Expecting a company to do what's best for their company is growing increasingly rare these days. Case in point: Sony Ericsson recently posted some horrific financial numbers in the last quarter and just recently the CFO of Sony Ericsson claimed that it'll need to raise 100 million Euros (approx. 135 million dollars) this year to simply stay afloat. Yet, they're is still no official confirmation regarding an Android device.

How does such failure happen? Well in this instance, Sony Ericsson's failure was caused by falling product demand and a "gap" in their product portfolio. We at Android Central believe that they bungled the Xperia X1 launch and are further digging themselves a hole with no official Android announcement. So hey Sony Ericsson! Listen to us, take a long and serious look at Android and knock it out the part. We believe in you.

[via engadget]