Samsung updates Android 4.1 Jelly Bean roadmap

Alongside today's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for some Galaxy S3 models, the Korean manufacturer has confirmed that it'll also be updating some fifteen existing devices to the latest version of Google's OS. Though no timeframe for release is provided, owners of the devices below can rest assured that they'll eventually get Jelly Bean, even if the update takes a few months to arrive.

The devices so far confirmed by Samsung as "following soon" are  --

GALAXY Tab 2 7.0 & 10.1, GALAXY Note 10.1, GALAXY SII, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus, GALAXY S Advance, GALAXY SII LTE, GALAXY Music, GALAXY Chat, GALAXY Ace 2, GALAXY Beam, GALAXY Ace Plus, GALAXY mini II and GALAXY S DUOS.

The Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note had already been extensively rumored to have Jelly Bean updates in the works, though we're surprised not to see devices like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 10.1 on that list. Though that doesn't necessarily mean they'll never get Jelly Bean.

Disappointed Samsung device owners may want to check out our recent article on the cruel world of Android updates.

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  • Well. I have to at least hand it to Apple. At least they provide updates. Sigh.
  • huh? so deos samsung it looks like..
  • Sure Apple provides what they call "updates". But they are not complete updates. My iPad 2 just got iOS 6 but not the entire update. There are features missing, specifically Siri. Plus they took away Google Maps and YouTube. So my Apple "Update" took away features and did not provide a full feature set that other iOS devices received. My iPad is only 1 generation behind. When Apple gives statistics on how many of their devices are running the latest version of their os, they need an asterisk by that. How many are actually running the full version of the latest version?
  • You make a point but what Apple does is an efficient way update devices. If I had a android phone that was to old to run Google Now but would benefit greatly from project butter I know I would not give a care about Google Now. The main thing I tip my hat to Apple for is the time it takes to push their updates. When they are announced you know that you will soon be getting it unlike our beloved Android phones. I love everything Android but I think it is the worst in regards to updating devices. Lets announce a new version of Android and wait a year to see it on our devices. You have to go to a Nexus device to get prompt updates on Android.
  • Not accusing you of anything here, but don't blame Google/Android. It's the fault of the OEMs or the carriers for not carrying out the updates quickly. Yes, that is a weak point of Android. But one of the few weak points :)
  • I agree to that, I love Android and have numerous devices. You are more than likely 100% correct, the only problem is that the OEMs faults reflect on Google. Will the ordinary consumer understand and realize this, probably not. This is something that Google needs to work with OEMs to correct because it does reflect badly on Google.
  • Not saying Apple is bad with updates as they release many updates, but those updates that they release every month or so aren't a critical upgrade. Minor bug/security fixes that Android releases in a smaller amount of updates. Now the important updates aka iOS 4 to iOS5 or iOS5 to iOS 6 (you know what I mean) takes about a year. They release it around the time their new device is announced/released. Not only that starting iOS 4 not every apple product receive the same treatment. Like how iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2G did not get multitasking etc, or how support stopped after 4.2.1. I can't think of much on iOS5, but now iOS6 the only two products that get all the feature is the new iPhone 5 and the 4S. Even the iPad 3 which is more capable then the 4S do not get all the features. It's not breaking the experience, but it's taking away something that could be great. At best they could let the consumers decide if they wan't to use it or not, like a enable/disable setting. Some people may go through severe measures to get multitasking/new features working on old devices (deleting daemons + language packs + overlay picture, overclock, etc) The one reason I like android is I can't uninstall an app or setting, I can atleast disable it without having to be jailbroken/access to root. I'm not putting down iOS as I use to be an incredible fan/user of apple products. Although I gave away my iPod Touch 3G to a kindergartner, iPod Touch 4G to my younger brother, I still have my iPod Touch 2G that I like messing with. I just don't buy their products to their recent business tactics. Both Android and iOS take a while to release their major update, so I look it as they are equal. I just wan't Jelly Bean/Project Butter on my SGH-T999 (T-Mo S3).
  • I have tha leaked version flashed on mine its really nice
  • Yeah, I'm sure it's hard to update their one phone and one tablet.
  • Referring to ""
  • eh whatever i just got an ipad for christmas, no passbook, no siri. I did the update was like ok now what. if you want full features on apple you have to dish out the money. All i got was maps. Not impressed. oh and a world clock. apples update was and android catch up
  • Geez. No need to get so emotional.
  • Must be an iPad 2. Pasbook on an iPad isn't a "must have", and my "new"iPad runs Siri just fine. It'd be nice, if when Google releases an update to their OS every capable handset got it at the same time. I love my S3, but my next handset will be a Nexus device.
  • No s3 America's on there
  • America is the red headed step child of updates :(
  • Lol
  • Sad but true. :'(
  • Why would they have to specify the American models of the s3's? Samsung is done with the Jelly Bean update to all S3's. Now we have to wait a long time for the carrier to put their useless junk on it.
  • I Just Got My VZW Galaxy Nexus Updated Today To Jellybean.
