Shipping dates come out for Logitech Revue pre-orders [Google TV]

If you ponied up and pre-ordered your Logitech Revue last week, you may have received a little something in your inbox about shipping.  We just got information that the unit we pre-ordered on Oct 6 will be shipped out on Oct 21.  That's only 10 days away folks, and you know we'll have a lot to say about it once it shows up, as soon as we can tear ourselves away from the pajama wearing, Google TV marathon session that's sure to happen.

Of course we can't be the only one excited about getting our hands on this one, so chat it up in the Google TV forums

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  • I need a couple reviews first. Engadget and ac
  • Just got the same date via email confirmation from Logitech. Only downside is its not dvr capable because of Cox. Can't wait to check this one out. Haven't found the remote app in the market yet.
  • Yup, got mine to just a bit ago: Logitech Revue Shipping on October 21st
  • Funny...I sent in a tip last week saying the date would be the 20th/21st based on the estimated arrival date from best buys preorder page.
  • Pre-ordered through Amazon. Hopefully, they will ship on the 21st as well.
  • Is anyone else looking to get this shipped internationally? (UK). I'm thinking Amazon but I'm not sure on taxes/import duties. I presume the box will work internationally but certain services will be geo-locked? This would be for development purposes mainly.
  • I just preordered mine at Amazon. I was going to order it through Dish Network but after calling them, I decided against it because they will charge an additional $4.00 per month to get it at $179.00. This will end up costing much more than the extra $121.00 in time. If you have Dish Network and want to save the money then go for it. But I'd rather own it for $300.00 rather than renting it for $179.00.
  • Is this correct? If you want this to work with your Dish DVR I think you have pay the $4 wether you bought it subsidized or not. I also have to wonder if I'm buying it or renting it. From what I can tell you are wasting $121 if you don't buy it from Dishnetwork and want the integration. FYI - I just checked my Dish account and it looks like a new feature is listed, DVR Integration = Not Enabled. The description below was also on the page explaining the feature. "DVR Integration - Integrate your DVR, program guide, and on-demand content into your search results of your Google TV. Future software enhancements will provide additional features not available with any other provider."
  • I pre-ordered my a week ago and have not received any ship date information. I just called Logitech and the rep told me that there has been no official ship date released and if he had to guess it would be in about 3 weeks! What gives?