Samsung rumored to be launching enormous smartphone with ridiculous name in Europe

Leak season continues, and we're back with Samsung this time around. Sammobile, a usually reliable source of all things Samsung, claims to have received word of a 5.8 inch smartphone from the Korean OEM destined for Europe. The reported name is, ready for this? The Samsung Galaxy Fonblet. 

The device is said to be loosely based around the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 PMP that was launched in Korea, only with cellular capabilities. The Galaxy Player 5.8 has a qHD display, and a 3MP rear camera. The bad news is that Sammobile claims the Fonblet is supposed to have the same display. So we're not looking at a high-end, Note 2 beating device. Additionally, it's expected to have dual-sim capabilities -- suggesting emerging European markets might be the target here -- and will come in white. Feels a lot like parts recycling though, if we're honest. 

Source: Sammobile

  • Fonblet? What the hell were they smoking?
  • Dunno, but if the device comes with a quarter ounce of it I may think about buying one :)
  • Phone + Tablet > phonblet > fonblet. (just my guess).
  • Yeah, I got that part together too, but even so.. ASUS' Padfone name makes more sense and even sounds right, Fonblet sounds like they wanted a padfone-ish name, but had to do it the other way around.. :)
  • not probably got it :)
  • Well I actually have it. Well the non official Samsung yet but it is the pre production phone. Just search Google for STAR N9776 I have it in orange. Now I also get an idea how much those phones really cost if they don't carry the name of Samsung.
  • Just looked it up. Honestly it doesn't look bad if one doesn't mind the screen resolution. Had no idea it existed already on the market. Edit - and if Samsung uses a quad core Exynos and 1GB of RAM, the Star will just be low end version in comparison.
  • Then check this out. It is the worlds first 5.7 ips quad core cellphone. I actually tried this one too. but the build quality wasnt even closely as good as the Star N9776. U basically can say that Star makes pretty high quality cheap phones. They are still not as big as Meizu Lenovo and co but quality is there and they might gonna become more famous but they will also raise the price. But look at the price on how much the 5.7 quad core cost. name makes a difference put samsung on it an it will sell way higher. My Star never let me down runs strong but of course isnt as fast as the 5.7 quad core Cubot Phone. Here is the link to the phone. Oh and both of them come with android 4.1. If you buy the Star N9776 now and the star ist able to be rooted very easly. The othe one isnt able to be rooted yet since it isnt as much being sold as the Star N9776. Worlds First 5.7 Inch screen quad core Cellphone AND Worlds first 6 inch Super Amoload HD cellphone the Star N9776
  • That's crazy. If i had money I'd start a Web site where i buy and review cheap Chinese devices.
  • Stop spamming with that gak!
  • I swear phone manufacturers these days either have really small egos or compensating for something else. Seriously? I already find the 4.7" display on my Nexus 4 to be rather sizable, and the Note 2 as rather the best size for a phablet, why do we need to make them bigger?
  • Because people will buy them.
  • Exactly this! I believe the original note was a test to see if a phone of that size would sell, and obviously we know now that it was a success. I think there has to be a size that eventually becomes too big as a phone(My phone still has to be pocketable) but we're not there yet. If we see 7" in a phone, then I think that's crossing the line.
  • Well... the non-US 'original' Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 has phone, sms, and video call over 3G out of the box. And the size is.. 7 inch.
    I used it as my daily phone (with bluetooth hf that's included of course) for more than a year. While some may think it's awkward, it is not really.
    As long as u use the bluetooth hf or earphone.
  • Android at that time had such requirements because it wasn't meant for tablets, only smartphones(I believe Honey Comb was released months later). Samsung had no choice if they wanted to compete against Apple. Let's remember that the original Galaxy Tab wasn't selling either. They either sat on store shelves, or were returned to Samsung.
  • @ChrisXe
    What do you think about a 7" phone with virtually no bezel, a slot for a skinny pen, and a flexible chassis including screen? It can happen. When it comes out remember my user name and PM me. I'll see about purchasing one for you on "GP". I'm putting this in the comments because if I don't come through my reputation is shot.
  • We haven't seen an all screen bezeless phone in a down to earth screen size yet. I won't be holding my breath for one in a 7" phone either.
