Save up to $700 off the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro by trading in your old phone

Google Pixel 6 Portfolio Shot
Google Pixel 6 Portfolio Shot (Image credit: Google)

The official release date for the Google Pixel 6 smartphone is Oct. 28. That's this week! Of course you can pre-order right now, and you can also find some great opportunities to save as well. Verizon actually has a couple of deals you could take advantage of if getting the Pixel 6 for free is something you want. For example, you can pre-order the Google Pixel 6 now, then trade in your old phone and get a promotional credit worth up to $700. That's the full cost of the Pixel 6, which means you'd essentially be getting it for free. Verizon requires you to sign up for a 24-month or 30-month contract, so the $700 for your trade-in would be applied over the course of that time. You can also apply the trade-in credit to the Pixel 6 Pro if you prefer, which would cover $700 of the 6 Pro's $900 price.

There is another option that would get you a Pixel 6 for free. You can pre-order either the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro at regular price and get up to $700 off a second smartphone. Again, that covers the cost of a Pixel 6 so if you're trying to equip your family with the newest smartphones you might consider that option.


Google Pixel 6

Trade in your old phone and save. It can even be an older generation, although if it's too old you'll only get up to $350 instead of $700. That's still half the price of a Pixel 6 for a phone you know needs an upgrade.

Both deals require you to sign up on a Verizon Unlimited plan. Also, the trade-in will only net up to $700 if it's a more recent phone. For example, the Pixel 5 or the Pixel 4 would get you up to $700 off. The Pixel 3 would only get up to $350, which is still half the cost of the Pixel 6 for a phone that's several generations behind. It doesn't have to be just the Pixel lineup or even Android as you can get the trade-in credit with an iPhone if you want to make the switch. The phone can even be damaged, as long as the battery is fine.

If you are signing up with a new line of service (with a smartphone worth over $699.99 like the Pixel 6 and on an Unlimited plan, which is necessary for the trade-in deal), then you can get up to $500 as a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. After you make the switch to Verizon, go to the Verizon Promotion Center and fill out the necessary info with the promo code sent to you after your purchase. You'll get the Mastercard within eight weeks.

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