Smartwatch 2Clove has updated information suggesting watch won't be available until September

Announced on June 25 along with the Xperia Z Ultra, the new Sony Smartwatch 2 features NFC pairing support, as well as the ability to remote-control certain apps on supporting Android smartphones. UK retailer Clove had originally stated they would be selling the Smartwatch 2 from July 15, and has been accepting pre-orders based on this information. Now though, an updated release schedule suggests that it will not be available until September 9. 

UPDATE 9/7 - The release date of the Sony SmartWatch 2 has been put back to September and will not be launching week commencing 15th July as previously stated. The revised arrival date is week commencing 9th September. At all times we provide the most accurate information we can based on data we are supplied. It has transpired that the date of the 15th July given by Sony’s distribution arm was incorrect.

So, the incorrect information reportedly comes from Sony themselves, but it doesn't necessarily mean the Smartwatch 2 is delayed. Someone may have just got a little ahead of themselves, but nevertheless it's sure to be a bitter blow to anyone who has already pre-ordered. With the new release date, we would expect to get a good look at the finished article at IFA 2013 in Berlin which takes place that same week. 

Source: Clove