Should you get professional monitoring for Nest Secure?

Nest Secure
Nest Secure (Image credit: Google)

Best answer: Absolutely. While expensive, the Brinks monitoring service for your Nest Secure provides enough value that we recommend enrolling and using it.

Best Buy: Nest Secure ($399)

Someone will watch when you can't

So, you bought a Nest Secure because you want to protect your home and your valuables, and a smart alarm system can notify you and let you know what's happening any time through an app on your phone. However, there'll be times when you're not able to grab your phone the instant you hear an alert. An intruder doesn't wait until you're not in a meeting or at the movies to break in; batteries die and power outages happen; we all deserve a vacation away from beeping smartphones once in a while.

Brinks Home Security provides 24/7 monitoring of your Nest Secure and the service also includes cellular backup in case your Wi-Fi goes out. If Brinks sees an alert, it'll try to contact you and any designated emergency contacts you have provided. If an alert is real (not triggered accidentally by someone who should be at your home) or the company is unable to contact you, police are dispatched to your home and Brinks stays engaged until the situation is resolved.

Professional monitoring for Nest Secure starts at $19 per month, and if you don't have a Nest Secure yet you can get $100 off the purchase when you enroll. Call (833)327-4657 for the full details.

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