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Samsung Unpacked event set for September 4 - Galaxy Note 3 inbound

It's been rumored, and now we now for sure. Samsung is hosting an Unpacked event in Berlin, Germany on September 4 just before the annual IFA show begins in the city. The star of the show? Looking at this we're certainly looking at a new Galaxy Note device, possibly the Note 3. On the same day too, Samsung will be hosting an experience in New York City, for those not able to get to Berlin.

Samsung has used a pre-IFA event for the past two years to unveil the first two Galaxy Note smartphones, so the third generation model has long been expected for the same treatment. Whatever happens though, we'll be on the ground in Berlin next month to bring you the whole thing.

Check out the invite after the break.

Android Central

  • Now this ought to be interesting...
  • This is definitely the highlight of the year. Nothing will be better. Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • You could wait for the Note 3...or get the LG Optimus G Pro (a considerably better phone) right now.
  • Maybe you are not familiar with Richard, do not feed the troll.
  • I know I shouldn't, but Yarrell is so full of himself...
  • Typically android central clowns leaving comments. Can't help but laugh. Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • And yet, here you are commenting on Android Central. You are also ridiculously stupid, therefore, a clown. Good job at making an insult that also includes yourself.
  • I have seen a few post about him. Is he that big of a troll? Posted via Android Central App
  • Not all of the time. You have to give people the benefit of the doubt, sometimes. He has mellowed out, quite a bit. Posted via Android Central App
  • How can a person leaving a comment which is an expression of what they either like or have experienced be a troll?? You guys here are way overrated and pretty boring. What really makes you think your comment left or expression left is any more important than mines. Respect is and always will be a two way street. Learn some. Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • Try using that "pimp slapping" Note 2 to educate yourself. The definition of a troll is: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. You post this utterly ridiculous crap because you know it'll get a reaction, as the 10+ people who have commented on or about you prove. If we're soooo "overrated and boring", why don't you leave Android Central then? Riddle me that one, Dick. "What really makes you think your comment left or expression left is any more important than mines." First of all, what the hell does that even mean? Second, it's spelled "mine", singular. Go back to grade school. "Respect is and always will be a two way street." And yet, I don't see you respecting other people's opinions that differ from yours. Imagine that. A guy that doesn't show any respect towards others or their opinions, expects it to be bestowed on him, but is not getting it. Take your d*mn advice, hypocrite.
  • No the Lg Optimus Gpro isn't a better phone. Who wants nothing but a big screened device with poor battery life?? Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • Obviously someone who doesn't want all of Samsung's gimmicky features that take up over half the on-board storage on a 16 GB device.
  • Nexus 5, optimus G pro, Moto X, iPhone 5S(6)? Need I continue? Posted via Android Central App
  • He forgot to say, in his opinion lol Posted via Android Central App
  • No. He honestly thinks the Note 3 will be the end-all-be-all "for 180 days". Hell, he thinks the Note 2 is still "pimp slapping" everything else despite the fact that several phones came out in the last bit of 2012 that completely surpassed it. He doesn't even know the difference between fact and opinion.
  • I'm not defending anyone but what phone is so much better than the Note 2? I have one and I can run any app on it. Don't talk to me about the screen. 720p is fine on a phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • The Optimus G Pro has the same size screen (1080p) and a quad-core CPU.
  • What makes a Quad Core better? And I'm not asking sarcastically either. I really want to know. Does it run things faster or games better? Posted via Android Central App
    Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Better is such a subjective term. Better in terms of what? Battery life? Top-notch specs? Features? Physical design/aesthetics? UI/UX? Everyone's idea of "better" is different. But to say an almost 1 year old phone, with specs of the time it was released, is "pimp slapping" many of the high end phones that are out now is just ridiculous. It's like trying to say a top-of-the-line laptop from 2011 is "better" than a similar top-of-the-line laptop that was just released. Makes no d*mn sense.
    I too can run any app... on my Galaxy Nexus. I guess that makes it "better"?
  • I agree; I couldn't have written this post any better. Posted via Android Central App
  • No phone on the market today is so far much better than the Galaxy Note 2. Mr Squiddy20 has a Galaxy Nexus that's garbage compared to the Note 2 in every way. The Htc One, Galaxy S4, or Gpro don't get better life than the Note 2. No device on the market is a better productivity/business device period. If you are the owner of the Galaxy Note 2 today the only thing that will top the Note 2 will be the Note 3. Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • I had an Optimus G Pro and sold it and kept my Note 2. Ironically enough, without the S pen and its numerous capabilities, the G Pro simply felt like just a big phone despite its more beautiful screen and speed. The Note 2 feels more like a unique and versatile device more than it does a big phone. To each his own. I sell phones as a hobby and have had and used every top tier phone - every single one. For me, nothing comes close to matching the overall utility of a Note 2. I can wait for the 3, which should once again set the standard.
