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To put it simply, Sonos is the best wireless music solution you can buy

And that pretty much says it all. If you're looking for a simple solution to stream music throughout your home, without the need for a full amplifier or having to run wire through the walls, Sonos is the product to turn to. Founded in 2002 in California, Sonos is, simply put, the best way to stream content wirelessly through your home. If you're looking to simultaneously play music in the living room, bedroom and outdoors, for instance, this is the system to do it.

The only catch? Sonos is expensive. That's not to say it hasn't worked to make its products available at multiple price points — it most certainly has. But starting at $199 on the low end, there's still a fairly high monetary barrier to entry.

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The standout product list breaks down thusly:

  • Play 5: A $399 standalone speaker, meant to fill a room with sound in a relatively small package. The Play 5 fits nicely on a bookshelf. (Buy here)
  • Play 3: Slightly less expensive at $299, Play 3 is a little less sound in a smaller, cheaper package. (Buy here)
  • Play 1: And at the $199 entry level is Play 1. A step down for Sonos, but still a step above most of what's out there at the same price. (Buy here)
  • Bridge: To tie everything together wirelessly, and keep the music synced from one device to another, you'll need this $50 device. It plugs into your home router. (Buy here)

Sonos is in the home theater business as well. It's got a $600 soundbar called "Playbar," and to take care of the low end there's a $699 subwoofer. There also are accessories for connecting an existing amplifier or receiver to the Sonos system, or for using existing speakers.

What's more is that Sonos from the get-go has worked with mobile in mind. You can use it with Android or iOS devices, as well as programs on Windows or Mac OS. Everything works together, seamlessly.

Sonos can play music that's physically on your devices, as well as stream from any number of sources, including Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon, TuneIn Radio and SiriusXM satellite radio.

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