Sony Smartband now available in the United States

A few months after launching the Smartwatch 2, Sony has now launched its latest wearable product, the SmartBand SWR10 in the U.S. and Canada The company revealed it can now be bought on the official Sony Store website as well as its U.S. retail store locations for $99.99. Rogers is offering a FIFA 2014 edition of the band for $24.99 with the purchase and activation of an Android 4.4 device on a two-year contract.

The device has been designed as a waterproof fitness band which can track data from the wearer on their walking, running and sleep motion activites. It can also be linked to Android 4.4 smartphones so it can offer notifications on incoming calls and messages, among other things.

The Sony SmartBand SWR10 can also be linked to the Lifelog Android app. Sony states:

Lifelog collects data from both the SmartBand and your smartphone to tell a broader story of what happens in your life — fitness, location, weather, photos, music, personal notes (life bookmarks) and more. Lifelog displays the information in a colorful, versatile interface that helps you reflect on what you did each day and set goals for the future. Lifelog displays your activity in a colorful, multi-faceted interface that lets you view your information in various ways.

The device can also be set up to silently wake up its wearer without distrubing anyone else. In additon, it can control the play, pause and skip functions on a smartphone's media player by a combination of pressing the SmartBand's power button and tapping the band.

While the Sony SmartBand SWR10 comes in a black color, the company will sell additional bands in different colors sometime later in June on the Sony Store site. There's no word on how much those extra bands will cost.

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Source: Sony

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