  • I think the Note 2 is still a top tier phone. It's still $299 on contract with Verizon.. I seriously cannot believe that. Actually if I were to buy a phone today, the Note 2 would be near the top or maybe at the top.
  • Typical Squiddy20 the dude who owns a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. When you can't or afford a device but only two years you shouldn't even be allowed to comment. Total clown and non buyer. Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • I think what he means is that for us geeks (and regular consumers for that matter) this is awesome, we get so many choices and different avenues. Always great to have such a ridiculous amount of competition. Sincerely,
    Mac Power User who heavily uses a Nexus 7.
  • No. That's not at all what he means. If there's any product made by Apple, regardless of how good it is, it's nothing more than "useless crap" to Richard Yarrell, who "wouldn't take it if it were given to him for free" (his words for many iPhone iterations). And for the most part, unless it's made by Samsung, he says basically the same exact thing of every other product out there, regardless of if he's never even SEEN in person the device he's commenting on.
  • Same old same old with never buying any device Squiddy20. Life is about living and buying all the things your heart desires. To bad he doesn't do the same instead he trolls the Internet responding to various people's comments when they can afford what they like or already own. Pretty much the classical sad conclusion he has always been for almost three years. All Squiddy20 ever will be is a non buying troll on this site and the Internet in general. Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.
  • "Life is about living and buying all the things your heart desires." Well if that's all life's about, Bill Gates must be set. Oh wait, he gives a lot of his money away to charity. What a ridiculous viewpoint. No wonder your self esteem is so low that you feel the need to surround yourself with gimmicky (and only somewhat expensive) toys. Come back when you can afford a car, or a house that isn't provided by the Bowery Mission.
    "All Squiddy20 ever will be is a non buying troll on this site and the Internet in general." As you point out in one of your other comments, I have a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. I bought it about a month after it's release when it was still about $199. For someone who claims I "never purchase anything", the evidence sure tells otherwise. Retard.
  • Do you think there will be the new 9506 S4 too?
  • I've been holding off replace my galaxy nexus. Its been hard waiting but the phones I have been waiting to see are finally coming. Posted via Android Central App
  • This. I'm ready to upgrade, but most of the phones are only a slight upgrade (to me), from my GNex. Let's see, if Sammy hits this one out of the park. Posted via Android Central App
  • You and I am in the same boat. The Note 3, the G2 or the Honami should be killers for the end of the year. I have been biting on an upgrade for over 6 months waiting....
  • I'm pulling for Sony. Want the Z but looking forward to a better camera and camera button. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not trying to "one-up" you, but my contract expired going on ten months. I am waiting on LTE in my area. I sure look askance at a new phone with only 16GB. They ratchet up everything else why not RAM? For me I am thinking HTC One Max, Note 3 and possibly this phone. For some reason I don't feel Sprint will get the G2.
  • I think Sprint will get it. I'm not sure why they wouldn't. Here's to hoping, for you guys. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow, so you paid $200-300 in those 10 months on a subsidy you didn't use! Your carrier must love you! Posted via Android Central App
  • No one really mentioning Moto X. Surprised that it seem off most peoples radar. Posted via Android Central App
  • Because it's 200 dollars on contract and we're talking about an upgrade from a Galaxy Nexus. The Moto X is practically the same phone, spec wise.
  • This. I may actually get one, but only if it's sold unlocked. If the voice features are implemented in other phones, then I'll look elsewhere. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow, a early adopters GalNex contingent must be ready to upgrade. I'm thinking just like you.
    The "Galaxy Note 3" is what I've been waiting for. Love the pen operation and on-board stylus. I love the Note II, but waited for contract to expire.
    Hoping Sammy does a nice incremental upgrade without too much radical change. Keep the removable battery, SD, stylus, get full HD, & quad core. I hope the device is not getting larger, but if they can crow more screen real estate in to the current or smaller size, I'm game.
  • I am doing the same thing. Hanging onto my Verizon GNex until this announcement then will make my choice. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wonder if anything they announce will tempt me away from the nexus 5 Posted via Lassie The Golden Retriever
  • If price is why you're interested in the Nexus, then you probably won't be swayed; that's assuming the Nexus is "affordable" this year. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not to mention it's gotta be tough to be swayed by a phone that so far doesn't exist :P
  • Haha, I couldn't have said it better. Posted via Android Central App
  • This or the One Max (if Verizon gets it) will be my next phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Same. Since I'm coming from the DNA I'll probably go with the Note just to change it up. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is what I am waiting to see the One maxx vs the Note 3 it's going to be a battle of the titans. Also the LG G2 sounds awesome also its going to be tricky picking an upgrade this fall. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think the Z Ultra would have beat them both if it had a camera flash. Posted via Android Central App
  • Whooo. Will they introduce something else beside the note? Anxious! Posted via Android Central App cause it's the only awesome app to use!
