Size comparison: Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S7, S6 and iPhone 7 Plus

With its super-slim bezels and the apparent shift to an extra-tall "18.5:9" aspect ratio, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is purported to pack a larger display than ever into a standard-sized body. Rumors put the display diagonal of the regular GS8 at 5.8 inches, and the larger GS8 Plus at a whopping 6.2 inches. Those are big, but the new aspect ratio makes it hard to visualize just how large they might be.

Thanks to French leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, better known as @onleaks on Twitter, we have CAD mock-ups showing how the two Galaxy S8 models measure up against Samsung's previous two flagships, as well as Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Hemmerstoffer has made a name for himself rounding up accurate CAD visuals and measurements of unannounced phones, so there's a good chance what we see here is an accurate size comparison.

A few quick takeaways from these shots:

  • The regular GS8 is narrower but taller than both of its predecessors.
  • The GS8 Plus is almost the same width as the Note 7, but a good 5.5mm taller.
  • The regular GS8 is a good deal taller than the iPhone 7, but only slightly wider — a difference of less than 1mm.
  • The GS8 Plus is noticeably narrower than the iPhone 7 Plus, but around the same height — again, less than 1mm difference.
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With the move to aspect ratios around 18:9 (or 2:1) in some of 2017's flagship Android phones (and perhaps even Apple's iPhone 8), and larger screen measurements, visual comparisons like this will become even more important in showing how new, taller phones measure up to their predecessors.

Perhaps the most striking contrast in today's set of images is the iPhone 7, using a three-year-old design, fits only a 5.5-inch display into a body of comparable size to Samsung's upcoming 6.2-incher. We can surely expect the Korean company to make a great deal of noise about that at the Galaxy S8's March 29 launch event.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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