making counterparts so people don't question the prices of the phones, but that doesn't mean they're not absurdly overpriced for what you actually get. Personally, I spent $250 on a B&N Nook Color and slapped Cyanogen on it. For that price, I felt it was worth having the convenience and portability of a tablet, but there's no way I'd *ever* spend $500+ on *any* Android tablet, or any tablet that didn't run a real desktop OS.
  • You make some good points. Of course, all of them lead me to conclude that the problem is that smartphones are much more expensive than they should be...
  • Like everyone else, I can't understand why someone would want to pay $250 more than a Xoom, which has TWICE the storage space. It might weigh a bit less and have a neat IR remote function, but it also has a screen 0.6" smaller. Crazy
  • Actually it's 3 easy payments and 1 complicated payment ;p
  • If they sell one of these, I'd be impressed. Who would buy this over a cheaper iPad, and a slew of cheaper Android tablets? (I'll give you a hint, the answer is no one.)
  • Don't worry! HSN bumped up the price. It's going to sell for $499 for the 16g. A little better. I for one plan on buying one as soon as it hits best buy.
  • That isn't the official price. HSN has a tendency to bump up the prices of things to compensate for the fact that they often offer interest free installments on the same products. So they hedge their risk by making the price higher. Sometimes you can get a deal outright but most HSN customers tend to be ok with a higher price if they dont have to pay it all at once. For instance they sell alot of HDTV's at a little higher than the going price, but they offer interest free installments. So people who wouldn't be able to afford to put down 900 bucks, can all of a sudden afford a 150 per month plan. The tablet is still 499 on sony's site. It looks to be one of the more interesting tablets out there.
  • This tablet won't sell any more than the Xoom or the Galaxy 10.1. Not for $499. It's not going to happen. Yea, some will sell, but there won't be lines outside Best Buy full of people waiting to buy any current Android Tablet. ICS is just around the corner. Why waste $499 on a Honeycomb tablet now? Some will. Many more, will not.
  • Asus Acer you can find for 350.00 same cpu and specs so any new tablet doesn't have much chance at 500.00 to sell a lot. Quad core should be here in about 6 weeks all the Tegra 2 tablets will drop in price then if they want them to sell
  • 600 and it should at least have 32gb, I will point and laugh at the first person with this
  • personally, I like the design. My wife has an iPad2 and i find it to be uncomfortable to hold for extended periods. Its heavier than you think, and the thin flat design doesn't help. I think the wedge shape of this tablet is a creative solution.
    As far as HSN pricing... I think they depend on a steady stream of 'not very knowledgeable' shoppers. I don't buy there, but whenever I've turned it on to see tech items the prices haven't been great at all.