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Xperia Z1 to remain flagship into 2014, 'a lot to talk about' on smartwatches next year, 'OmniBalance' design still key

Sony Mobile has used its new year's message to hint at some of its product plans for the next twelve months. Reflecting on its 2013 lineup, the company says its trademark "OmniBalance" design language, which involves angular, symmetrical designs with flat front and back panels and a stylized outer trim, has been a differentiator this year and will remain "a key element of what makes our products special." That means the overall look and feel of Sony's phones and tablets probably won't be changing anytime soon.

The manufacturer also had a bit to say about its phone and smartwatch plans for the coming year.

Sony describes its current flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1, as its "strongest selling smartphone to date," and says the device will remain its flagship handset into 2014. That's not too surprising considering we're still waiting on a U.S. carrier launch for the device, though it does dismiss rumors that Sony might reveal a successor to the Z1 at next week's CES in Las Vegas. (For what it's worth, the smart money seems to be on a miniature version of the Z1 being the star of that show for Sony.)

And finally, we're all expecting 2014 to be a big year for wearable devices, particularly smartwatches. And Sony, which released its Smartwatch 2 device this year, says it'll have "a lot to talk about" in the wearables space in 2014. The post wraps up by saying the manufacturer has "some truly exciting products coming up, new form factors to explore and more from our wearables team."

We'll continue to cover everything Android-based coming out of Sony in 2014, and with two big trade shows coming up in the first two months it looks like there'll be plenty to write about.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog