Sony is now showing the Xperia Z2 smartphone as listed on the US Sony Store website, for the no-contract price of $699.99, which is apparently a reduction from its normal $749.99 price tag.

At the moment, the website is showing that the Xperia Z2 is backordered, but at least there is a listing now for purchasing the Android smartphone in the US, so it's hopefully just a matter of time before some more units are available to buy directly from the company. The listing shows that users can get the Xperia Z2 in black, white and purple color options.

The model that the Sony Store site is selling is the international LTE version, which means that it is compatible with the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Keep that in mind if you want to buy the unlocked Xperia Z2, since it will not work on Verizon Wireless' network.

What do you think about the Sony Xperia Z2 becoming available in the U.S, or at least when the site gets some units to sell?

Source: Sony Store via Xperia Blog

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