Grab this $279 awesome Acer Chromebook before it sells out forever

Acer Spin 713 Chromebook
Acer Spin 713 Chromebook (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Black Friday is a time for miracle-level Chromebook deals for every price level, and there's nothing sweeter than seeing a Premium Chromebook down to a budget Chromebook price. The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is down to $279 from $529, almost half off and an absolute steal considering the screen quality, solid build, and the seven years of Chrome OS updates ahead of it.

Since launching last summer, the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 sits at the number two spot in Best Chromebooks as an upgrade pick and the best premium Chromebook. The best overall Lenovo Flex 5's lower price tag helps it appeal to the masses that won't pay $500 or $700 for a Chromebook no matter what, but this deal at Best Buy puts the Spin 713 well under the Flex 5's price point while sports a much better screen, a beefier processor, and more ports.

If you want to try out a Chromebook but are turned off by lackluster screens or cheap build quality, this is your chance to buy a high-end Chromebook for a low-end price. Best buy's been dropping this configuration to $329 for a day or two randomly over the last month or so, but this is its first drop to $279, and I expect it to sell out quickly.

Remember that Pixelbook Go deal that brought it to $200 and sold out in milliseconds last year? Yeah, this deal is better, so go buy it now before it vanishes and thank me when you've fallen in love with its screen by Thanksgiving.

Save $250 on the premium Acer Chromebook Spin 713

This half-off Chromebook sports a 2K touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio and 400 nits of brightness, allowing you to actually use it outdoors while the vast majority of Chromebooks wash out their 220-250-nit screens the second you walk out to the porch. The 10th Gen i3, premium build quality, and Chrome OS updates until June 2028 are just icing on the cake.

One reason for this ridiculously large discount is that this model is now technically outdated. Acer launched a 2021 version of the Spin 713 this summer, but its $700 list price for the 8GB/256GB configuration is a bit steep — though much more tolerable at $529 right now thanks to another Best Buy premium Chromebook deal. The 2021 model went from 10th Gen Intel processors to 11th Gen and upped the USB-C ports to Thunderbolt 4, but I actally prefer the 2020 version with USB-C ports because the 2020 has one port on each side while the 2021 stuck them both on the left side of the laptop.

The 13.5-inch screen between both models is the same: a 2K resolution (2256 x 1504-pixel) VertiView touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio, USI stylus support, and up 400 nits max brightness, almost twice the brightness of normal Chromebooks. Some people adore the 3:2 aspect ratio that the Acer Chromebook Spin spares with the Google Pixelbook because it allegedly allows them to "see further down the page at once," but I love it for reading, casual gaming, and split-screening my research with my article draft. The only better screens to be found today are on the $1000 Galaxy Chromebook (currently waffling between $700-$900 on Amazon) and the fanciest configuration of the Pixelbook Go, which is $1400 and isn't even a 2-in-1 for folding over into tent mode while playing Solitaire.

$279 for a 2K, 400-nit touchscreen is an absolute steal.

The only downside of this Chromebook is 4GB of RAM instead of 8GB, but 4GB will be enough for regular work and casual computing. While 8GB of RAM is more futureproof, it's not worth spending an extra $250 bucks for the 2021 model unless you want the quadruple-sized 256GB SSD or you have a Thunderbolt docking station setup at home. The 2020 Spin 713 might technically be outdated next to the 2021, but it's still better quality and longer-supported than 60% of Chromebooks available today with its June 2028 Auto Update Expiration date. (Yes, Chromebooks come with expiration dates because Google handles updates for every single Chromebook model.)

So if you've been waiting for the best Chromebook deal of the year, this is almost undoubtedly it. And I bet you a large Coke it sells out before Tuesday afternoon.

Ara Wagoner

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