Save 20% and instantly improve your desktop setup with the Audioengine A1 speakers

Audioengine A1 Lifestyle
Audioengine A1 Lifestyle (Image credit: Audioengine)

If you spend any time at a desk, you're going to want some of the best computer speakers to keep the tunes bumping. Sure, you could grab the best Bluetooth speaker, but that doesn't really offer much in terms of a desktop listening experience. Instead, the Audioengine A1s are newcomers to the market, but you've probably seen other offerings from the company in various "desk setup" tours on YouTube.

The reason for this is because the Audioengine A2+ is one of the most popular options, at least until the A1 was released. Audioengine launched the new A1 bookshelf speakers back in July, bringing with it a completely wireless system for pumping out your tunes all day and all night. And for Cyber Monday, the A1 speakers are down to just $159, saving you 20% on the retail price.

These speakers offer aptX Bluetooth playback, with a range of up to 100-feet, along with a compact design that can fit practically anywhere. Instead of worrying about amps or subwoofers, the Audioengine A1 has all of this built right-in, helping to keep your setup from getting too crowded.

Instead of just providing a great-looking set of bookshelf speakers, the Audioengine also has some extra tricks up its sleeve. On the back of the right speaker, you can find all of your controls, along with the cable inputs to connect the left and right speakers. There are also quick and easy adjustment knobs for the subwoofer and volume, along with a Bluetooth pairing button and a 3.5mm stereo input. This gives you the ability to swap between using Bluetooth or hard-wiring into your laptop or desktop.

Cyber Monday has arrived, which means that the deals are just continuing to roll out. Those who have been holding off on getting some new computer speakers but don't want to be limited to Bluetooth only can enjoy the Audioengine A1s. If you really want to make sure you're getting the best experience, though, you'll also want to snag the speaker stands so that the audio is properly projected.

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