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Sony acknowledges heat-related display issue on some Xperia S phones

Sony Mobile says it's confirmed an issue with some Xperia S phones that result in the display showing a yellowish hue at increased temperatures, following reports from disgruntled Xperia S users over the past month. In a statement, the manufacturer said it'd "identified that the display on a limited number of Xperia S smartphones may show a slight yellow tint if exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius."

Sony says Xperia S owners with affected hardware should contact customer support to have the issue remedied "at no cost", which we presume involves Sony replacing faulty devices.

Along with its 12MP camera, the Xperia S's 1280x720 "Reality Display"-branded screen is one of its most noteworthy features. Any hardware defect in a flagship product is sure to be a source of embarrassment, but it's good to see Sony actively addressing this problem and replacing affected handsets. (Especially since they're required to by law in the UK and EU.)

We didn't notice any heat-related problems with the phone when reviewed it, but if you have, be sure to shout out in the comments.

Source: Crave

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Unfortunately mine does have the problem. It was fine the first two weeks, but on a warm day with the phone in a case it got pretty warm. Since then there is a yellow tint on the bottom with a hotspot in the bottom and top right. The warmer the phone gets the worse it gets.
    In the Netherlands we have no sony service center, but my retailer said they will help me out by replacing it or having it repaired.
    Will go there on thursday hope to get it resolved soon.
  • Besides the issue with screen can you recommend this phone? I want to buy one but I have doubts. How is battery holding in yours?
  • Besides the screen issue I love the phone. Camera is really. The screen was really beautiful before the issue started. Sound quality with headphones is a lot better than my HTC desirewas. Sony's skin looks good as well. Still running the stock launcher.
    Battery life could be better, but it's not terrible. I have to charge once a day.
    I would recommend it.
  • i just want to know if there will ever be more sony devices on verizon.