  • I think the lesson here is that if you want updates Samsung, stick with a flagship device as all the little one offs for individual carriers or wide array of midrange phones will likely never see updates. But I supposed seeing something as "old" as the GS2 getting two major OS version ahead of where it started is aleast a step in the right direction. It certainly helps me consider trading my Galaxy Nexus in for a GS4 or Note 2 sometime down the line. Though Motorola is supposed to get much better about updates too.
  • "Though Motorola is supposed to get much better about updates too." They're owned by Google now, they better. Every motorola handset from here on out should be mandatory Nexus.
  • Actually, no. Google specifically said that Motorola would operate as its own entity, and that they wouldn't get any special treatment. The only difference is that more money goes to Google now.
  • I think carriers Nd skins are to blame.
  • What no INFUSE!!! LOL i'm playing
  • I wont hold my breath.I wont see it on my att gs2 until probably July.
  • It will probably be after Key Lime Pie is announced and out on Nexus devices. I really wish the carriers would get out of the upgrade loop.
  • Not true. Google is not going to directly involved with Motorola's phone development or sales. I'm sure all phone companies from here on will get better because it makes them look bad, but otherwise there definitely won't be anything near nexus-like support. People need to realize this, and quit assuming it because they are just getting disappointed. Google isn't going to give Motorola special treatment because they own them. That makes Google look bad to other phone manufacturers. Besides there will always be difficulties when you have a shitty skin like motoblur, there will be a longer wait time for updates.
  • I think you're being a little naive, and you are wrong. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, introduced the "New Motorola," at the unveiling of the their three new phones.
  • That's why I get nexus
  • Yeah, I'm a bit shocked the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 10.1 aren't on this update list considering both devices are better than the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1, IMO. But, this all but confirms my next tablet will have an ASUS name on it. I'll still keep my original Gtab 10.1. It's a workhouse. My only question is if The Motorola Xoom (an inferior tablet) will get Jelly Bean, why wouldn't Samsung pull this out with the Gtab 10.1? Oh well, got to sell those new units some how.
  • Because the Xoom is an unofficial Nexus, you could say. Sure, it doesn't have the Nexus name on it and it stil has Blur, but it was the first Honeycomb tablet (the first Android tablet, as a matter of fact (I think, correct me if I'm wrong)) so it's gotten special treatment.
  • I don't know where you get the opinion that the Motorola Xoom is an inferior tablet, but have you actually ever even seen the specs? It is dual core, and I can tell you mine runs just as fast as (if not faster than) any other tablet I've seen. It also still has one of the best displays around, when you compare them. Other tablets -- that entered the market long after the Xoom -- now have almost the same specs. Seems to me the Xoom (which was a tablet ahead of its time) was pushed out of the market before its time, mainly due to the BS of Google buying out Moto. And it is a real shame that it will not be supported by them beyond the next OS update (but thank God for the XDA devs).
  • I'm not shocked with 10.1 (it runs tegra 2) but totally stunned when 7.7 not getting JB lol. And TBH, tab 7.7 is the best small tablets out there with amazing performance and god-like battery :D
  • I don't understand all the fuss. If you are the type that "must" have the latest version...ROOT! It's not complicated, my kids could do it. There's walk throughs on just about every website on the Internet.
    I've been running JB on the majority of my devices for weeks and other than the occasional hiccup on my 1st gen Note, everything is stable, hell the improvements to my Nexus (GSM) was so nice I stopped using my SIII for awhile and went back to carrying it.
    The mention that the SII will also get an "official" JB update is great and all, but by the time the carriers get through "testing" it here in the states the next version will be out for sure.
    So why wait?
  • Perhaps only 1 android phone should exist? will be on all carriers as the Google Nexus.....Google Nexus 3G.......Google Nexus 3GS......Google Nexus 4.......Google Nexus 4S....... and the Google Nexus 5.......and since only one phone will be made for all providers updates will happen much faster......I'm sure all will be right with the world.......I should get a free Android shirt for finding this solution...2x.... thanks....
  • Not so fast on that free shirt... That solution pretty much goes against everything open source software stands for. It's not a solution; it would be illegal for Google put restrictions on the (existing) code. If they wanted to do something like this, they'd have to start over with propriety coded OS, such as Apple has done. (And to do so would kill what Android is really all about for many of us). iDevices may be better at getting updates, but that's because we're talking about a closed environment where Apple controls both the software and the hardware. If you want a Nexus device, they're out there and available to you.
  • Really!? Nothing for the Epic? :D
  • S2 Skyrocket???????????????????
  • Tmo S2 4G? Please make it so...
  • S2 lte = skyrocket?
  • S2 Skyrocket = At&t
    S2 LTE = Rogers
  • Skyrocket is a bastard child that never should have got the GS2 badge.
  • At least Samsung is updating most of their devices to Jellybean unlike Motorola who can't seem to get their act together. My Atrix 2 was supposed to get ICS and probably soon because they had a soak test. Now they are saying they might get ICS. I'm seriously thinking of ditching my moto and buying a Galaxy Nexus. Glad to see my Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 is getting JB
  • I was just trying to show that no matter what happens people will happens day in and day bout a shirt now? LOL......
  • I'm still waiting for ICS on my SKT Korean Galaxy Note. This article just makes me want to kick puppies.