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So when's the Verizon Fascinate launching?

So there's a little confusion of when the Verizon Fascinate is "launching," eh? Can't say we blame you. We were the first to bring you the Sept. 9 date, as seen last week on an internal Verizon BEST update. But we didn't stop there. On Friday, we brought you the image you see above, from the internal Verizon spec sheet (which has since leaked out in full).

Yes, it says "Launch Date 9/8/2010," which we noted last week. And it clearly mentions an "all-channel launch" on Sept. 9, 2010. So riddle us this, Batman: If you order it online on Sept. 8, what's the earliest date you think the phone will be at your door? So there's a "launch," and then there's a "launch." Pick your poison.

  • Too many Samsung phones with similar names coming out lately. Do they have anything like the Epic coming to Verizon?
  • Why would you want a phone like the epic???
  • I just want to try it. I want something with a physical keyboard, and before you ask why, I want it for emulators. By the time I get a new phone in Oct. the Droid 2 will be outdated and something else will be better or worth waiting a little longer for. You have an suggestions?
  • Samsung doesn't have the best track record when it comes to smartphones. Next the Droid 2 won't be out of date in October as the phone just came out. Their won't really be many slider android phones to come out because most people want touch screen phones. They will mainly be on the cheap end like the LG Ally. So the Droid line should continue to be the top line for android slider phones.
  • Pretty much the same assumption I would make, but I can't help but think that HTC will or at least should come out with a slider by years end. The Droid 2 won't be outdated, but the Droid Pro will probably be out by then and I'm sure it will only be a few more months till that is replaced. The original Droid line seems like it will continually be upgraded like the Iphone is, only more frequently.
  • I work and manager Sprint stores and I can say nothing like the epic is coming to Verizon soon.
  • Yes, because working for Sprint gives you inside information into Verizon.........
  • Fascinate is a galaxy s phone just like the epic is. only there's a question as to the amount of ram the fascinate will have
  • But does it have a slide out keyboard? Isn't the Fascinate just the Captivate or something with a different name?
  • no slide out keyboard, and yes it's basically the same line as the Captivate.
  • I don't care about slider keyboard. I work better with onscreen virtual keyboard. I have LG Ally as a temporary phone until I get my hands on Fascinate - I tried the slider keyboard on Ally, and couldn't believe how slow I was. So it all comes down to personal preference.
  • this is old news technically. best buy is taking pre orders, only 50 now the rest when you picked up. So is no secret, not that it ever was.
  • The fascinate is verizon's version of the original galaxy s. No front facing camera, just the 4" super amoled screen, the humming bird chip. And so forth. No keyboard...
  • Surprised Verizon didn't have this outfitted with lte. I mean its getting close to their lte launch and we still haven't seen an offering yet
  • Anytime a new network is launched (which won't be for a couple of months) they usually start with aircards. If the company is smart, unlike Sprint. Hey lets launch a network for a phone, charge them extra money for 4G network and then offer it in like 30 cities. And people complain about Verizons prices, at least you're getting what you pay for.
  • If memory serves correct, Sprint launched the U300 (or U400, whatever it was, besides the point) before the Evo. They also launched the Overdrive before the Evo. Granted it wasn't a plethora of aircards, but aircards nonetheless. Not trying to troll, just letting you know for your information. ;)
  • You're correct sir, was not aware
  • Fascinating article.
  • I just want more info on the actual phone. Cant we get a hands on or something? ;) when are you guys getting one of these? Early or do you have to wait till launch?
  • My wife is thinking about this one. Can't wait to try one out.
  • The only differences between this phone and the vibrant/captivate is that this has a camera flash and only 2gb internal storage (vs 16gb for vibrant/captivate). I went with the vibrant because music storage is more important to me than taking photos. Besides, phone flashes are usually barely adequate anyway. But I think all these phones are great-- just pick the one that fits your needs. And yes, the vibrant is amazing. It's got speed and that amazing screen. My friend with a Droid Incredible was drooling over my phone, particularly when we were in bright sun and I cranked up the brightness to 100%--just stunning.