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Sony Ericsson has confirmed what should be obvious to anyone taking a casual glance over their current product lineup -- the manufacturer is committed to the Android platform, at least for the moment. In an interview with Pocket-Lint, the company's acting head of global marketing, Steven Walker, explains why Sony Ericsson is lining up behind Android.

“We do think it’s important at this moment in time to focus our external messaging on Android based products. We see the need as an industry to galvanise behind the Android ecosystem to create a strong ecosystem for consumers.”

Despite the large number of Sony Ericsson Android devices currently shipping, and news of more to come, Walker says that they're keeping an "open mind towards Windows Phone 7." However, he notes that "there is clearly a galvanizing within the industry around Android as a creditable alternative to what’s out there, and we think that’s a good thing."

When asked about the problem of rolling out new versions of Android to its handsets, Walker said he believed that this wasn't an important issue for most consumers, but recognized that it was a concern for more "spec savvy" customers.

"We are launching a product in Q1 of this year running 2.3, we have recognised the need to have our products on the latest release. Last year we didn’t anticipate the strength of feeling that consumers would have towards the Android release. And again that was a learning experience of the first year of mass market Android smartphones.”

Sony Ericsson has previously promised "timely updates" for its upcoming Xperia Arc. Let's hope they can keep up with Google's rapid Android release schedule. [Pocket-Lint]