Samsung's next midrange smartphones will look a lot like the Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A51 (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The first press renders of Samsung's A52 5G and A72 5G have leaked.
  • They share a lot of visual DNA with their predecessors, at least from the front.
  • They also look a bit like Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S21.

Samsung is set to update the Galaxy A71 and A51 this year with a pair of new successors, the appropriately named Galaxy A72 5G and Galaxy A52 5G, as per veteran leaker Evan Blass. The two phones have already been leaked, so we know what they'll look like. As is custom with phones in this price bracket, there's not a lot different here from their immediate predecessors.

It looks more or less like the A51, save a few changes to accommodate a camera bump that looks a lot like what you'll see on the S21.

This isn't a bad thing, the A51 and A71 were handsome phones in their own right, and Samsung's Galaxy S21 does look quite distinct in a way products from many other phone brands do not.

We don't yet have rumored specs or pricing, but some of the specs should be easy enough to predict. The 5G branding means that Samsung will be shipping these with at least a Snapdragon 750 if it opts for Qualcomm. The previous generation came with four cameras, so the latter can be expected to do so as well. An OLED display with at least a 1080p resolution is a no-brainer, but whether Samsung will up the refresh rate to match rivals like Xiaomi and OnePlus is yet to be seen.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Cropped

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

The Galaxy A51 5G is one of the best mid-range phones today. It has much more robust internals than the 4G model, a gorgeous design, and a vibrant AMOLED panel. The fact that you'll get three guaranteed Android version updates makes it a standout option if you're looking to switch to 5G.

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