Sony MicroSD memory card

Amazon is having a pretty massive sale on microSD memory cards from Sony. We're talking $32.99 for the 64 GB card, which normally goes for $114.99. (That's 71% off, for those who don't feel like doing the math.) Unfortunately, Sony's line doesn't extend up to the 128 GB denomination we've seen elsewhere, but you will find every other size under the sun, and even some solid prices on the full-sized SD cards.

You can snag the 64 GB card from Amazon here if you're in dire need of an upgrade. SanDisk also has some of their cards on sale, including a 64 GB card with blisteringly fast read/write speeds. It's too bad there aren't any discounts on the full-bore 128 GB card today. Before you make the leap, though, be sure to read up on how KitKat handles microSD cards differently.

How many of you are still using 32 GB cards or lower? Is your memory card running out of room?

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