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A new device bound for Barcelona next month?

Sony's CES press conference came and went without anything truly new introduced to the gathered media. Both devices announced in Las Vegas already exist in some form, but what we're seeing here might be a first look at the first properly new device for 2014. Several images have appeared of a device labelled as D6503, and at first glance looks like a refreshed Xperia Z1

And that's not too far fetched for anything we might expect from Sony heading into Mobile World Congress next month. The Z1 itself was an iteration from the original Xperia Z. There are some clear design differences between this device and the current Z1 though. The side bezels are slimmer – though top and bottom are still ridiculously large – there's a different design to the speakers at the bottom of the phone, and the lanyard strap has moved. The change in bezels could indicate a bump in screen size, but not by much. 

Otherwise, it's a pretty recognizable design. There's no word on the camera resolution since that image is pretty blurry, but we do see the obvious G-Lens logo on the back, so at the very least we'd expect it to match the current Z1's 20.7MP shooter. 

Whatever this may or may not be, or whatever Sony is planning to take to Barcelona in late February, we'll be there to bring it to you. For now, hit up the source link below to check out the rest of the images. 

Source: XDA via Xperia Blog