Now that you've read our complete Sony Smartwatch 3 review, it's time for one last look at the fifth smartwatch in the Android Wear stable, and one that's quickly showing its stuff as an accessory for the active set. That is, if you're looking for a smartwatch to exercise with, the SmartWatch 3 fits the bill quite nicely. That's in part because (like all other Android Wear devices) you can stream music directly from it to a Bluetooth headset, but also because it's the first with built-in GPS. So you can track your route without having to lug a phone along.

The SmartWatch 3 also impressed with its battery life, easily making it through a full day and then some. So if you forget to charge it, you should still be OK in the morning without having to worry about juicing up before you head out for the day. The display tech helps with that, too, drawing just a bit of power while remaining always-on. It's the best of both worlds, really.

The removable strap is more of a novelty at this point, but, yes, you can swap colors if you want.

All in all, the SmartWatch 3 is a pretty good effort from Sony, and definitely worth a look.