Score $15 back and double the data with Tello's affordable mobile plans

Tello Mobile website on an Android phone
Tello Mobile website on an Android phone (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Tello is making cellular service affordable for everyone with a range of plans to meet various budgets, and thanks to the company's latest deal for new and existing subscribers, you'll score double the data and twice the amount of minutes on the plan you choose through May 29! Tello's plans are already competitively priced compared to other service providers, and today's offer really helps blow the others out of the competition. New members will even receive a $15 account credit when signing up by May 19! That can be used towards the future purchase of a phone or put towards your monthly bill.

There's no need to stay locked into paying for an expensive service provider anymore while companies like Tello Mobile exist. Tello is an affordable, prepaid service which uses Sprint's network and has a variety of plans for less than $20 monthly. The best part is that you're never locked into a contract and there are no fees to worry about; you only pay the cost of the plan you choose.

Tello is offering twice the data and twice the minutes of the plan you're subscribed to through the end of May! You can even score $15 back when signing up. This prepaid service uses Sprint's network, though a few benefits set the two apart.

One of the greatest features of Tello is its ability to let you customize your service by choosing the number of minutes or amount of data you need separately from one another. That's one major way Tello saves you cash where other providers would have you pay for service you're not even using.

Tello has plans starting at just $5 per month so you don't have to ever worry about your phone bill being the cause of missing a more important payment. You can select unlimited data or unlimited minutes, or choose both! Either way, you'll probably be paying quite a bit less than you would for something similar from Verizon or T-Mobile. You can choose to use a device you already own on Tello's network or buy one from Tello at a discount.

Tello Mobile even earned our badge of recommendation earlier this year; you can learn why and go in-depth with the service in the full review if you're looking to discover more before signing up.

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