The Synology DS218+ 2-bay NAS DiskStation has matched the price it dropped to during the Black Friday weekend. It's now down to $254.99 from its regular street price of $299. These deals in recent weeks mark the first time the DIskStation has dropped this low on Amazon since last February.


Synology DS218+ 2-bay NAS DiskStation

The DS218+ is a diskless device for setting up your own network-attached storage. You will need to find some hard drives to stick in there like the WD Red. The encrypted sequential throughput has a performance of 113 MB/s read and 112 MB/s write.

$254.99 $299.00 $44 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

NAS systems let you create your own media server at home. If you have a lot of digital music and movies, you can use a NAS like this one to put all those files in a central location and access it from any system in your home. It's also a good thing to have for small businesses where multiple people might need access to the same files. If you do collect a lot of media but you have them stretched out in mutliple folders and on several drivers, using an NAS is a great way to consolodate all that and put it in one easily accessible spot.

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The DS218+ is a two-bay NAS with 2GB DDR3 memory that's expandable up to 6GB. It has a dual-core 2.5 GHz processor, hardware encryption, and encrypted sequential read and write speeds up to 113 MB/s and 112 MB/s respectively. It also has live transcoding for up to two concurrent 4K streams. Plus you'll be able to use three USB 3.0 ports.

Use the NAS and its transcoding capabilities to stream your videos to high-definition TVs, mobile devices, computers, and more in the right format. You'll be able to watch your shows anywhere without the need for entirely separate player.

This is a diskless station, which means you need to get one or two hard drives to fill those bays. Those drives are where you'll store all your media. Fill the bays with some long-lasting, high-capacity drives like the WD Red 4TB, which are down to $99.99 on Amazon. These are a very popular choice for network-attached storage.

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