  • The only problem is that everyone has their own definition of what crosses the line. You thinking a 7 inch phone crosses the line is no different from me thinking a 4.7 inch does - it's personal preference. There's always going to be some idiot who will buy something for no other reason than it's bigger than what's come before, so if/when 7 inch phones are the norm, the manufacturers will simply chase those who want bigger and relegate anyone else to low to mid-level stuff. That's the danger in disregarding the validity of someone else's personal preference - it's only a matter of time until yours gets disregarded in kind.
  • "The only problem is that everyone has their own definition of what crosses the line. You thinking a 7 inch phone crosses the line is no different from me thinking a 4.7 inch does - it's personal preference." "There's always going to be some idiot who will buy something for no other reason than it's bigger than what's come before" "That's the danger in disregarding the validity of someone else's personal preference" So, in one paragraph, you argue personal preference. In the other paragraph, you call someone an idiot for having a preference; and then in the last paragraph, you cite the dangers of your own argument. Someone wanting a bigger phone because it's bigger is a preference: you call them an idiot, and then say that what you did is dangerous. See how much sense that makes? Your post is hypocritical at best and helps no one, not even yourself =)
  • Touche... I'll admit there's some hypocrisy there. On the other hand, in my experience, these people who blindly buy the next bigger thing simply because it's the next bigger thing are often the ones who totally disregard any argument for smaller devices. So since my preference for a reasonably sized but high-end phone has become pretty much disregarded, I'm not so interested in respecting the personal preference of those who've already disregarded mine. And I disagree that my post helps no one. If nothing else, it's an example to not think there will be a limit to the size of phones. Chris seemed to suggest he'd be happy with a 7 inch phone, and considered that would be the practical limit. I said the same thing about 4.5 inch phones, but clearly that ship has come and gone. As I said in my other post, this has nothing to do with finding an optimal size and everything to do with one-upping the competition.
  • Damn you, double post!!!
  • Yeah I said in a couple of sites recently that I think it's going to come to a point with screen sizes for the current form factors where only the resolutions, types of screens, and technology, power draws change from new device to new device. I think somewhere in the 6 inch range is where Samsung will max out - and from there they'll work on improving resolution, image quality, etc etc.
  • Seriously, lets not start the size wars again. We went through that when 3.6 inch was the line in the sand where people insisted that insanity began. Then it was 4.0, 4.2, 4.4, etc. The free market is searching for the optimum sizes (plural). Its how the market works. You pay no heed to what the market is doing, and just go ahead and buy what you want. We will all vote with our wallets. What ever sells wins a spot on the shelves.
  • The only problem with this is that specs in normal sized phones are getting worse, and worse. It's getting to the point where in order to get decent specs on a phone, you either have to buy a phablet, or an iPhone. There's no middle of the road for good specs on an Android device anymore.
  • If the market was, as you say, searching for the optimal size*s*, then you'd see high-end phones released in a range of sizes, but that's simply not the case. High-end phones are only built with larger and larger screens and anything smaller is reserved for mid to low-end phones. This is simple, mindless one-up-manship, there is no search for anything optimal beside profits.
  • It's a size thing.
  • Who knows, maybe going forward sub 5in smartphone will be mid-low range specs, and the Monster phones will be the creme of the crop.
  • no the market will correct that. 5" will be top for most consumers. 6" will be the phablet. Sooner or later I hope they will see a value in 4.3ish, but I have my doubts.
  • A feature-packed 4.7-5" is enough for me. You hear me HTC?! You bum!
  • Is the 3 mp camera recycled from the front camera of the future flagship phone, cause those been out for a few years.
  • I dont see it as how has the biggest phone but what gives me the best option for my preference. Not everyone uses their smartphones solely to make calls.and watch movies while commuting. Som .people use their phones for business, school, and other creative ways. I ditched my company BlackBerry when I got my Note 2 because I can see my emails spreadsheets so much easier while I am away from my desk. But if I had calling features on my Nexus 7 through a Bluetooth headset I'd chuck the Note. Bigger screen and mobility without lugging around a laptop and a phone when not in my office is a huge bonus to me being productive. Again it's preference. 6 inch might be the magic number for someone else.
  • Left over parts making their way into a new release.