  • Maybe a new note 10.1? Well that's what I'm assuming it will be a refresh on the note series. Posted via Android Central App
  • Almost time to upgrade my Note II~!! Sent from my Galaxy Note II
  • Oh God please let me give you my money, Samsung. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well if I could wait, and thanks to the good peeps here, my lockedit (sp?) Might help me buy the SGS5. but I can't. Probably going to get the note tre. Bigger is better. I read books and such. I hope it lives up to the hype! Posted via Android Central App
  • *Locket.... just checked the sp. Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope they stick the same screen size in a smaller frame. I want the biggest screen you can give me in something I can still hand hold. The Note 2 is right on the edge for me. I wish they would integrate the buttons on screen as well and eliminate the wasted space on the device. I don't need the full 5.5" for normal navigation but it sure is awesome when looking at movies, games, images, or surfing the web. Google's on screen buttons mean we can do that using all glorious 5.5" and only sacrificing real estate when navigating or doing basic tasks that don't benefit much from the extra screen size. I don't need to fit more icons on my home screen.
  • I agree. Unfortunately, I think they will stick to the sgs3 & sgs4 format. Posted via Android Central App
  • 1 month is sooooo far away. Why AC... Why!!! I want. I've been waiting for this or the sgsV. Posted via Android Central App
  • Because a month is exactly 12 months on from the launch of the Note 2 ;-)
  • When will this actually be in stores in the U.S. ? If officially announced Sept 4th, when will ATT have it for sale ?
  • it hasn't even been announced, so there is definitely no information regarding release.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwww Shhhhyyyttttttttt!!!! Excited is an understatement right now!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Haha..... I like what you did there. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is the consensus that this device will be better than the HTC One? Posted via Android Central App
  • Are you crazy my cat & dino loving friend? Of course it will be. Not because Samsung is better than HTC, or vice versa, but because this will have the latest and greatest. Posted via Android Central App
  • Like comparing apples to granny Smith apples.
  • S5? Lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Lol..... you caught me. I didn't want to switch to the number pad. Thats two clicks away. Haha.. Posted via Android Central App
  • I am ready to upgrade my HTC Rezound. Hope the Note 3 makes it to Verizon soon. Where I live Verizon provides best LTE coverage, so switching carriers is not a practical option. Posted via Android Central App
  • Finally the news I been waiting for. But I have to see what the Nexus 5 will bring before I decide. Its definitely between the Note 3 or the next Nexus for sure.
  • After the s3 and the s4 i really stopped getting excited for Samsung phones. I'm much more interested in the new Nexus and any new device from Oppo.
  • What? After what was widely considered one of the best phones ever, and its follow up, it killed your like of Samsung? I get that everyone likes what they like but that leaves me SMH.
  • Gonna be hard to top my Note2. Never been so satisfied by a phone ever.
  • +1
  • 3 is bigger than 2
  • Bigger and newer doesn't always mean better. Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope your wrong. Bigger screen + smaller footprint welcome.
  • With my Note 2 I am in no need of another phone or Note 2 is a money saver haha
  • Tough Tough Choice to come: Note 3, One Maxx, New Sony flagship, Nexus 5 or LG G2. Good problem to have! Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm looking at the HTC One Max and the Note 3. If it is the same as the S4 vs One, then I'll pick HTC. Posted via Android Central App
  • I wish Sony would have nailed it with the Z ultra but no camera flash ruined it for me. Posted via Android Central App
  • i adore my Note 2. I would love to get rid of that mechanical button and increase the screen real estate, but i think that Samsung's CEO's sister's son-in-law's cousin must work at the factory that makes that darn hardware, so i doubt it's ever going away. Since i think that all of the additional tricks that the S4 has can come my way via an update, unless the Note 3 has a spectacular IR port that can control every AV device in my house, then i will be waiting for the Note 4. Maybe....
  • That's what I'm waiting to IR blaster or not. Also curious if I should wait even longer for the possible 20 variants of this phone that may get announced.
  • N4 and N7 killed my urge for Nexus phones. I value battery life, screen and browsing 'pleasure'. GN2 tops my N4 on all these aspects, even with a inferior SoC. I am 'almost' ready to ditch N4 if Note3 is a good follow-up.
