Gear Fit 2

Samsung is rolling out an update to the fitness-focused Gear Fit 2 that brings a slew of new features aimed at optimizing the tracking experience. There's now an auto pause function that pauses activity tracking when it detects that you've stopped in the middle of a run or a workout. It automatically starts monitoring your activity once you resume, picking up from where it left off.

Gear Fit 2

The Gear Fit 2 does a great job of automatically registering running, walking and elliptical and rowing sessions, and the tracker is now capable of recognizing high-intensity exercises like basketball, table tennis, badminton, dancing, and football (the international version). The activity sessions are automatically categorized as a Dynamic Workout once you exceed 10 minutes.

Gear Fit 2 indoor exercises

Finally, the Gear Fit 2 will start monitoring indoor exercises more effectively, particularly those that involve repetitive sets. You'll be able to enter the desired number of repetitions and sets for crunches, lunges, squats and star jumps, and the tracker will start monitoring your progress as soon as you begin. It will also show appropriate break intervals between each set.

The update is now rolling out to the Gear Fit 2 globally.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 review

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