AncestryDNA's genetic testing kits are a fantastic way to learn more about yourself, your family, and where you originate from. For a limited time, the kits are available from just $59 at Ancestry's site offering you the opportunity to save as much as $50. The Mother's Day sale there is also being matched at Amazon.

The AncestryDNA genetic testing kit uses your saliva to collect and analyze your DNA. After you send in your sample, the AncestryDNA lab will analyze it and uncover your ethnic mix. It's based on a DNA network that is six million strong and growing and covers more than 165 regions worldwide. It's down to $59 which is $40 off its regular price.

The enhanced AncestryHealth kit tells you quite a bit more than the standard ethnicity test from AncestryDNA. Where the standard kit aims to discover where you're from and your "Ethnicity Estimate", the AncestryHealth kit takes things a step further by looking at your DNA and how it may influence certain health conditions, which could be important to know about early. You'll also receive health and wellness reports and carrier status reports, as well as access to genetic counseling resources and a Family Health History Tool.

There are tons of DNA testing kits out there, but AncestryDNA's are some of the most popular and for good reason. They excel at genealogy and matching you up with your ancestors in comparison to others, and today's prices are a no-brainer for the level of in-depth knowledge it will bring, especially if you're looking for a more interesting Mother's Day gift.

The deals are only available until May 10 when prices will rise.

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