Should you use a tempered glass screen protector for your Galaxy S8?

At this point, just about everyone has done some kind of damage to their phone screen inadvertently, whether by dropping your phone and cracking the screen or dropping something onto your phone that caused issues from the impact. This problem becomes larger with the Samsung Galaxy S8 because you have a much larger screen. That's why we're taking a hands-on look at a tempered glass screen protector to see whether it's worth it!

Getting started with a tempered glass screen protector

For plenty of folks, a screen protector is one of those accessories you buy right after picking up a new smartphone. However, the days of flimsy plastic screen protectors are going the way of the Dodo, with tempered glass emerging as the new standard for top-end screen protection.

We tested out an LK Tempered Glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Before you get started with the installation, you'll need to thoroughly wipe and clean your screen so that no dust or oils affect its ability to adhere to your Galaxy S8's screen. Next, you'll need to line up the protector onto your screen. This is a pretty easy process if you use the cutouts around the top as a guide for placement, although it might take a few tries to get it lined up correctly if your hands tend towards shaking.

Once you've got that screen protector on, you'll get a sense of how it feels on your phone and in your hand. The first thing you'll realize is that unlike plastic screen protectors, tempered glass does add a bit of heft — it is tempered glass after all. Once it's adhered, you'll notice that the protector actually creates a small lip on the top of your screen.

For the most part, the tempered glass feels pretty decent on top of your screen. There are no issues using capacitative buttons on your screen through the tempered glass. It does take a few minutes to get used to but it doesn't feel terrible against your hand. For some folks, the feel of the screen can be a bit off-putting though.

There is one other big thing to remember with a tempered glass screen protector — it's likely to add some serious glare once you've got it on there. While this may not be a huge problem in most scenario, if you spend a lot of time outdoors the glare from the sun may cause some issues. You can definitely help this by upping the brightness of the screen, but in some cases you'll probably still end up with some reflective glare.

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How well does it fit the screen?

One of the biggest questions for anyone using a tempered glass screen protector is how well it's going to work for a Samsung Galaxy S8. That's because this phone has a curved screen, making it more difficult for a screen protector to stay adhered over time.

The screen of the Galaxy S8 curves slightly over the sides of the phone, which is where issues tend to crop up with oh so many screen protectors. However, manufacturers have begun to address this issue by making tempered glass screen protectors with curved sides, which greatly enhances your ability for their products to adhering solidly, and staying there.

This is provided that when you put it on the first time you've lined up the tempered glass screen protector properly. Lining up the screen protector so that it sits perfectly over your phone's display may take more than one try but it's integral to keeping the protector in place as you use your phone.

Over time the adhesive that attaches your screen may start to wear, especially along the curved edges of the screen. The best thing that you can do is keep an eye on the edges of your screen protector for any signs of loosening. Likewise, you'll want to avoid cracking the lip of the tempered glass against corners, which may end up causing the screen protector to shift.

Does the tempered glass screen protector work with Gear VR?

For many users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 one of the big questions about whether this screen protector is the right fit for them. Specifically, whether this screen protector with cause issues if you want to spend some time in VR.

Well, we have some bad news to report. Due to the thickness the tempered glass screen protector adds to the device these screen protectors arent usable with Gear VR. While it's very close, it just isn't quite thin enough to be seated within your Gear VR headset. This, of course, means that if you do decide to run with the tempered glass screen protector, you won't be able to use the phone for VR adventures.

Are you thinking of a tempered glass screen protector?

Tempered glass screen protectors offers a great deal of protection, but there is a trade-off in terms of feel, glare, as well as an inability to use your Galaxy S8 with Gear VR when it is on. On the other hand, if you're notorious for dropping your phone and damaging screens, then this screen protector may well be the best option for you.

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