  • I think its weird that some people who are waiting for the note 3 also say they're waiting on the Nexus 2 completely different phones... I am not buying another Nexus ..only because I like features provided by OEMs. So the thought of a person who is dieing for a note 3 also dieing for a Nexus is baffling to me.... (this is not intended to offend anyone.. just my view, rather observation) .that said I can't wait to see what's next. .. if the note3 disappoints I make move to LG optimus 2.. I'm not a huge fan of the GS4 so I hope the N3 isn't more of that..if all fails my Note 2 is holding me down Posted via Android Central App
  • I am hope for either to be my next phone. Both have pros and cons that I am waiting to weigh out once announced. I currently have a Galaxy Nexus but would like a bigger phone. I would miss having a Nexus if I did switch. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a Galaxy Nexus and converted to the Galaxy Note II. There is a slight learning curve between the two but both do operate the same in many ways. Note II just a little more time to figure out where and how they incorporated functions and the GN2 really does work.
  • How's that weird? The Note 3 and the next Nexus are going to probably be one of the 2 top phones this year. What's the big deal if someone wants to compare the two and then decide. I'm not upgrading until the fall anyway. Smart consumers shop smart. Yeah very baffling.
  • Its weird cause most people on this forum/AC who are Nexus lovers do not want a Samsung touch wiz heavy device... they tend to not like the physical home button...the oversized screen.. most people who want a nexus on this want a pure or close to pure android experience.... example;moto x .. again it just my observation... Posted via Android Central App
  • It is possible to like the Nexus line and other OEM devices. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like stock android, but I also like removable battery and SD Slot. I am in that boat.. also wouldn't mind the larger note screen.
  • It's time to break the mold..
    It's time to work without a net..
    It's time for Samsung to put it's Foot on the competitions Neck. No more "Cookie Cutter" designs Samsung.. The Note 3 better have Cutting Edge Design.. I mean Edge to Edge Screen, The Elimination of the Mechanical Button and have an Aluminum Frame while retaining the ability to remove the rear cover.. Samsung it's time you treated the competition the way Intel had to do when AMD started to make noise several years back.. It's time for you to CRUSH all that challenge you with this Note 3.. We know the internals will be equal to the competition.. so, hopefully you made EVERYTHING else Superior to the competition..
  • I dunno man.. I see it having the same basic design language as the S4 and of course boosted internals. I am sure it will be a great phone but nothing ground breaking. People will still gush over it I am sure. Posted via Android Central App
  • They can keep the aluminum. The Note's already a monster, so using scratch and dent prone materials will "require" yet another case making it monster+. I hope it's polycarbonate and durable like the S4 Active. Waterproof would be icing. I've used my Gnex for nearly two years case-free and in back pocket. After at least 20 drops, she lives and looks close to new. Been waiting for this phone, but I hate losing "stock" android for all the extras. Would love to have both. :-)
  • No way note 3 5.9 inch screen this is stupid far to big the note was 5.3 and that was hugeeeeee Galaxy S4 TouchGold Edition
  • excited but as a Note 2 owner it will have the same specs as the GS 4. Might have 3 GB of ram which too much for a smartphone but hey can't stop technology especially in mobile space. Might have a bigger battery which is a plus but the current one has 3100 which i could go one whole day under medium use. not a heavy user. Note 3 might have 4.3 but that update is meh. Hopefully have it before it.
  • 4.3 Is not "meh" IMO. The boost to battery life alone is amazing. Posted via Android Central App
  • Waiting for Note 4 and KLP next year. S4 till then.
  • When the Note 2 was announced at last years IFA, roughly how long did it take to reach the U.S., specifically VZW?
  • I think I got mine on Nov 28 orr 29th..the release day on Verizon Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks for the info! Wow, that seems pretty long. I could have sworn other carriers got them in/around Oct., but I could be wrong. Was it just VZW that took that long to release it?
  • Don't remember exactly how long. But Samsung has been doing a pretty good job of getting them on the shelves quick. Posted via Android Central App
  • I got my Spring Note II in October 2012, about a month and a half after the Samsung event.
  • Stupid Swype: i meant "Sprint"
  • Hehe. Swype's awesome, but you better keep one eye on the results. :-)
  • Can't wait for the day. .. Posted via Android Central App
  • I love my HTC One, but a note 3 I see in my future for sure. Sent from my HTC ONE. Via Android Central App
  • Who want to buy my note 2 that I can put toward the 3 Posted via Android Central App
  • Not always i do this (i'm a bad speller myself) but since its the article i thought mention there is a misspell (i think). The word "now" should be replaced with "know" in the sentence: "It's been rumored, and now we now for sure" And i look forward to see what samsung has cooked with the Note3, i'm really happy with my S4 myself.
  • ha good
  • Which one will have an unlocked bootloader out the door ? In the U.S. just T-Mobile most likely. Or ATT and Verizon will be happy to sell you an official "unlocked" version direct from them for $700 :(
  • Galaxy Note 2... King of Phones right now! (My opinion)