Samsung Transform user guide is now on Sprint's website

The Samsung Transform may not be available from Sprint just yet (or even announced for that matter), but the user guide (.pdf) can now be found at Sprint's website, nestled away with the other phone documents.  I had a quick look through it, appears that the Transform will be sporting a horizontal qwerty and a 3MP camera, running Android 2.1, and there's no mention of 4G that I can see. 

Also -- if the device images in the guide are accurate, this one isn't Galaxy S branded either.  Here's hoping it gets the same level of support from Samsung and Sprint that the Epic 4G has, because it looks like one of Sprint's best mid level phones ever.  Hit the source link to read all about it. [Sprint (.pdf file)] Thanks, Jaggery, for the tip!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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