The OnePlus 5T is easily OnePlus's best smartphone to date, and for $500, it offers some seriously tremendous value when looking at its specs, features, and build quality. However, as great as the phone is, it's also OnePlus's most expensive product to date.

For just $150 more, you can pick up the Google Pixel 2 for $650. That's not necessarily cheap, but for just a little extra cash, Google's latest and greatest just might be worth it.

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Some of our forum users recently got in a discussion about which phone is worth getting over the other, and these are a few of their answers:


I would recommend the Pixel for two reasons: security updates and platform updates.


OnePlus isn't too bad with these to be honest. The camera is better on the pixel but OnePlus camera isn't horrible but any means. If I wasn't out of the country and missed the return window, I probably would have stayed with the o5.


Both phones are great options... However, I think it comes down to what you're looking for in a phone. Here would be my breakdown of the two devices: OnePlus 5T: - alert slider - bigger battery (when compared to the 2) - 6" and apparently feels good in the hand despite that size - not water resistant - great bang for your buck Google Pixel 2:

A Myers

I've come from a OnePlus 3 to a Pixel 2. Oneplus phones are excellent, the only issue I had with the 3 was the camera not being great in low light & the battery being poor Took me a while to get used to a smaller screen on the pixel 2 but am loving the phone so far. If money is no object, definitely get this, unless you need a bigger screen, in which case I'd be tempted to get the 5t


I would say if you aren't too concerned on cash then Pixel 2 for sure. If you're trying to get a good mid-ranger without spending a dollar more then needed I would say the OP5T.


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