Size comparison: Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S7, S6 and iPhone 7 Plus

With its super-slim bezels and the apparent shift to an extra-tall "18.5:9" aspect ratio, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is purported to pack a larger display than ever into a standard-sized body. Rumors put the display diagonal of the regular GS8 at 5.8 inches, and the larger GS8 Plus at a whopping 6.2 inches. Those are big, but the new aspect ratio makes it hard to visualize just how large they might be.

Thanks to French leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, better known as @onleaks on Twitter, we have CAD mock-ups showing how the two Galaxy S8 models measure up against Samsung's previous two flagships, as well as Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Hemmerstoffer has made a name for himself rounding up accurate CAD visuals and measurements of unannounced phones, so there's a good chance what we see here is an accurate size comparison.

A few quick takeaways from these shots:

  • The regular GS8 is narrower but taller than both of its predecessors.
  • The GS8 Plus is almost the same width as the Note 7, but a good 5.5mm taller.
  • The regular GS8 is a good deal taller than the iPhone 7, but only slightly wider — a difference of less than 1mm.
  • The GS8 Plus is noticeably narrower than the iPhone 7 Plus, but around the same height — again, less than 1mm difference.
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With the move to aspect ratios around 18:9 (or 2:1) in some of 2017's flagship Android phones (and perhaps even Apple's iPhone 8), and larger screen measurements, visual comparisons like this will become even more important in showing how new, taller phones measure up to their predecessors.

Perhaps the most striking contrast in today's set of images is the iPhone 7, using a three-year-old design, fits only a 5.5-inch display into a body of comparable size to Samsung's upcoming 6.2-incher. We can surely expect the Korean company to make a great deal of noise about that at the Galaxy S8's March 29 launch event.

