Sony SmartWatch2

The Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 app is getting what looks to be a sizeable update from Sony, and it promises a decent boost in performance — especially scrolling — on the watch itself. A component of the Smart Connect for LiveWear suite, the SW2 app is the control center for other apps you install on your SmartWatch 2. It sounds a little complicated if you've never used it, but the Live Wear suite is a front door to all the smart Sony accessories and their companion applications for Android. You open it, and (in this case) choose the SmartWatch 2 section, and you can control all the other applications from Google Play that install on the watch itself. 

The new update should install like any Android application — including a timed release by market or carrier. Don't worry if you don't see it right at the moment. After installation, your SmartWatch 2 will reboot, and all the perks afforded by the new software will be in place. 

We're not seeing any drastic performance increase, but the SmartWatch 2 seemed snappy and responsive before the update — even when soaking wet. In any case, we're not ones to turn down any updates. If I run across anything new or exciting, I'll be sure to tell you all.

Wearables look to be the next big thing, and so far Sony is on the right track and hitting the right buttons with the SmartWatch 2. I'll be penning my thoughts on this one over the weekend, but a quick spoiler is a big thumbs up for Sony and their latest accessory offering. You can check for your update via the Google Play link above.

Source: Sony