Seidio SURFACE case with Metal Kickstand for the Droid Turbo

While the Droid Turbo is not uncomfortable to hold on its own, many of the cases sold to protect this phone carry it well over the comfort line and cause the device to be just plain monstrous. It's not an easy problem to solve, especially if you're not a fan of the jelly or TPU cases that are so common nowadays. Seidio's SURFACE case for the Droid Turbo is one of the only cases out there that actively works to exist between bulky impenetrability and overly flexible jelly. What's more, it's packing a kickstand that generally stays out of the way.

Seidio SURFACE Droid Turbo

The Seidio SURFACE case is somewhat unique, at least when compared to the more popular cases for the Droid Turbo. It's a hard shell case, but thin enough to allow the power and volume buttons to remain exposed instead of providing some awkward covered flexible faux buttons on top. The hard shell is Seidio's standard matte finish, which means it's an unrelenting fingerprint magnet, but the material is grippy enough that one-hand use is almost as comfortable as it is with no case. The inside of the case includes a soft felt later to keep from scratching or scuffing the inner material, but probably doesn't provide much in the way of impact absorption.

The kickstand on this case sticks out just slightly on the back, and while you'll barely notice the bump when holding the phone in your hand it's a little more noticeable when the case doesn't sit flush on flat surfaces. It's Seidio's standard spring-loaded magnetic kickstand, which means it flips out quickly and is held in place securely when not in use. When fully extended and not resting on a flat surface, the kickstand has a slight wiggle to it that may cause problem long term.

It may not be for everyone, but Seidio has done a commendable job building a Droid Turbo case that could work well for just about any kind of user. It looks nice, feels tough enough to get your phone through most accidents, and manages to not drift too far away from the form factor Motorola meant for the phone to have. You can't ask for much more than that, unless you either can't stand cases or need your case to double as a hammer.

Russell Holly

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