Alex Dobie
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  • Big phones. Hope they have success
  • Looking forward to the S8+ size actually. I was a Lumia 1520 owner for some time and I felt very spoiled by it's 6" screen. Been missing that size ever since and I think I'll finally get my fix again. Especially after having to give up my Note 7 for an Edge 7.
  • I enjoy my 6 inch screen on my ZTE MAX PRO I wouldn't go back small. But I can't afford the S8Plus I can only dream
  • I also came from the 1520 also and have been craving another 6" screen. I love my S7, but it's just not the same landscape. I will be jumping onto the S8+ fan club.
  • Too big for me. These portable devices are becoming less and less portable.
  • Have you looked around and noticed who welding all those big bezel iPhone 7plus ....a lot of petite women , heck I carry my tablet s2 8.2 in my back pocket all the time
  • Is that the standard GS7 or the GS7 Edge? Is there one with the edge? Or is the edge display the same?
  • It's the flat s7. Haven't seen a comparison to the edge yet although I'm sure a comparison of s7e and note 7 can be readily found to approximate.
  • The Edge is only slightly smaller than the Note 7, so the regular S8 and Edge are about the same size +/- a mm or two.
  • S7 Edge is 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm (5.94 x 2.86 x 0.30 in)
  • Wow this is much better than I thought. I thought the S8+ would be much bigger than it is. The iphone7+ being bigger is a significant comparison to make, especially with it's massive wasted bezel. Im even more curious about the note 8. The S8+ would be perfect for my work travel netflix appetite.
  • How come no bashing the phone for its size? Oh right... It's a Samsung. But the U Ultra us unwieldy and must be used with two hands because it's sooo enormous at 5.7, and is a gigantic "put the P in phablet."
  • Huh ....cause we like big phones .
  • I like big phones too. I just don't like when they make a 5.7" phone seem overly large and place a negative connotation on particular brands but when it comes to samsung, 5.8" and 6.2" isn't a bad thing at all. It was not a comment about user opinions.
  • Have you held recent Samsung phones? The Note 7 was among the biggest phones I ever owned yet it's ergonomics made it feel smaller than any I'd had previously (Nexus 6P, Note 5, etc.). In fact, I'd say the N7 was the most comfortable phone I'd ever held, despite its size -- whereas the 6P was the least comfortable and most slippery phone and I hated holding the damn thing. Design is more important than size when comparing phones, and lately, Samsung has been leading in this regard.
  • Having owned a 6P i would always argue how you would have to use it with 2 hand often and you would grow tired of it esp when you can use a note 7 with one hand much more often. Now that the 6p is older. That is the biggest complaint past 6p users have when they are looking for their next phone.
  • What are U talking about?
  • Haha I was thinking the same thing . I don't think he really knows why he's upset....he's just upset for the sack of being upset haha Some people are just that way I guess hehe
  • I know why I'm upset. But apparently it's just something i noticed, or care about, which may just be my perception on tones from different articles between devices and their features. You don't have to be upset. And to clarify, I don't have a problem with these phones. I will probably get one for my wife.
  • Why would people that have purchased prior Samsung larger screen phones bash these new phones? They'll have even larger screens, which is great!!, while maintaining the same overall size.
  • Ultra U? Wii U?
  • S8+ looks like the one to get
  • They should have showed this against the v20 and the g6 as well....I'm curious to see the stack up
  • I thought the aspect ratio was "18.5:9"? 18:5 would be quite an interesting screen though
  • S8 plus come to Papa already have a Case from spigen on the way pearl black 128 gigs Samsung release the Kraken.....
  • IP7+ is Bezel+...
  • Exactly what I was thinking. Really makes you realize how unnecessarily huge that phone is.
  • I've been a huge fan of everything Samsung has put out, until now. I'm not nearly as hyped up about the S8 as I was for the Note 7. IMHO I think it looks a little too tall and narrow. Would've probably preferred a slightly wider phone with the same aspect ratio as the Note 7, instead of just stretching it vertically.
  • Hey I loved my n7 as much are more as the next guy buuut the note7 is RIP dead ,I've moved on this where most of the newer phones are heading . If you must have a note in the same ratio. The note 5 in 64 gigs is a great option, have one myself . The 8 plus is Lil wider then the regular 8 and taller then the note 7 . That's why I'm getting the big boy .
  • Yeah, once I returned the Note 7 I was back to using my Note 4 temporarily. Had the Note 5 for a while but sold it since it was barely an upgrade from my Note 4, and was trying to hold out for the S8. Once released and I can get it in my hands I'll make the final decision, but as of lately I'm considering the Pixel XL more and more.
  • I find myself no longer thinking so much about upgrading to the newest phones by Samsung. I don't know if that's because of the Note 7 experience that soured me on their devices or if it's because once I jumped to the iPhone 7 Plus I am fairly content with what I have now. The IP7+ is all about content whereas Samsung is all about the package that delivers the content.
  • Man, it's funny you should say that. I have a pixel xl, and an iPhone 7plus. Much to my surprise, as the months go by, it's the 7 plus I find myself using on a much more consistent basis, and the pixel xl being relegated to mostly an in house wifi device. I expected the opposite result, but the speaker on the pixel sucks, if you want to play a few you tube videos, and always being worried about the pixel if I take the family to an amusement park or to the lake gets old. Here's to hoping for a pixel 2 that features at least those improvements, among others. Of course, this choice is made much easier because I've got all my Google apps and services on the 7plus, which is all that Google really cares about anyway. Bring on the fall, with the iPhone 8 and the Pixel 2. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have kept the smaller Pixel, in the lowest storage capacity, just to have as a reference device for pure, unfettered Android, straight from Google, and that may very well be the exact game plan for the Pixel 2. We will see.
  • And we that love Samsung wouldn't have it any other way . Lots of choices out there chose the one that fits your needs is my motto . Now where's my damn check book, damn you Samsung!!!
  • Great, now portrait videos will suck even more. Thanks Samsung!... Not!
  • Might as well including LG, apple, and a bunch of Chinese brands in your disapproval as well they're all going in the same aspect ratio Direction, by the who the hell watches videos in portrait mode
  • If anything multi-windows will be more comfortable to use
  • That's what I was thinking!
  • Changing the aspect ratio changes the surface area. The screen on the 5.7 inch diagonal of the LG g6 is actually slightly smaller screen surface than the 5.5.inch s7 edge. Length times width is area. The width is slimmer so it changes the area. Hoping reviewers will continue to acknowledge this. I believe I heard Andrew martonic and Daniel Bader refer to this briefly. Most reviewers don't.
  • Haha I'm still trying to figure out who the hell watches videos in portrait mode hehe ^^^^
  • There are a lot of videos on YouTube that have been shot in portrait mode unfortunately. YouTube even lets you watch them in full screen now.
  • Shot and rendered are to different things doesn't matter just turn your phone in landscape mode
  • Glad I am not the only one who noticed that. According to my calculations a 5.7" screen at 2:1 (let's drop the stupid 18:9 ratio) has only around 93% of the surface area of a 5.7" screen at 16:9 ratio.
  • I'm talking about screen size. The s7 edge has a bigger screen than the LG g6. S7 edge is4.75x 2.75
    13.06 surface area. The LG g6 2.5 x 5.15
    Area is 12.875.
    Diagonal measurements only work to compare if the aspect ratio is the same.
  • The s7 edge which I have in my arsenal is a bit wider but because most watch movies in landscape mode you won't notice it . The screen is taller in almost the same size phone. And when you compare it to the iPhone 7plus the advantages is laughable even when compared to my s7 edge are my note 5
  • I'm glad to see this. I loved the size (width) of the Note 7. The S8+ is the same width. It'll fit nicely in my hand.
  • Exactly ^^^ this guy gets it and that's Samsung's intended purpose. This is a direct assault on us note 7 folks
  • I guess I'm sticking with the 'small' version this time around...
  • I hate using my iphone plus because it is too wide. The note 7 width was great for the screen size. The S8 with 6.2" vs 5.5" iphone and smaller width! Sign me up
  • That near bezeless screen of the S8 plus is the dream phone I've been wanting for years now minus the 4k res screen. Guessing thats a 2018 thing.
  • Same here! It will be my netflix/ Amazon film split screen master. The phone is only a cm bigger than my current phone and it's where it needs to be.
  • Looking forward to another big phone after going down to G5 , bring on the S8+.