Echo Dot owners can try out three months of SiriusXM streaming radio for free

SiriusXM is teaming up with Amazon to offer three months of streaming radio for free to Echo Dot owners. New customers who sign up for a SiriusXM All Access or SiriusXM Premier subscription will receive one of the smart speakers featuring Amazon Alexa for free, which is a $50 savings. Plus it's the latest (third-gen) version of the device. Furthermore, SiriusXM is offering 60% off six-month All Access subscriptions right now.

If you're already a SiriusXM Select listener, upgrading to one of the tiers above will also score you a free Echo Dot. Once it's arrived at your home, not only will you be able to listen to your favorite SiriusXM channels, but you'll also gain access to tons of Alexa Skills, check the weather, and use it to control connected smart home devices like Philips Hue lights.

The Echo Dot was just recently upgraded for its third generation, too. You can find out more about its latest enhancements by reading through our review of the device.

Alex Smith
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